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White Floors for Instant Happiness

By 05/02/2009January 26th, 201715 Comments

These words are a direct quote from Jonathan Adler, featured in House Beautiful.  In this house that he decorated for fashion designer Liz Lange he says; “We painted all the floors white, which is something I always love to do for instant happiness. Color is a great way to express playfulness. Throughout the house, we used turquoise, yellow, lime green, black and white, with nothing toned down. One of the nice things is that it’s a light-filled house, and the colors just crank that up to the next level.”  

Turquoise always seems to look so great when paired with white and black.  On an exterior of a house, any shade of turquoise all the way to a dark teal look fabulous with black and white.

Another white kitchen which is the next trend after espresso brown cabinets.

I’m trying to remember where I saw this graphic rug first but it’s everywhere now!  Nate Berkus used one very similar in his apartment featured in Elle Decor Magazine.

It looks like all the doors on the main floor have been painted black!  Beautiful, and certainly does a great job of breaking up all the WHITE walls!

In the master bedroom, the bed is draped with navy linen curtain panels suspended on Restoration Hardware‘s Estate Metal curtain hardware in oil-rubbed bronze.  An easy look to copy in your own home!  These drapes are available at IKEA, see the post I wrote about them here.

I love Jonathan Adler’s design aesthetic, and especially his 10 commandments for a happy chic home.

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  • Rebecca Sherman says:

    HIgh gloss painted doors in any color are the chicest things in the whole world. Seeing these wonderful black doors inspires me to paint my own. I live in a rental and this will freak my landlady out, but I can always paint them white again. Thanks for the inspiring post today, Maria!

  • Brillante Home Decor says:

    White floors look so great in these pictures but I would never have a kitchen or a bathroom’s white floor again. No matter how much you clean it keeps showing every tiny-micro-small signs of “life”.
    Having said that I repeat they do look fantastic. A touch of turquoise and some black really make a statement.

  • guylaine rondeau says:

    take your shoes off !!!
    i’m with ‘brilliante home decor’ here… i absolutely love the look of white floors but would never want to live on them (bathroom excluded).

    the apartment i rented in paris last time had white floors, and i spent so much time on my fours, i had a month too much of experiencing the high maintenance they are!

    btw, that pattern of black and white carpet is actually a very common hardwood floor pattern in the old vintage european houses. they can also be found in public places such as the louvre. the room in which they shot “angel and demons” has that floor pattern!

  • guylaine rondeau says:

    sorry… it was the movie “the da vinci code”…
    “angel and demons” is coming out this month…!

  • Michelle says:

    I love white floors; I’ve been watching V. Wolf- he uses them often; in a very high gloss. Great opp. for contrast!

  • Meade Design Group says:

    I love white floors but it is a pain to keep the clean. Now I am into black floors – for a reason they always look more elegant and they are easier to keep clean.

  • Lynne Rutter says:

    lovely! like your blog, too! thanks for the inspiration

  • DesignTies says:

    Enjoyed these spaces, Maria! I wish I’d seen that herringbone rug earlier this week… I needed an inspiration pic for a room design I was presenting in design class on Thursday!
    Victoria @ DesignTies

  • Ivy Lane says:

    I personally don’t care for Mr. Adler’s design aesthetic, but do plan to heed some of his “10 Commandments”!! I am a Tom Scheerer gal all the way!!

    Loving your blog!!!

  • Brett Walther says:

    A lot of us seem to be in agreement here! Having lived with white-painted floors myself, I can say that I never grew tired of the look, but did get tired of the (twice!) daily sweeping that it requires… It’s also frighteningly easy to scuff, even with a highly-durable floor paint. Black soled shoes to be removed at the door! 🙁

  • Maria Killam says:

    Interesting that everyone is commenting on the upkeep of white floors (because dark expresso floors are just as high maintenance from what I’m told, not that I have them). Clearly going to either extreme would require a full time housekeeper!

  • DesignTies says:

    How did I miss this post?! All these pictures are great!!! Love all the hits of turquoise 🙂 And the Jonathan Adler fabric on the chairs in the last two pictures is fantastic.



    I love this post, too. Maybe with a bunch of kids running through the white floors would be too challenging, but I am inspired enough to consider it!


    See that last post up there? Well, 4 months later, I have myself a lovely white cork floor. And ivory walls, and painted wood cabinets. Instant happiness is right. Thanks for the inspiration and advice, Maria!

  • Stacey says:

    I love the look, but keeping them looking nice & clean is impossible! I currently live in an apartment with white tile on the entry & kitchen floors. I can mop the floor, then guests walk in, they look down on the floor, & see the filthy dark footprints all over it, thinking I haven’t mopped in weeks,….but the footprints are actually their own, all over my freshly mopped floor! It’s horrible. I do have a door mat outside for wiping shoes, but it doesn’t help. I’ll be getting an area rug for the entry, because it’s just impossible. The kitchen gets dirty fast too, but I don’t wear shoes inside so it’s just the food crumbs, and I wipe them up daily. It’s a small kitchen, so not too tough. I love the look of white & clean colors in the pics above, but would do them with dark floors due to my current situation!

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