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Module 14 of my Exterior Masterclass is all about “What would Maria do with this Exterior” There are so many common mistakes that people make with exteriors, EVEN black and white ones which seem straightforward, but every day I drive this colour scheme installed wrong.

Now that my exterior is painted and the landscaping is installed, it makes me so happy to turn into my driveway and know that everything is right. The paint colour relates perfectly to my over grouted stone right down to the blue front doors to the french country style of my home. 

And I want the same for you! That’s why I’m telling you about another module this week that’s part of my Masterclass.

You’ll have access to exactly how I transformed my own exterior

Green Grey exterior with stone

Here’s the before after we cut down all the overgrown trees that were right beside the house.

taupe exterior before

Remember the four septic tank covers that came out so far into the front yard (below)? 

septic covers in lawn

Well the design you’re looking at with the cobblestones and fountain is what it took to cover them up. We went through a few rounds to get it to look like this but I’m so happy with the final result.


I’m also grateful for the two large shrub like trees that frame the house and cover up our neighbours outbuildings! 

landscape project

And as messy as the existing weeping willow is, it definitely adds scale to this home and frames it so nicely.

front garden newly installed

When Terreeia drove in after the front was installed she said “It looks like a park”. And it really does, I love the scale of the beds they couldn’t be more perfect. 

boxwoods and fountain

Here’s what it looked like before:

Hurry and get on the list for my garden designer!

We are so grateful for MaryAnne’s design and ongoing guidance during this installation. The curves in this lawn for starters are what make it look so incredible. And it really took a lot of effort and communication back and forth with the landscapers who installed this garden to get them to look this way. 

This is the kind of garden you get with 30 years of experience.  And that’s exactly the person you want to give you a plan for your garden.

We are adding a gate to the front as well so those columns have just been built and waiting for stone that is the same as our house.

By the way the colours that I arrived at for my exterior, my testing process, it’s all in my newest Module 18! You won’t want to miss this one, I’ve never been able to properly illustrate the best way to test exterior colours on anyone’s home, until I was able to do it to mine! 

Ok back to Module 14 of my Exterior Masterclass. 

Module 14: What Would Maria Do With THIS House (Before & After)

In this module, I’ll give you a glimpse inside my thought process and how I arrive at the final colour specifications for real houses from my readers.

Here are some before’s

I’m telling you right now, with this cobblestone driveway WHITE is definitely not the answer. The beautiful and perfect after is inside.

client exterior before

And this house? The after is so pretty it looks like a completely different house!

client exterior before


Here’s what some of my students are saying:

“Maria answers questions I didn’t even know I had.  Or, rather, she gives solutions to problems that I would not recognize until it’s too late… This is such important information. Every builder/developer in North America should take this course.”

“Loved it, very comprehensive look at a daunting aspect of colour selection!”

“It exceeded my expectations. The class went into good detail on each topic. Loved the examples with the Photoshop visuals.”

“Very helpful to get such great, detailed colour info on the various exterior components. Loved getting all the new colour recommendations for the black & white trend we are now into. Thank you for making more high-quality, in-depth training available.”

Are you tackling an exterior project this year? Or do you want to quickly get the skills and insights you need to offer consultations on exterior colour projects as a lucrative summer side hustle? Sign up for my Exterior Masterclass. You’ll always have access to ongoing updates and additional modules as fast as I create them!

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  • Beth G says:

    I really love the look of your house now and the landscaping is perfect. The water feature, plants, and planting beds are beautiful. I love working in my acre yard and will use some of your outside ideas as inspiration. I do plant a lot of annual colorful flowers, but what I see in your yard will be pretty in every season. I’m not crazy about all the green and yellow, prints, and wallpaper inside the house, but the outside is amazing.

  • Bette says:

    The exterior is beautiful — and the landscaping perfectly complements it all. God forbid, though, that someone parks a red car in your driveway — it appears even your vehicles are color-coordinated, LOL!

  • Lorri says:

    Your yard looks like a park now!

  • Cheryl says:

    Your front yard landscaping looks incredible! It does look like a park!

    Just a note on the backyard. Less is more, especially with that dynamite view. You’ve got a lot of maintenance with the house interior/exterior, pool, 3 outbuildings, and the existing landscaping. Lawn maintenance is much easier to subcontract out and less expensive than shrub/bed maintenance. When you hit your mid-60s, landscape maintenance can tend to own you. As I walk around our neighborhood, I see all but two homes with overgrown landscape, weeds in the beds, and much needed trimming.

  • Ellen says:

    So beautiful! Wow Maria, MaryAnne nailed it with the design and your new house color is very elegant. Thank you for sharing this!


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