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Decorating My HomePrimary Bedroom

Decorating the Master Bedroom

By 06/15/2010February 10th, 201748 Comments


The great thing about our new master bedroom is that we have a sitting area with a fireplace! It has been a long time since I’ve had a bedroom this big (below).

See how the walls are pinky beige? They won’t be for long! Also I’m going to paint the fireplace brick white (right now it’s all the same colour).

I’m not too happy about the gold insert either but I’ll decide later if it should be painted black (you can paint them you know, it’s a flat, high heat resistant paint). The tile. . . well it can be painted too but I might get into trouble there (since I’m renting).

When I’m decorating a new place, I like to start with a room that’s easy to finish so that I can at least feel good in one room. My living/dining room will take longer (obviously) so I thought I’d get this room done first.

My turquoise and yellow office is almost finished too but I still need to hang pictures in there and I have been so busy ever since we moved in I haven’t had time (which is why you haven’t seen it yet).


I definitely wanted an upholstered headboard. Upholstered anything always feels so luxurious and I was thrilled when I walked into Martha Stewart furniture last weekend in Coquitlam and found what I was looking for. It was a great price $1,600 (on sale from $1800) and that includes the frame for the boxspring. I’ve ordered it in a linen colour and it’ll take 2 months to arrive.

I was even happier about this find when I walked into Restoration Hardware and saw almost the exact same style (actually it’s almost identical to this one, below) for over $4,000.

I have always loved this bed (below) in Cameron Diaz master bedroom in the movie The Holiday! And I love the sleek, contemporary frame. The problem with bed skirts is they move around and you have to continually adjust them so that they are straight.

The Holiday Master Bedroom (Source)

For the sitting area, I found this chair and loveseat (also from Martha Stewart furniture). And it’s exactly the same colour as the bed in the first photo. I adore any shade of blue in master bedrooms, it’s so peaceful and calming. And I have always wanted tufted furniture! It’s perfect for the bedroom, romantic and dreamy!

I love white bedding but it’s always fun to switch it up, so I also found this fun paisley (below) at The Pottery Barn which I took home to see how I like it when the loveseat and chair arrive this weekend!

Pottery Barn Sienna Paisley

I already have a fresh green fitted sheet so I just bought 2 shams and the duvet cover. It’ll look good with white pillowcases and I’m even thinking the dark green in it would be nice in some custom shams. And I love the idea of the green with the turquoise furniture.

Also some x ottomans at the end of the bed would be very cool. I’ll have to see what they will cost to make. Might be cheaper than shipping them from the US. It would be so much easier to live there right now, I could get so many more amazing things for my house!

Jonathan Adler

The walls I’ll probably paint a linen colour since my office is already a Tiffany shade of turquoise which is much cleaner than the grayed turquoise furniture for the bedroom. This way the wall colours will still look good together when moving from one room to the next.

Mmmm. . . look at this fabulous royal blue velvet headboard (source).

I loved this colour so much when I came across this photo I thought it should go in the guestroom (which is the last room upstairs that still needs decorating). I won’t be doing an upholstered headboard in there though; my decorating budget has to stretch far in this house!

How do you feel about upholstered headboards?

If you would like your home to fill you with happiness every time you walk in, contact us! We would love to help you choose colours, select the right combination of hard finishes or create a plan to pull your room together. You can find our fabulous e-design consultation packages here.

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  • Elements says:

    I loove that tufted bedroom chair. It is simply stunning…Maybe one day Martha Stewart will bring her store to Australia.
    Can't wait to see the final result.

  • Gifts of Serendipity says:

    Maria, This is a fantastic post, I can't wait to see how your rooms turns out [BTW great shopping @ MS what a super buy].
    I wish we had Pottery Barn in Australia I could so so so snuggle under the sheets [am a paisley and aqua fiend].
    Here's to a great rest-of-the-week,


  • Trish @A dream house for trish says:

    WOW, Your bedroom is going to look divine, I am also a huge fan of tufted furniture, it just looks so elegant & stylish!!!

  • Marcus Design says:

    Maria, I am LOVING your choices for your bedroom so far! That tufted chair is divine, and I always say any room could use a touch of tufted goodness! I love upholstered headboards, I have one as well and I find it doesn't only look good but it also feels wonderful when sitting up and reading in bed. The combo of the blue and darker green you are looking at is so yummy. I totally agree with you that there is soo much more available in the US. Sometimes I just wish I could go down there with a giant truck and go crazy! Good luck in all your hunting!

  • Donna says:

    Maria, I think upholstered headboards are so elegant and cozy looking. I was on the verge of trying something like that as a DIY project. I'd seen one on Thrifty Chic Decor. But when I inherited my father's bedroom set, I got a beautiful headboard and decided not to.

    I love the paisley sheets! And the bright electric blue is pretty dazzling. I guess the tufted chairs (the best thing on your list!) would be a great substitute for those nasty ole' lazy boys..don't you think? (Just teasing!) Guess we don't want to start that debate again.

    But honestly, those look like very comfortable but elegant upholstered chairs worthy of a living room.

    I have a question for you but I'll just email it. I'm still losing weight by the way! Went clothes shopping with my daughter and had to drop THREE sizes! I'm so loving eating healthy. I'll never go back to the old ways of eating. I'm getting my face back and dear hubby will not recognize me when I pick him up at the airport tomorrow.

    Thanks for the interesting posts and for including us in your decorating process..I'm VERY interested in all the details. We can learn a lot by watching you from the sidelines. :o)

  • Elecat says:

    I love upholstered headboards but and was going to get one made for one of my daughters but now I'm on an unreasonably tight budget it won't be possible in the near future. So I'm framing up wallpaper for her headboard instead…. soon. 🙂 I can't wait to see your room finished: it has potential & you have some great ideas. 🙂

  • VictoriaArt says:

    What a lovely room you've got there! I love the fact that you have a balcony and the fire place is just perfect.
    And your ideas for the bed reflect mine as well, since I never had a bedskirt and I feel it's just too fussy…
    I love this upholstered bed!

    Whatever you are going to do, it will be fabulous, I am sure!


  • Tammy@InStitches says:

    I'm so glad you are getting the bed that you want. Your room is going to be so calm and restful. I'm ordering my fabric today to make a headborad for the guest room.

  • Ideezine says:


    I love all your selections especially the headboard in the master bedroom. Your new space will reflect your new YOU.

    In these tight times color and simple elegance can make you feel wonderful especially in home/office locations.

    Dimmers, candles, flowers, and lots of fresh air assist with feeling comfortable in a new environment/new space.

    It's going to develop beautifully, enjoy your process slowly.


  • Tara Dillard says:

    ALL fabulous but you didn't mention the balcony with GHASTLY Astro Turf.

    Will you be putting exterior sisal on it?

    What !!!!!!!!!

    Ooooooooh,GHASTLY green.

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  • pve design says:

    I love the clean lines of a headboard, be it tufted or padded or just a lovely wood frame. I love pillows propped with freshly pressed sheets, and a wall of artwork….a bed side table with books and a lamp all make for sweet dreams.
    I love blue and lavendar in the bedroom.

  • Design Esquire says:

    Your bedroom is going to be gorgeous!! I am in love with the tufted furniture (and the color you selected).

  • Acanthus and Acorn says:

    I love all your inspiration and purchases…it's going to be so lovely!!!

    I have and love upholstered headboards! Beatiful and so comfortable for reading!

  • Sally@DivineDistractions says:

    The headboard with the wings is so sleek, stylish and fashion forward. I worked on an upholstered headboard for a client yesterday too. They are all the rage these days. The inspiration choices you've made are sure to get your creativity flowing, and I know you'll end up with an amazing room!

  • Katie Corrigan says:

    I use upholstery twist pins to attach my dust ruffles to the mattress so they don't move around. Use about 6 per side. You can order them by the box at

  • Houses Gardens People says:


    I love upholstered headboards, and like you, love anything tufted. The catalog Ballard Designs has some wonderful upholstered headboards, some with tufting and even nail heads, for just a few hundred dollars.

    With upholstered headboards you can slipcover them and change up the look fairly easily. I can't wait to see what your finished apartment looks like!


  • Grace says:

    It's going to look fabulous. I'm so glad you are going to paint out that brass and my heart beat faster when I saw that amazing chair and the gorgeous bedding from PB and I pictured them all together in my head.

  • Mona Thompson says:

    I love upholstered headboards. This is one of the coolest ones I've seen. Going to show it to a client today. Oh, and that tufted chair. Love it. Maybe I'll show her that as well. Thanks! You're going to have a fabulous bedroom. Can't wait to see it finished.

  • The Boese Family says:

    Love it all! Can't wait to see the room!

  • Susan says:

    Your bedroom is enormous and what a nice thing to have a fireplace. You are one lucky gal.

    I cannot wait to see all of your furniture choices in the finished room.

    I love upholstered headboards. They speak Chic to me. I have one in a linen beige colour with a low footboard and side rails. No need for a bedskirt.


  • casey at loft and cottage says:

    Ooh, it's going to look sooo good! Cannot wait to see the final result!! I love a good before&after 😉

  • Velvet and Linen says:

    The color of that sapphire blue headboard is just gorgeous!
    I actually don't mind my bedskirt. I like the casual look, but I can see your point of view. Some of my clients prefer either a very tailored bedskirt or none at all.


  • Maria Killam says:

    Hi Tara,
    The astro turf is ghastly but there's only so much I'm willing to change in a rental. I'm ignoring it so far, it looks the worst in the pictures I think.

    I didn't know there was a sisal look turf though, that's good to know, thank you for that suggestion!

  • Ruthie's Renewed Treasures says:

    Wow Maria, it's going to be so inviting! Love all your selections. The bed is to die for.


  • Pangaea says:

    Nice choices! Definitely paint out that dated brass.

    Tip for the fireplace bench. You can build a cover out of plywood & hardy-backer to slide right over the tile bench & tile it in anything you want. Then it can slide off when you move. For that matter – you can build an entire fireplace surround that just fits over the top of what is there and incorporate a mantel if you want.

    Happy shopping!

  • Pamela says:

    Great post Maria

    This is exactly the bed, chair and loveseat i want for my own bedroom!!

    I have to check out Martha in Langford.

  • Donna @ dh designs says:

    Isn't it fun decorating from scratch?

    I love all of your choices. I, too, love upholstered headbosrds and the one you've chosen is a beaut!

    I absolutely LOVE the paisley bedding – it's one of my favourite pattersns. I will definitely be checking out Pottery Barn online for those, since we don't have one in Ottawa :(.

    Great post!

    If you are interested, drop by my blog to enter my very first giveaway.

  • Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions says:

    Beautiful, Maria! I love the bed you chose, and the chair and loveseat and wonderful tufted. I love the color of that chair. It must be very exciting being able to bring some new things in!

  • Michelle says:

    Wow, you are totally spilling over with great ideas! Congrats and have fun, wow wow wow that bed!!!!

  • Bryant Park Designs says:

    I love it all!! That bed is dreamy! Can't wait to see the finished product!!

  • Mary says:

    I can't wait to see more of what you do in your own home!!!

  • chanteusevca says:


    I am so excited to see what you do in your new place. I am so anxious to see your turquoise and yellow office!!! You know how much I adore turquoise. And I, too, am in love with upholstered headboards to the point that my husband is making one for me for our master. Not sure what we will do with the sleigh bed. Maybe it will go in the guest room. Only I want another upholstered headboard in there too. We also want a pale icy blue in the master bedroom and bath even though we have a dusty pale teal in there now. I feel very serene surrounded by those soft blues and greens in the bedroom. Love! Love! Love the Martha Stewart goodies. Cannot wait to see the finished rooms. Hurry!!!

    Vicktoria in Texas

  • mrsben says:

    Love upholsterd headboards! Am planning to do (make) two myself. Out with old, in with the new. (One in King and Queen.) Actually am comtemplating of designing one that can be just slip covered.

    Have fun decorating your new place Marie. -Brenda-

  • Elizabeth Brown says:

    Oh PLEASE…paint the fireplace surround matte black!

  • traci zeller designs says:

    I looooove it! I can't wait to see the finished room. Upholstered headboards are so fabulous! I just got the greatest red tufted ones with nailhead trim for my boys' room. You really can find some, at least in the US, for a reasonable price!

  • Bethany Christensen says:

    GREAT! I love it. I have considered those chairs and love seat for a client. I love the scale and tufts. We don't have Martha Stewart Furniture here so I couldn't see it in person before making the choice. Cant wait to see it in your room.

  • fabricfan says:

    It will be fabulous. Love your ideas.

  • Marlo says:

    I love upholstered headboards and had one as a child. My next bed will be upholstered because it does feel more luxurious.

    Wow…you are getting a lot of decorating done pretty quickly – you are good. It takes me a long time to decide what I want and I keep second guessing my choices. In the end I love my purchases but boy it does take me a while to make the final decisions.

    I can't wait to see your office and bedroom.

  • Karena says:

    Maria, your bedroom is going to be a luxurious retreat! Love everything you are designing!

    Art by Karena

  • Steph says:

    I've always enjoyed that room from The Holiday too! Fun to see it here. 🙂
    Your bedroom will be awesome, I'm sure jealous of all the space and the fireplace. (rhyme was unintentional!)

  • Kelly Berg says:

    That astroturf is too funny! Just set up a 1950s outdoor cocktail lounge and you'll be fine. 🙂
    Can't wait to see all of your room makeovers! You must be very busy.

  • says:

    I had no idea you could paint the metal fireplace surround. I think you might have just single handedly changed the whole look of our living room. (Thank you!) Your inspiration pictures are gorgeous.

    As far as upholstered headboards, I think they are very pretty but I don't know that I would get one. I've been into wood lately.

  • Cristin says:

    Love the bed your selected and the JA X bench is a favorite of mine.

    Have fun decorating your new place!


  • sandra says:

    Let me know where you can get the the X ottoman made here in the lower mainland… just what I want and I share your frustration with the limitations of shopping in Vancouver

  • Megan Smart says:

    You're so right about upholstered headboards! They always have the hotel air about them.
    When you finish your bedroom, I'm super it will be stunning!

  • Donna says:

    Boy…Maria! I must be the absolute very last commenter today! I have to say that I adore.. crave..well.nuff said …stone. I'm a texture person and stone is wonderful unless, of course, it's the wrong colour. Tim wants to do stone on the outside of our home at the base. But I can remember being stuck with very pale stone in one of our many rental homes and hating it. I wasn't doing pastels back then. Your photos perfectly illustrate how to use color to tie in the home with the fireplace.

    You are so right to suggest what you know to be the right choice even if the person doesn't feel for sure that you are making the right choice. You know how they will feel afterwards when they have to live with the color choices.

    By the way, I so appreciated the fact that you, alone, recognized my new header. I spent a significant amount of money for Brent Riggs to do a blog critique. He told me my photos in the blog were a. too dark to match the background… b. not related to my theme which he could not immediately discern and c. were poor quality (fuzzy) which I knew of course. I needed to get rid of the fuzzy sticks and the result was a larger header. But the resolution was poor. He couldn't get over the fact that my header was so bad when it was obvious that my photos in the posts were so much better. (Partly in credit to you and to him) But dear hubby has been gone a month almost and had our huge NAS drive with my original header on it. I couldn't edit it.

    Brent is amazing. It was he who suggested my photos should be both indoors and outdoors and reflect the content of my blog. As he put it..there was a major disconnect. Do you know I really believe that it was his blog that indirectly lead me to you. Something about your header.

    Anyway…now I have an improved header with photos I've taken over the last few months but with content he suggested. More indoor photos and people photos. Plus it has the width he approved of. I also completely revamped my sidebar thanks to him. So your beautiful blog button is now on a different page from the main one.

    Just like a decorator..a blog expert is worth every penny. Of course, it was only $40.00…quite a different price than what a decorator might cost. :o) But a blog is not a house. There's a huge difference. Still, it means so much to me that you noticed. No one else has said anything!

    Thanks Maria! You are a true friend!

    Now…off to enjoy the company of my long lost hubby!

    Donna @ Comin' Home

  • Stephanie@cre8tive says:

    That is a large master bedroom! I love the headboard you are purchasing and the nice thing is you can put that in any future master you move into. I also feel in love with the paisley print when I was browsing my PB catalog this weekend, their new catalog is to die for. Can't wait to see all the finished rooms.

  • Lili_D says:

    Here in the UK we don't have Pottery Barn, and I really wish we did! Perhaps the closest comparable store we have are our 'Habitat' stores. I LOVE that Paisley pattern, against the cream or white sheets it looks so fresh. Really got me thinking about how I can start renovating my crumbling old cottage… thanks for the inspiration 🙂

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