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Colour in Fashion

Will the Colour Fashion Trend be Dated Next Year?

By 04/05/2012February 20th, 20177 Comments

I was having a conversation with a friend who said she was resisting buying jeans in a bright colour because ‘Really Maria, won’t they be out next year’?

Pink Peonies

I wrote about this last year when Vogue talked about it in their September issue, so read that post if you missed it. Bottom line, this is what it said “The reason this trend is so important is because of the way it’s permeating tailoring–jackets, coats and trousers, which have been set to default black since the 80s.”

Pink Peonies

These two fashion bloggers are my recent obsession! They know how to wear colour, and I’m so excited to open their posts every time one lands in my in-box.


It doesn’t have to be skinny jeans, they don’t work for everyone, but buy a coloured jacket and shoes this Spring my lovelies, because colour is here to stay and I’m so happy about that!


I’m in Vegas this weekend but on a strict budget since I’m a new home-owner!
Happy Easter!!  xoxo Maria
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  • Ivy Lane says:

    I usually am not so adventurous with color in my wardrobe…after seeing this post..I am going to get a pair of those weges for sure! They go with everything! and loving the purlple/animal print outfit!

  • I like the color trend in fashion. I get tired of black all the time and plan on adding more color to my wardrobe as well as my home. Black in your wardrobe should be like the way you use black in your rooms. To set off the colors.

  • mollie duvall says:

    Love this trend. In fact, I can replicate the purple/animal print ensemble. I purchased an almost identical coat about 5 years ago at a vintage clothing and accessories show they have in my area.
    I think people need to be “color confident” to work this look into their wardrobe, as well as into home decor. It is so exciting to see color returning.

  • Paula Van Hoogen says:

    Another benefit to wearing more bright color–besides the obvious lift in the wearer’s spirits, is the happy effect it has on others–like a huge *smile*–it’s catching!
    The leopard/violet outfit is stunning!
    I’ll still stick to darker on the bottom tho–I’m a pear;-).

  • Shawna says:

    I am a firm believer in wearing what you love because you love it, not because it is or isn’t trendy. Trends do dictate what is available in the shops, but then I love thrift shops so I can avoid being limited to the current trends. I am uncomfortable in bright colours and especially in coloured pants. I am a dirty colour girl so I have to soak everything in coffee. I rarely buy clothes in the spring since spring is always about neons or pastels and I don’t care for either. If I do buy bright colours I get things that allow me to use it in small doses, a small purse or a little cardigan, maybe a scarf. I never wear tailored jackets so I don’t have them in black or colours.

  • shan says:

    My two favorite fashion bloggers. I love the top two looks. Very wearable. Both the yellowish and pink pants are fantastic!! The bottom two looks are beautiful, but don’t really see myself wearing those.

  • How true…Happy Easter Weekend Maria!

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