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White Cars – #1 Colour Choice Worldwide

By 12/15/2008February 21st, 20172 Comments

In the last 6 months, white has overtaken silver and black as the #1 colour choice for cars.  In Japan, white is by far the most popular colour choice; while in the U.K. it’s the least favourite.

“Theories for this discrepancy abound – British folks, although fairly conservative, feel safely and anonymously hidden in their car, and so like a dash of colour to spice things up. For the Japanese, though, even this bold little expression of individuality is really sticking your neck out, and as a consequence white is the choice of the majority”. [click here for full story]

“White is described as an agent of change. That means the color happens to be one that is capable of opening up the doors to several new colors. Recent trends play a major factor as to why consumers are now choosing white as their color option. White is considered the new trendy color amongst the fashion and furniture industries. Plus, people are realizing that the color white provides a nice palette for  future customization.
Basically, white is the perfect color to purchase because it is also the easiest color for any of us to make changes to if we wanted to”.

What is my opinion you ask?  I think most people have favourite colours that they never get tired of, so that’s the guideline you should use when shopping for new furniture as buying white or very light coloured furniture is just not practical for people that own pets or have children.

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  • Patricia Gray says:

    I think that is so interesting that white is called the color of change. I personally love white or off white for furniture even with kids and dogs. New fabric technology is making it easier to keep whites clean and slipcovers are a great option.

  • Things That says:

    When I was in college, I was friends with several girls whose fathers were executives at USAA insurance. All of the executives were required to drive white company cars because (according to my friends) white is statistically the safest color for a car because it is so visible.

    When I purchased a new car last year, I purchased a white car. I was worried that it would show all of the grime of daily driving, but surprisingly it does not!

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