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Christmas Spirit has Arrived!

By 11/29/2014January 28th, 201715 Comments

We always get our tree and decorate the first weekend of December but I’ve been so busy all we have up so far is a holiday wreath at the front door and the house has a white string of lights outside!e!

I love the holidays, the rain and cold never seems bleak to me in the weeks leading up to Christmas because of all the sparkly lights and decorations!

So while we patiently wait for that day to come, here are some holiday photos to inspire you.

Christmas Spirit has Arrived! | Maria Killam

{via pinterest}

Christmas Spirit has Arrived! | Maria Killam

{via pinterest}

Christmas Spirit has Arrived! | Maria Killam


{via pinterest}

Christmas Spirit has Arrived! | Maria Killam

{via pinterest}

Christmas Spirit has Arrived! | Maria Killam

{via pinterest}

Christmas Spirit has Arrived! | Maria Killam

{via pinterest}

Black is still trending, have you noticed? Will the black trend carry on into 2016?

When do you decorate for the holidays?

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  • Mary-Illinois says:

    I haven’t done anything yet. The boxes are still up in attic. There is just too much going on here that has prevented me getting started.
    But that’s OK. It will get done eventually.
    Thanks for the pretty pictures to look at. The blue sofa in the last picture is gorgeous!!

  • KA says:

    Love the photos and that sofa, too.

    Mom usually did the decorations the Saturday after our Thanksgiving, but this year is putting up very little since my sister had been hospitalized for 5 weeks. I may just put up some lights and a table top tree.

    Black tile in a bathroom with hard water and hidden dirt are a bad idea in my opinion.

    I’ve done black kitchen counters for people over the last 9 years, and while the clients initially loved it, they’ve come to me later and said that they wished they hadn’t chosen black.

    As you know from my consult with you Maria, I do have black in my home, but on the dining chairs, sofa and art frames. With very light walls.

    • Maria Killam says:

      I agree with what you’re saying about black, but it will still happen no matter what I think 🙂
      Thanks for your comment!

      • KA says:

        The tile installers will love it! Especially when it gets redone. More money for them!

        On second thought, I’m going to put up my lights. I’m going to need the cheeriness given my sister’s condition. I read your related post on your decorating the window for your dad and the tree for your mom so I know you’ve been there.

        The lights in Manhattan were always pretty if over the top at this time of year. The downer was when the snowflake at 57th and 5th came down in January. January and February were hard. This year is hard because we’ve moved all my sister’s things from her storage unit into my garage and guest bedroom and I’m in the process of selling it. ;-(

  • Nancy kinkead says:

    Christmas has came very fast this year.
    Since we are building , not sure if I will be ready this season.
    Black can be very dramatic when done right.
    I have to say I have seen some designer rooms with lots of black that have spoken to me. .
    And yes , I agree with you black is trendy right now.
    Just saw a what will out bathrooms look like in 2015? The picture was a all black tile bathroom.

  • Ange Mills says:

    Love the photo of the truck with the two dogs inside, very cute. We put our decorations up early because we have our annual gingerbread/soup party the first weekend in Dec. This year we received snow a little early, so it really looks and feels like Christmas here in Eastern WA. Happy holidays to you and Terreeia.

  • Margaret E. Fraser says:

    The top picture with the dogs in the driver’s seat of the red truck made me smile! Reminded me of my sweet boy Ray and his special friend Daisy.

  • Joanne says:

    I believe a lot of people will regret painting their walls black. With the dark days in the Pacific Northwest, it is going to make their room feel dreary, no matter how many lights they turn on. And black tile in a bath will be a nightmare, with water spots and calcium build up. I do love a black door on the right house. Black trim around windows & high gloss black trim & doors inside can look fantastic.
    Love your Christmas inspiration pictures, Maria.

  • Susan says:

    Her home looks very festive. Please advise the name of the wall color of the bay window wall in the picture of the kitchen dining set.

    Thank you and Happy Holidays

  • Kathy says:

    I love a classic “Sanitary Era” all white bathroom with black border tile, and the strong pastel bathrooms with black border tile bathrooms from about 1925-1960 afterwards. I have only seen two all-black bathrooms–one a 1980s disco inspired basement bath in mottled mostly black with a bit of magenta, mauve, grey and turquoise streaks, and glitter ceiling (! it just needed the disco ball LOL) and a 1950s basic bath, but with all black shiny 4 x 4 wall tile. I spent a good day scrubbing and scraping and polishing those walls til they gleamed as a hired cleaner.

    I agree, any kind of dark tile, other than as a accent, is not worth the upkeep in a bathroom. Matte tiles may be somewhat better than the glossy at least.

  • Susijo says:

    I guess I am a traditionalist and prefer to focus on prayerful anticipation of Advent, just a little decorating (lights in the windows, wreaths) until the last week before Christmas, and saving baby Jesus for the manger and the stockings until Christmas Eve… and then enjoying the full decor and celebration of Christmas right up through Epiphany and even well into January. I think the commercialization tends to turn our focus away from the meaning of this holy day, but with a little care it is possible to enjoy the decor and remain true to the reason for the season. Love that first photo, too!

  • Joanne G. says:

    Thank you for all the pretty photos! I love the lights and colors of Christmas. I’ve been watching non-stop sappy holiday movies, and our home is almost completely decorated inside.

  • Scarlett says:

    I have never been one rely for decor at Christmas time – maybe because we have always had smaller homes and condos that looked cluttered when you added in a bunch of seasonal items. But I am excited to do some decor this year – I especially love the wreaths over the mantle.

  • ​I really enjoyed all of these holiday photos, very festive and especially liked the one with the doggies in the red truck. ​Happy Holidays.

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