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My two posts on white:  White Kitchen Cabinets and The Best Trim Colours—Not Cloud White are still the most read on my site!  Why is white so big?  Perhaps because it’s so easy to transform the feeling of a space just by changing art, pillows and objects—and the wall colour! 

This is Met Home’s – Home of the Month [January].

Putting the staircase opposite the front door added drama but ran the risk of blocking a view. The architects engineered the dramatic stair to be as thin as possible, using oak treads to dampen sound and instill warmth.

The dining area features stiletto-legged Liz_b chairs from Poltrona Frau and an Urban Hardwoods table topped with a craggy slab of black walnut.

Art is everywhere in the home. Here, an architectural fragment hangs in a basement hallway that doubles as a gallery.

Love the row of sleek, identical cabinets with the book-matched Carrara marble.

A 19th-century gilded chair mitigates the contemporary look of the bedroom sitting area, which is oriented around an existing fireplace reclad in Carrara marble.

The following images are form Orrick & Company, a design build firm in Connecticut:

In this dining room, all you’d have to do to change the feeling is paint the walls above the wainscoting.  This is the perfect solution to NOT having your decor boss you around!

How great are these beachy bunk beds?  The built in shelves are perfect for books and a glass of water!

I’m styling a kitchen this week for an interior designer that is having it photographed.  I fell in love with this silver bowl on a pedestal with the grass and grapes!  Maybe I could figure out a way to incorporate this look into that kitchen (stay tuned for photos).

I just love this room with the zebra rug, forced flowering branches, and organic elements such as the stumps and green glass on the bookshelves!

See the white roman shades?  I did white linen roman’s for a client last year and when the south/west sun came shining through them, they had a yellow cast to them!  Has anyone else ever had that happen?

Here the windows have so much architectural detail that they don’t need drapery!  Love the white coral and Ralph Lauren hurricane lanterns on the coffee table!

Just a little white-on-white patio off the living room, next to the water to finish off your Sunday with a glass of  wine!!

The meaning of white: Clean, Hygienic, Simple, Safe, Purity, Enlightenment, Idealism, Indecision, Optimism, Clinical, Joy, Innocence, Hope.  Cool, Refreshing, Sterile, Stark, Open, Expansive,

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  • Patricia Gray says:

    I too have a love affair with white. I think I have every white fabric sample in my library from every supplier there is. And I have always had white sofas. When I designed my Dentist’s home he was amazed at my ability to find him just the perfect shade of white because they deal with a myriad of shades of white teeth on a daily basis and know the intricacies of white. Depending on the exposure that a room faces whites can take on totally different casts, which might account for the yellow undertone in your Roman shades. My entire home is your favourite (ha ha) BM Cloud White and it looks completely different in every room.
    Great post and great pictures Maria!!

  • My Notting Hill says:

    What a gorgeous collection of photos! thanks

  • Lauren says:

    hahahah I like Patricia’s way of putting it. But yes, to me white is perfection. And so non-committal!! Love being able to change.

  • rebecca {at} thrilled by the thought says:

    I LOVE those bunk beds! I want them!

  • Things That Inspire says:

    I love your blog – maybe because I also love color and think the minute differences from one shade to another are fascinating! That is the artist in me, I think. When I paint, I often find the color mixing to be more interesting than the actual painting process, and I react more to color in painting than style!

    I just read your white trim post – thanks for posting a link, you wrote the post in the days before I discovered your blog. I use BM white dove on the trim in my house, in every room. I love how it looks, and I love being consistent; it makes life a lot easier when my dog chews on the baseboards and I need them fixed up, I always know what trim color to tell the painters to buy!

    I am looking forward to the ‘exterior trim’ post that you said will come this spring. The Jimenez house is beautiful!

  • bayou contessa says:

    I love your beautiful blog AND the color white. Many people don’t understand that there is an actual “rainbow” of whites, and getting the right one is key. To me it’s the best, peaceful, refreshing, sophisticated, pure.

  • Lyndsy says:

    I love everything in this post! Absolutely everything! The beachy bunk beds are incredible! Sigh I wish I had a house to design as beautifully and lightly as these images! Cheers!

  • michelle says:

    Nice pics!

    I think it’s the texture and inclusion of a darker colour or shade that makes an all white interior work.

    I have been a little busy, and have missed 3 posts of yours now…you are so prolific!



    white and wood tones – that is my favorite expression in design.

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