Things that Inspire

Things that Inspire did a wonderful post this week called Blue and Green should not be seen without a Color in Between and she mentioned 2 posts from my blog! Barbara Barry’s Philosophy and Colour me Kelly Green.

The images below are 2 of my favourite images from her post (besides mine of course :).
Liz Williams

I love her blog, she lives in Atlanta so you get to have an insider’s peek at all the beautiful homes there (in addition to her own) which are frequently featured on the pages of the design magazines that we all love.
Thanks again to Things that Inspire!

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  1. brillante home decor

    Maria, you are an inspiration and even if I don’t comment often, I follow with great interest your Posts. What a great way to connect and to exchange ideas, I love Blogs and yours is always interesting.

  2. Things That Inspire

    Thank you for the mention! Your blog is one of my favorites. Joni from Cote de Texas told me about you; as soon as she read your blog (and she said when she found you, she read every post) she knew that I would love it so she emailed me a link. I too have read everything you have written and am always happy when I see that you have a new post!

  3. Love the Marimekko framed fabric in the “Things that Inspire” post! The Finns really do know their colors . . .


    Love ” Things that Inspire ” – It is a great blog with stunning images and great stories. But I have to admit that I a big groupie for Colour Me Happy !

  5. Sarah is my favorite! I love the look of her blog – it’s so consistent, pleasing and calming. It’s always well researched – amazing how she finds the pictures to match her thoughts.