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Colour me Kelly Green!

By 12/29/2008February 10th, 20176 Comments

Jamie Drake is in this month’s Elle Decor so I went on his website [so beautiful] and picked my favourite, which is this Manhattan Residence decorated in kelly green, white & brown.

I have been predicting that this colour is coming back for over a year now and here it is in one if Jamie’s interiors! Greens have been yellow based for many years now so the pendulum has to swing back to the bluer greens which has certainly happened with the blue and chocolate brown combination – that blue has moved to teal which is huge in designer fabrics right now.

Jamie loves large, oversized round ottomans. They are certainly a great piece in a big living room that doesn’t cut off the other side of the room while providing extra seating.

Notice how he’s combined a fresh clean, yellowy green with the kelly. I once had a designer friend of mine say “All greens go together” and in most cases, I think she’s right.

Love these Barbara Barry inspired dining chairs (I think her circles are wider so I’m not sure if these are the same ones).

The piece that makes Kelly green (which is suspiciously close to Forest Green from the 80’s) look fresh and new is pairing it with white which is what all the designers [that use this colour] are doing.

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  • michelle says:

    I guess Kelly Green isn’t just for the eighties, because these are beautiful.

    Thanks for a nice evening! Your home is warm and beautiful 🙂


    This entry remind me something that my cousin told me when she came to Canada last summer. She said – Green is a neutral – You can put any colour on top of Green and it will always work – You can find so many shades of green in nature and all work happily together, you put a flower against it and you get magic.

    If I get a flower for Drakes inspiration I have to say “Magnolia”

  • thrilled by the thought says:

    Oh you’re so right. The white makes the green stunning!

  • Things That Inspire says:

    I wish I had seen this post before doing my favorites of the year post today…I love green SO much. When I moved into my house 12 years ago, I was insistent on celadon green wallpaper in the kitchen (there was already wallpaper there). I wish my designer had insisted on taking the old wallpaper down, but maybe wallpaper was still being done back then? Anyway, celadon green was very difficult to find at that point. My adjacent family room has sage green chenille on the sofa, and a few years ago I had the family room painted Benjamin Moore Harbour Town green (love it). To continue the green saga in my house, last year I replaced the stair runner, and ended up using a very subtle sage green and ochre patterned rug because it truly translated as neutral.

    When I do oil painting, I am always amazed at the difficulty of mixing the correct shade of green. There is such a difference in the blue leaning greens vs. the yellow leaning greens, but it is good to take a cue from nature and see that they all blend.

    Regarding the chairs, perhaps they are the Dessin Fournir Gibbons chair –

  • Cristin says:

    just came across this older post of yours. very nice. i just featured this living room in my post on "green".


  • Karen Aamodt says:

    Hi! Just found this older post (waiting for a computer update to finish…) and thrilled to find it. My husband and I both love the color green and we have worked it into every room of our house. The breakfast room was supposed to be the Green Room but could not find a shade of green paint which we loved and was not too dark or dramatic for a sunlit room. We are using this fabric for the drapes and repeating the green of the leaves to bring more of it into the room. My husband likes the black background color and doesn’t mind the flowers. This also gives me the opportunity to display all of my Wedgwood Napoleon Ivy cream ware in the breakfront:!/catalog/351/1831/lot/79826. We used a very pale yellow on the walls; think the lightest shade of butter. And of course I have several pots of ivy scattered here and there. Just thought I would share the tangent we went off on while trying to do a green room. Karen

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