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Turquoise Kids Bathroom; Before & After

Here is another room in Crystal’s house, I talked about this bathroom redesign two years ago when my friend Jan Romanuk designed the new layout. Want a timeless and classic bathroom? Here’s how you do it.

This bathroom was previously way too big and looked like an afterthought, after all the rooms on the second floor were designed. It’s also shared with her son and daughter so it worked out well that we ended up with enough space to create a separate toilet room.

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The countertop is the colour of stone (green grey) to relate to the hex tile floor, and this gives Crystal the flexibility to change the colour anytime she wants.

The reason grey became trendy is to provide a clean backdrop for all the clean colours that were trending from the 50s and 60s. NOT so that it could become the new default choice for EVERYTHING. The colours in this bathroom are a great example of clean colour with grey. Obviously this same turquoise colour would have created a clean/dirty problem in the before photo (below).

Nothing wrong with a little grey, or a little black, or a little brown. It’s when the entire bathroom is grey from the floors to the countertops that it screams ‘renovated in the grey trend’.

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Sconce light and mirrors from West Elm (no longer available). Millwork design by Jan Romanuk

I’m not a fan of the 4″ backsplash but I didn’t want to introduce a different tile as the hex floor tile would not have worked repeated there. I specified it to be installed at a 2″ height but the countertop company missed that instruction so it remained at 4″. In the end it looks clean as the slab is repeated on the curb of the shower and around the tub inside the shower.

P&L Sea Crystal 22-3

Here’s the before pic of the bathroom

Tile and countertop selection, colours and styling by Maria Killam

I loved the way the herringbone subway tile turned out! Again you can see here (as with Crystal and Rob’s master ensuite) that the read of the overall floor was greige so I chose a true white for the subway tile which related to the white plumbing. And the vanity is a true white as well.

Also, the shower fixtures are located to the left of the tub (not shown).

And here’s Bella’s room. We chose a new paint colour, some artwork, a rug and new bedding.


Area rug (Pottery Barn)

Here’s the playroom right beside the bathroom. We created flow in this area by continuing the turquoise as accents in here:

Love this carpet, it’s sooooo soft! Here’s her son Bobbie!

SW Lime Rickey 6717

Photography by Barry Calhoun

Here are both of their sweet kids, Bobbie and Bella! On their first day of school this year!

Colour is way more timeless than the current, trendy neutral. Crystal and Rob love their happy and colourful house, you’ll see the main floor in just a couple weeks when it’s published!

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Register here to become a True Colour Expert this Spring. We will not be going back to Nashville or Boca Raton so if you are close to these cities, now is the time. I will only be holding two courses this Fall because of other big projects I am working on.

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  • Fran W. says:

    Love this bath and the kids’ bedrooms! So fresh and pretty! I think the 4-inch backsplash actually looks good because it ties in so well with the tub surround. Great job, as usual!

  • Susan says:

    I love the colours!

  • Linda says:

    The before pictures look depressing! I love the freshness of the colors and of course white. Another great job! Thanks for showing us this beautiful bathroom, bedroom and playroom. It looks like a happy place.

  • Mary-Illinois says:

    Nice job, Maria. The difference is like night & day. I can’t believe how big the old bathroom was.
    I’m with you on the 4” backsplash. Not a fan.

  • Jennifer Johnson says:

    Truly some of your best work ever! Such a HAPPY space!!

  • Nancy says:

    Wow what a difference !!! Beautiful !!!
    Learn some thing from every blog .
    Didnt know about 4 inch back splash
    If you do the back splash in tile do u do that in
    2” also ?
    Thanks for sharing ,

    • Maria Killam says:

      No what I was referring to was that the 4″ backsplash that matches the countertop is standard. That’s why I originally specified a 2″ matching backsplash so it wouldn’t look so common. Maria

  • Kim says:

    Wow! What beautiful, happy rooms! I love everything about it and I bet the kids do too. I especially like how the grey countertop relates to the tub and shower.

  • Janet Romanuk says:

    Love love the result. Wonderful to have clients willing to have fun with colour. Again an awe inspiring transformation with a classic look

  • Kathi says:

    So Fresh, So Pretty-love the transformation-Great Job Maria on the decor and Jan on the bathroom design. So happy to see color again-everytime I walk into a Restoration Hardware store and its dark -dark Gray interior , I feel a little depressed. I love their furniture and accessories individually, but not with dreary walls. People have taken the gray trend too literally. You have been promoting color ever since your blog started, Maria and Thank God for your good taste.

  • Michelle says:

    Hi Maria! What another great post. I’m excited to see the main floor of Crystal and Rob’s house. Could you please elaborate on your statement, “Colour is way more timeless than the current, trendy neutral.” Or maybe consider doing a blog post on this topic. I have your ebooks, had you and Tricia do a room design for me, and read your blog faithfully, but am not sure how to apply that statement. Does it apply mostly to wall colors and accessories? Thank you!

  • Lisa says:


    The little girl’s room is precious and I love how the bathroom turned out. I would have loved to have such a beautiful bathroom growing up. Could you share where you purchased the rug from?


  • Fran5 says:

    It’s definitely much improved but I find the wall color cold and it doesn’t seem to match to the grey. The bath area is stunning though. Love the white herringbone and grey surround.

  • Lucy Haines says:

    Wow Maria you sure do like color! What a transformation from boring all gray to bright and cheerful turquoise! It certainly is literally like night and day. I like the way that you put the same counter top around the bath tub to tie it all together. The biggest surprise was the lime green wall color in the playroom. I’m not sure that I would have thought of that shade but you so confidently brought it together with the turquoise accessories. I also love the rug. Where did you find it? Last but not least you also brought the lime green to the front door! You are a genius!

  • Joy says:

    beautiful job Maria!
    What is name and color of the counter and the floor? Do you generally prefer the 2 inch over the 4 inch back splash? I
    read the prior blog on back splashes for kitchen, but was curious of your thoughts for bathrooms.
    Trying to make decision on our bathroom back splash . Do you base the height of back splash on the height of the faucet? So if the faucet dimensions are L 5-1/2″, H 7-3/4″, W 2-1/4″-would you use the 4 inch or 2 inch back splash? If your preference is 2 inch, does 2 inch provide enough coverage for water splatter. I appreciate your feedback.

  • Aubrey says:

    I love seeing some color…especially for kids!! Looks beautiful, Maria!

  • M says:

    Love the bathroom, everything about it, especially the color and the floor. Agree with everything you said about the backsplash; it really works here!

  • mrsben says:

    Re the bathroom, IMHO great design choice as to the type of vanity chosen when two children are sharing the same bathroom. Reason being from my personal experience; when they get older each has their own space for storage that will most likely save a lot of argument regardless that they are of the opposite gender …. ☺. Also shall add, the addition of another towel rack might be something to consider? (Even at the end of the vanity.) As for the finishes very wise as almost bullet-proof with practical maintenance. To conclude; great job and I am sure Bobbie and Bella love their new spaceS as much as Mom does. -Brenda-

    • Maria Killam says:

      Thanks Brenda, there are two towel hooks on the back of the door! On another note, it always amazes me that hotels don’t have towel hooks? They are so busy writing notes about saving water and using your towels again and then they don’t give you any place to hang them? Very odd. Thanks for your comment! Maria

      • mrsben says:

        You are welcome Maria and a correction. I should have said ‘towel bars’ instead of ‘rack’. Do agree with you about hotels not having a place to hang towels etc. however I find most ‘hooks’ are poor in design for accommodating them. In fact; what I have resorted to is either just use towel bars or if using hooks customize my towels by adding loops to them placed center/lengthwise. (I often purchase an additional towel and use its trim for the loop or when dressing the same bathroom that may also have hand-towel/facecloth rings I use the trim off that towel as I normally customize its sizing to fit the ring. Hope that makes sense … ☺.) Another thing is, how and where does one hang a bath mat? -Brenda-

  • Melissa says:

    This bathroom & bedroom turned out so beautiful! I can’t wait to see the rest!

  • Margaret says:

    I love this bathroom for kids! Question: would it be acceptable to do a similar light grey grout on the subway tile surround? I love all white with white grout….but experience has told me that over time the grout doesn’t stay white. My kid’s bathroom will not have both shower and tub- but a standard tub with showerhead in it. Thanks!

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