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10 of my Favourite Posts

By 06/29/2009January 27th, 201730 Comments

Things that Inspire does an annual “Favourite Posts” every December. She said every time she comes across a post she likes, she saves it in a folder. I thought this was such a great idea, I started doing the same thing but it’s June and I was already at 14, so I thought I would do a mid year review instead. So here are my top 10 favourites in no particular order:

1. Since this post is inspired by ‘Things that Inspire, I’m starting off with one of my favourites from her blog. It’s hard to choose one, she writes such extraordinary posts, this one is called Light on Two Sides. Who would have thought there was even such a distinction, but there is!

2. Next is COTE DE TEXAS. You need a fresh beverage when you sit down to read one of her posts because each one is like a magazine. This is a woman that get’s over 100 comments on every post she writes. And it’s easy to see why, the amount of work and research that she pours into every one she writes certainly deserves the amount of attention her blog gets from her readers.

This post is called “Like Mother, Like Daughter”, where she compares. . . well you’ll have to read it to find out.

3. Next is ‘Design Esquire’. It’s called Kitchen Inspiration and I fell instantly in love with this kitchen (below) without upper cabinets. So beautiful and clean looking. Love the windows!

4. This post from Designing Your Dream Home is called ‘Staircase Railing Part One: Iron’. She has a total of 5 posts about railings, everything you need to know about this topic! Here is one of my favourites from her post:

5. And one of my ‘closer to home’ blogger friends Patricia Gray Interior Design wrote a post about ‘DIY Canopy Beds’. With drawings and instructions, she walks us through the process of doing it yourself!

6. Just Imagine, wrote a post about my favourite colour called ‘Yellow’, it is filled with images of this happy colour!

7. Another Vancouver blogger friend, Albarosa from Brillante Home Decor has a wonderful blog all about design and travel in Italy. Here we got to see ‘A House on Como Lake’.

8. A Schematic Life wrote a very cool post with images of the set from the Kevin Costner movie from the 90’s. It’s called Message in a Bottle Set, Even I would approve of this leather sofa!

9. One of my blogger friends Brooke Giannetti from Velvet & Linen has a fabulous blog which covers the everyday life of a luxury interior designer in LA. It was very hard to choose my favourite and I already posted a photo of her dining room here because I loved the way it was styled. This is Brooke’s second home in Channel Islands Harbour and this post is called C Magazine, because it was also featured in the magazine.

10. LaurenFaythe, posted a house that was entirely decorated in yellow, called ‘The Yellow House’.

In my experience, an entire house all done in yellow is too much for most people. Clients that have all yellow homes have called me–not to get rid of it–but to help them choose other colours that coordinate with it. I did think the bathroom above was very luxurious, with full drapery, not something you see very often.

I hope you enjoyed my top 10 posts. Hopefully this will inspire you to start your own lists! There are so many talented bloggers out there, it was very hard to choose only 10.

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  • Things That Inspire says:

    Thank you for the honor! Sometimes I write a post that causes me to look at things in an entirely new way, and the 'light on two sides' was one of those posts. As you know, I have been looking for a house, and when I read about the concept of light on two sides, I immediately realized what had bothered me about a few houses that I was serious about, but ultimately decided against because they didn't feel right.

    There are some great posts in this lineup, a few of which I have not seen, so I am off to read!

  • Susan Lang @ Designing Your Dream Home says:

    Maria, What a great idea for a post! Thanks for including one of my posts in your list! Blessings. …susan


    Maria, I love reading your blog. It never fails to inspire and to get me thinking (well, more like dreaming). You are really doing us all a service by bringing more beauty to the world.
    Thank you!

  • qerat says:

    great round up and they are all beautiful posts

  • Christine says:

    Thank you for the honor of including me, Maria! The other posts are beautiful and inspiring. I can see why you saved them!

  • Laura Trevey says:

    LOVE the natural sunlight in the 1st two photos!
    xo Laura

  • Rebecca Sherman says:

    Thanks for introducing us to so many bogs I hadn't heard of before. All are great.

  • Velvet and Linen says:

    Blushing big time, Maria! Thank you so much. You know how much I love your blog, but I don't think I've told you that I actually have a separate file where I keep all of your posts. I've learned so much from you.
    It is such an honor to be included with these other fabulous bloggers.
    I'm off to read your recommendations.

    xo xo

  • Lauren says:

    oh such great posts!!! those are some of my favorites too!!

  • Brillante Home Decor says:

    Maria, it feels great to be appreciated by you, who are not just a friend but also a very respected designer and a so generous blogger…who constantly gives freely away all her knowledge and wisdom. Grazie!

  • Anita says:

    Oh man . . I got lost in time looking at all the posts. Worth every minute.

  • Cote de Texas says:

    Thank you ! What a shock! This wasn't even a google alert – I just saw you had posted and hopped over and wow!!!!! I am so happy to be included with T.T.Inspire and Brooke, Patricia and Michele and all the others. Thank you so much!

  • j u s t i m a g i n e says:

    awwww thanks so much for including my little post…what a boost in my day !! Thanks so much…I'm off to read the rest !!!

  • Patricia Gray says:

    Hi Maria
    What a great idea…I have some reading to catch up on. They all look so good. Thanks for including me.

  • High-Heeled Foot in the door says:

    Oh what fun. Some I totally remember and others are brand new. Off to give them a better read.

  • Renae says:

    I always enjoy coming to see what you have to say each day. I am never disappointed…these are fabulous memories and great rooms!

  • DesignTies says:

    Thanks for sharing your Top 10 posts 🙂 I'd have a hard time picking my top 10… I read great posts every day!! Bloggers are a creative and talented bunch 🙂


  • Linda at Lime in the Coconut! says:

    Love the idea! I remember a few of your faves..I'll look into the others too! I agree with Kelly above…It would be near impossible for me to pick!

  • sophiedahydesigns says:

    Can Blog-reading become an addiction? I hope not because I could be headed for serious trouble! I didn't even know what a blog was a few months ago, but I sure am into it now!

  • AB HOME Interiors says:

    Great Post. This is a great idea! Love the kitchens, and yellow is a spectacular color!

  • Under a Green Roof says:

    great post! I love the design esquire post – lovely choices!

  • Awesome Sara says:

    awesome choices!! so classy and so pretty. i want to live in some these places. i sent u my guest post

  • Rebecca@Harmony and Home says:

    I like all of your choices, which are also favorites of mine! Great taste!

  • Michelle says:

    Must have missed this one, since I read about it on Brooke's sight…THANKS!! Another "Interior Design Movie" worth watching just for the set 🙂

    I loved that kitchen inspiration post as well, and saved it in my kitchen file.


  • Zuniga Interiors Design Studio says:

    A Fabulous post! So glad that I found your blog- I love it! Thanks for the fabulous posts!


  • Meade Design Group says:

    I am a bit disappointed you didn't like any of my entries/interviews after all your positive comments – boohoo!

    Anyhow maybe I will make it for the next time 🙂

  • Tracy @ comfortandluxury says:

    Great idea to save favorite posts in a single folder!
    I'll come back when I have more time to check out the posts you show that I haven't already read.
    And I loved the Light on Two Sides post too. Makes a lot of sense when you've lived with it and without.

  • Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) says:

    This was really interesting! I will visit some of these ladies and check out their posts…thanks for the heads up! susan

  • Julia says:

    The kitchen in the first photo is my absolute dream kitchen.

  • ChrisToronto says:

    Maria, just found you courtesy of Cote de Texas and I'm soooo impressed; another great Canadian blog! I have subscribed.

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