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Rolling out the Red Carpet

By 12/13/2008May 29th, 20212 Comments

Wednesday evening M.R. Evans rolled out the red carpet at the Vancouver Aquarium with their annual Christmas party for designers and architects. Where else can you walk around sipping cocktails while gazing at colourful fish at the same time? It was a fabulous venue!

And then I thought I would look up the significance of ‘rolling out the red carpet’ in history to find out what it means and why it’s ‘red’?

The best answer I found was here and it is:

This tradition is significantly older than most people think. You will find mentioning of carpets, rugs, or other cloth (e.g. jackets and cloaks) for nobility and deities to step on already in certain old myths.

It is meant to honor them and for them to avoid getting dirty shoes. Originally there was no color associated with this form of polite welcome. If the host could afford it the color chosen was in relation to rank and colors of the main visitor. Purple and dark red are royal colors. Going for a slightly lighter red than the royal red for celebrities of common descent was a fair compromise when the red carpet for celebrities came into existence.


And here’s a fun photo their photographer took of (starting at top right) Jennifer Rudolph, Les Stevenson, Megan Stevenson, Liz Stevenson, Maria Killam, Jenny Garay and Nancy Devries.

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  • Patricia Gray says:

    Hi Maria
    You are just too kind to categorize me as a celebrity, but I will lap it up. It was a fun evening. Thanks for documenting it.

  • Adolfo says:


    You looked so cute! The dress, the pearls(matching your teeth), the bag (the cutest!), perfect make up(which you don’t need)- very light, it brightened up your face.

    Red Carpet Grade: A+

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