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Attention on Area Rugs

By 08/15/2009January 16th, 202019 Comments

I fell in love with this room today at one of my favourite blogs, Things that Inspire. It perfectly illustrates the following design rule which is; if you are installing an area rug that attracts this much attention, make sure you keep it the focal point of the room.


The only place the orange is repeated here is the drapery so it keeps the eye moving to the end of the room. The furnishings are neutral slipcovers and even the artwork, is quietly dramatic, it doesn’t shout–look at me, look at me (the rug does that already)! The wood paneled walls are a darker colour than the furniture (although the tones are the same) and this room actually has a calm feeling (even though there’s so much orange) because of the tasteful way it’s been decorated. I love the large scale floor lamps in the room as well as the fig tree (best tree to have inside).

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  • guylaine rondeau says:

    too funny… i just had a carpet conversation of that level with one of my client yesterday – she just renovated her house in kerrisdale last year, and has the living room/dining room still to refurnish & redecorate. someone told her: "buy a carpet, and decorate around it" — we both disagree (including her interior designer). and apparently there’s a place in vancouver when they can actually custom-make a carpet for you. how cool.

  • Design Junkie says:

    Beautiful room, but I'm a sucker for orange. It's just a well-done, well-balanced room.

  • lizawiza says:

    This is a beautiful room. I like everything about it. It's the perfect shade of orange, and the perfect balance.

  • Linda/"Mom" says:

    * This is such an "elegantly casual" space to enjoy (or would that be "casually elegant"?)… and the walls are just a stunning, cohesive, beautiful "background" for all the OTHER beauties in the room! LOVELY, soothing, comforting, w/ just that "JOLT" in the rug to make it youthful and very "now"!!!~~~ WOW!

    Can't tell you how much I've been enjoying reading all you write, Maria… MOST SINCERE THANKS!

    Linda in AZ *

  • Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions says:

    I saw this to over at The Inspired Room and thought it was nicely done, Maria. I agree that the orange is not "in your face" or overdone, here, but I also like the way the white is brought in from the rug as well – goes up to the furniture, the lampshades, in the horse picture, even the globe on the ceiling fixture.

  • Hill Country House Girl says:

    Maria, I loved this room, too. I even printed it out to put in my files for someday. I am not sure I could use the rug because I am too much of a collector – of art, antiques and just things I love. I wish I could edit enough to use it, though!!

  • vicki archer says:

    What a fabulous rug…..Have a wonderful weekend, xv.

  • Things That Inspire says:

    I was able to see this room in person and it is so beautiful! I heard that the woman of the house uses this room more than any other room in the house (it is in the front corner of the house – so it is neither the family room nor the living room – just a nice quiet den). When you are passing by the house outside, you can see those two large floor lamps through the window.

  • AB HOME Interiors says:

    I love area rugs. I will have you know that my post today revolves around stickers, crayons, and a bribe…all thanks to you! LOL! Hop on over and you will see what I mean….enter at your own risk!

  • AB HOME Interiors says:

    Hehe, I suppose I will have to bribe YOU so I can be your favorite blog. Sara says awesome, EH, what does she know? LOL!! Your a doll, thanks for letting me poke fun at you….suppose you didn't have much choice. BUT you brought it on yourself. SO what are you partial for? Crayons, elmo, a color wheel?? I get you when you least expect it, that sara has nothing on me…hehe

  • Ideezine says:


    Great post and this room is lovely. Gets lots of natural light too. It does help people when it's explained to them why something works well. We all want people to "get it" especially in a designer/client and blogger/reader situation. Visuals are so vital to explanations. So now everyone can "see" it.


  • Couture Carrie says:

    Gorgeous rug (and fabulous blog, too)!

    Would adore a link exchange 🙂


  • chanteusevca says:

    Absolutely drooled over that room photo on Things That Inspire and now I'm drooling again spying it on my fave blog, Maria! So wish I had that much natural light coming into my room. Love it! Swoonworthy rug and I'm learning more every time I study your blog.


    Victoria in Texas

  • kerri says:

    Ditto at least three of your earlier commenters: I LOVED this pic – esp for the rug – when I spied it on TTI, AND yours is my FAVE blog. Oh how I wish you lived in Idaho. Hahahaha. Seriously, no decent designers/colorists live within several hundred miles of me.

  • Amber Beall says:

    Oh! I LOVE this room! I just want to crawl on to that couch and read a book…
    Good tip about how the drapes anchor the room, I just love everything about this!

  • smarty says:

    room decor was perfect.Most of all i loved the color and pattern of the rug.

  • DesignTies says:

    I really like this room — the orange rug is fantastic!! It's like all the other elements in the room are the supporting actors and the rug is the superstar 🙂 It totally works — I'd love to hang out here 🙂


  • Chris Salek says:

    Maria-we just got a new Karastan patterned rug in at the store and I had to show you the picture on the board.. I have always loved this room since I saw it on your blog-like it better with the area rug ( but his new broadloom is cool)Here is the link-
    I am not pushing out store blog-I just didn't know how else to show the photo.

  • Chris Salek says:

    I put the two pictures together and as you can see-the area rug wins hands down-okay that is just my opinion.
    Thanks for your blog-I linked to it.

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