Runaway in Vegas

My mom was in Vegas last weekend with my sister and she snapped this photo of my little nephew taking off down the hotel halls!!

I’m always analyzing painted hallways because the wall colour doesn’t always [perfectly] match the carpeting. This is because the colours are picked in a designers office instead of in the hall with the lighting installed.
What’s your opinion of this one?

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  1. That’s hilarious! How funny of your little nephew! What a story your sister and your mom will have to tell on him one day when he is older, with the photographic evidence to prove it.

    The two wall colors and the carpet don’t gel well for me either. But hey, it’s Vegas. Maybe after drinking and gambling all night they look great?

  2. Linda at Lime in the Coconut!

    Hee! Look at that litle bare booty!

    I wonder if that color would gel better with the gold on the bottom and the green on top?? Just wonderin’?

  3. cute tushy!

    I loathe hotel carpets, just awful. like the walls though.

    thanks for your comment!
    btw – your feed is messed up – has anyone told you that? you should check it out with feedburner to fix it – it can really keep people from your blog when it’s messed up.