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Cottage Life in British Columbia

By 06/13/2010February 10th, 201726 Comments

Photographs by Maria Killam

We were invited out to the cottage of our friends Keith & Ellen Rush this weekend on Thetis Island. Ellen was my assistant a few weeks ago during my True Colour Expert Workshop!


This is the beautiful hand carved sign that greets guests at the top of the driveway!

Their cottage is right on the waterfront.

This is where we had cocktails last night and watched the sunset. Our first really beautiful day in over 3 weeks. Vancouverites always act surprised when it rains all through May and June and really doesn’t turn into summer until the middle of July, but that is usually how it goes!

These are the ‘natural’ [I think a lot of work was behind this] steps leading down to the beach!

Of course, I am always quick to find a blogging opportunity! Ellen just painted her living room Straw [BM 2154-50].

I was completely charmed by the view (below) and the feeling in the house!


Loved the sweet elephant lamp in this little vignette.

There’s a Caribbean theme happening on the mantle!

Here’s another view of the exterior colour, it’s HC-100 Gloucester Sage.

Here’s a glimpse of our guest room, it was just what you would expect in a cute cottage!


Eddie (below) was hanging out, totally comfortable on the bench.


Ellen said Eddie does not appreciate this sign (below) that was in this greenhouse when they bought the property, so it has to come down 🙂

Look at this adorable teacup chandelier hanging in the greenhouse. The great thing about cottage life is that suddenly anything that might look out of place in your house in the city can be placed in a cottage and it just adds to the charm!

This is the entrance to the garden. Keith built the gate last summer to keep the deer out!


There is a lot of work that goes into making this property so beautiful!

I had to snap a photo of this door (given to them by a friend and leaning up against the house) because it is the exact same colour of the sofa I have just ordered for my living room.

It might be time for another cocktail now!

I love trees that hang over and almost touch the water on an island, it’s so romantic.

Photographs by Maria Killam


Hope you had a Happy Sunday!


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  • Amy @MaisonDecor says:

    What a lovely place to spend some time. It is welcoming and decorated with personal touches and friendly colors! I agree you can get away with some "interesting" touches in a spot like this!

  • Amy @MaisonDecor says:

    Oooh I forgot to mention, I can't wait to see your couch! Not that I have to ask…I'm sure it will be on a blog soon after it arrives, eh?

  • Grace says:

    Wow, that view took my breath away – so gorgeous. I'm glad they pulled a couple of chairs up so they could enjoy it. What fun things they have there – the teacup chandelier, the Cocktail Lounge sign, the pretty colours, and the charming garden. I'm glad you got to enjoy it with them for the weekend.

  • VictoriaArt says:

    What an amazing spot, house and garden are so inviting! Lovely views, you live a such a beautiful country!

    Enjoy your stay!



    How fun ~ we painted our home in Minneapolis that same color STRAW and our doors and trim were VANILLA ICE CREAM (both Benjamin Moore.)

    Glad you got a break from your hard work, and in such a lovely spot.

    Sometime when you are in Seattle, you'll have to come have lunch with me. Also beautiful on Lake Washington, overlooking the Olympic Mountains and Mercer Island. (just make sure you come on a sunny day.)

  • Janet K @ Manly Gallery says:

    what an amazing home and view, loved the teapot chandelier, a work of art.

  • Marcus Design says:

    Very charming cottage, and such a stunning view! I'm so happy the sun is here in Vancouver this weekend!!

  • Ivy Lane says:

    My blood pressure after a most hellish week just dropped and I think .. I must have breathed a few stress-free breaths after viewing the images in this post…. Happy Sunday! glad you are having a wonderful time..

    Sigghhh…those views… AWESOME!

  • Jane says:

    Very charming…beautiful location!

    I, too, have painted my living room and dining room with Straw (BM). It's a lovely color which picks up the incandescent light at night, giving the rooms a rich, warm glow. Our guests always comment on this…especially when I light it with soft lighting and candles. (and they always linger at the table, conversing, long after the meal is finished…a true mark of comfort!)

    Jane (artfully graced)

  • Francine Gardner says:

    I could easily spend my summer there, a truly beautiful spot and am sure the water is to perfection (i love swimming in very cold water…)

  • [email protected] Lime in the Coconut says:

    Splenderific….and I do not even care if it isn't a word. It aptly describes this magical place!

    Love it all. The views are bar none! Lucky you to spend time in such a beautiful place!

    Ahhhhh…see? I'm still humming contentedly!

  • [email protected] happy says:

    Oh, lucky you! What a beautiful weekend you had in such a charming cottage.

  • Ruthie's Renewed Treasures says:

    What a great place for an escape Maria. Thanks for sharing these beautiful photo's.

  • Donna says:

    Hi Maria, I just got home from a teenage 'lock in' square dancing to modern music until 5:00am at Galveston–we didn't leave until noon! I was so pleased to see your post this evening. It looks like you were having a lovely weekend. :o)

    I really love the photos of your friend's cottage and the unique vignettes. I realize, yet again, that I need to think outside the box. I'm so old fashioned sometimes.

    Maybe I'm getting there though. Rebekah and I came across a chocolate brown rug with cream and brown zebra stripes around the border. For some reason, we both thought it would be perfect for our otherwise rustic living room. I've either made a huge mistake or a stunning improvement. I guess we'll see.

    Your creativity must be rubbing off on me to even think a rug like that would work. It was a great hopefully we haven't messed up…and the colors will work.

    Thanks for showing us the beautiful grounds and home you were staying at. They give me some great ideas to keep in mind for future decorating..and really..they seem so 'Southern' in style that I was surprised to hear the home was so far north. It made me think of homes in South Carolina. What a pleasant place for cocktails! :o)

  • What a wonderful way to fill a weekend. I've been taking care of my grandson this weekend while the kids attend a wedding in St. Lucia! It's been wonderful, but I really could use that cottage and those views about now!!

  • Shannon Fricke says:

    What an amazing view!

  • Ideezine says:


    It's true a lot of work goes into styling a home. Location, views, colors, furishings are all part of the picture. I always notice that it's the people and pets that inhabit a place that create a home. Lovely location and great summer home feeling.


  • Vitania says:

    OH heaven – what a great escape! Fabulous views and so much charm…

  • Between you, me and the Fencepost says:

    Picturesque, peaceful . . I would not want to leave if I were to visit. Lucky you.

  • Steph says:

    How amazing! I'm sure you had a great time in this beautiful space….and the veiw? Wow!

  • Susan says:

    I'm totally smitten, it's lovely. And driftwood for shutters… how cool is that? They've done a fantastic job of creating a serene getaway.

  • chanteusevca says:

    That does it! I'm moving. Hope my family will come too. That will make it a lot easier to see them when I'm in BC! I wish!

  • Emom says:

    Looks like such fun! smiles.

  • Christine B. says:

    The dog sign made me laugh. I guess there is a back story for the person that made it…obviously they were quite passionate about it as they forgot the tiny fact: dogs can't read.

    Christine in Alaska

  • BlueRoomGems says:

    What stunning views! Thanks for the virtual escape!


  • Angela N says:

    UGH! I am one that is stuck with the dreaded pinky beige sofa. Thankfully it's a slipcover and the upholstery underneath is more of a greeny beige. I have 2 young kiddos though so the slipcover will have to stay for a while. Guess I should start looking for more purple accessories. 😉 I currently have a bunch of cardinal red stuff in that room. Need to start making the transition. Thanks for the great post!!

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