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Christmas Tree Shopping in the Rain

By 12/02/2012January 28th, 201723 Comments

We live 5 minutes away from the Heritage Tree Farm where you can choose a live tree that you can plant in your yard after Christmas or cut down a fresh one.

Elizabeth & Lea

My sister Elizabeth and her family and my other sister Lea (There’s one more sister) arrived to get their tree as well.

The rain came down in sheets on Friday so we skipped the wagon ride that the kids normally love!

I was wearing Ugg’s, a very bad idea in the mud and the rain. I got teased for being a ‘city girl’ and trying to be fashionable but truthfully I had just been out shopping for garland and lights and was so comfortable wearing them I didn’t want to take them off.

Anyway, that’s my tree, I found it in 4 minutes. No time to walk around and trash my boots further!

Everyone gets a cookie and a hot chocolate after the Christmas trees are found!

Here’s Markus thoroughly enjoying his hot chocolate!

There’s even a fire pit to get toasty and warm.

Elizabeth’s husband Bill Jacobs tied the tree to the roof of my car.

Here I am with the owner of the Heritage Tree Farm.

My tree was $50, but my friend Tami says when she lived in LA it was near impossible to find a live tree and when she finally found one it was $100.

Where do you get your tree from?

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  • Denise says:

    The Thrifty’s grocery store three blocks away used to carry Christmas trees, but stopped three or four years ago. Now there’s nowhere within walking distance to buy a tree. And I don’t think the bus driver would let me on the bus with one! So this year it’s just going to be an indoor wreath and some paperwhites. I can hardly wait!

  • Another one who’s made the switch to a tree you put in the attic from January until December. I miss the scent indoors, but we have evergreens all around our home, so I don’t feel too deprived.

    So nice to see you enjoying time with family. That’s what it’s all about.

  • Wendy says:

    $50!!! I guess it’s far cheaper to buy trees where they are actually grown… Our’s was 8′ and priced at $195 at one place, but we bought one for $110 at another. (we’re in the San Francisco Bay Area).

  • Carol Anne says:

    our locker, lol
    I could never fit a real tree in our condo.
    not ready to get it yet, we came down with terrible colds after last weekend in Vancouver, (went to Mccartney concert with my whole family) spending the weekend in bed hoping to loose it, so many clients to work with next week…

  • Jean Palmer says:

    Lovely photographs and lovely to see you and your sisters looking so well and happy despite the rain and who cares about the rain anyway!! Where was the Momma??

  • Lisa@CozyCondoLiving says:

    How fun! We’re not getting a tree this year since we’re heading to our in-laws house. Your nephew looks like you!

  • Due to allergies our tree comes from the basement. I miss the crazy tree shopping days. We used to drive all over the place with five kids looking for the best deal on the nicest tree. I loved this post Maria, and I think Uggs were the way to go as long as you could stay out of the mud! Hope we get to see the decorated tree soon!

  • Louise says:

    I get my lovely Xmas tree from the same box as I did last year, LOL!! In reality, I’ve given up with the live trees ever since my little ones have flown the coup. They do have very fond memories going to get a tree with dad though. I can now put my tree up as early as I want (this year it was mid-November) and not worry about it drying out so there is that very big benefit for me. If it’s any consolation to you Maria, people here in Ottawa were also out in the rain picking out trees yesterday.

  • Dianne Tant says:

    I have about 30 trees! most are artificial – and a lot of table top ones. but I bought one live cut one for my front porch at a local grocery -Fresh Market. it was allready installed in a cute stand (but it is only 2 1/2 ft tall) it is on my front porch with all the white wicker, sitting a a little round wicker table…I love it

  • Paula Van Hoogen says:

    Hey Maria! Thanks for fulfilling my wish!!! I got to go with you after all….What fun. Those little guys just melt my heart every time. I can totally see why you moved out there.
    We lived next door to a tree farm a few years back, here in NC. One Christmas all 6 kids came with their families and we all trooped over there and carried the tree home. Live reindeer and hot cider & cookies and all the photo memories made the day. Now one of you needs to put these in a little album and bring it out on the coffee table every year. God bless you and your family at this special time. (Your tree is perfect for showing off ornaments–lots of space between branches.)
    Love to Mom too….

  • Hi Maria, that lil’ buster Markus is adorable! I love that he loves to have his picture taken for Auntie’s blog and always has such a handsome big smile on that lil’ face.

  • Lisa Sontag Kissee says:

    Wow you are a die hard Christmas tree shopper.
    I think you looked darling. Maybe Santa will bring you some new Uggs!!!!

  • Nancy O'Brien says:

    WoW! Our trees here in Nova Scotia are sold everywhere and are only about half the price as yours. Although I am now in a condo and my tree is in storage in a POD, my son still gets a real one. Last year, we picked one from my friend’s fourteen4 acres and it was delightful, It was not the picture perfect ones from tree farms. It was more reminiscent of the Charlie Brown trees of old. It had such character that it was the talk of their neighbourhood. This year I’ve added a rosemary tree to our decor. My daughter has been wanting one for years and it will look great in our newly-painted kichen. Happy Holidays!

    • Julie says:

      Hey Nancy…….same here in New Brunswick….I owned a small garden Centre a few years ago…sold and eight foot tree for $22 – $25

  • Cheryl says:

    very Christmasy! You never share a pic of your partner! Happy for you both — first Christmas in your new home.

  • mairi says:

    My very funny friend said she was getting an ‘old lady tree’ a couple of years ago. Translated- a 4 foot artificial that sits on a little table or in an urn. Adorable and easy! So I courageously embraced my inner ‘old lady’ too and got a prelit all white tree and never looked back… Several more friends have done the same since. We have a good laugh at our diminutive trees while sharing the extra time we’ve suddenly gained.

    For real greens (and the heady aroma) I trim my mugo pine which needs a yearly haircut anyway, and push the tips into 2 blocks of oasis foam. These just fit into a wallpaper tray. (I like to wrap burlap around it). This sits nicely on the mantle and stays fresh for several weeks. A few sparkly picks and I’m done. Cedar lasts well this way too.
    I wish you a joyful holiday Maria as well as your readers from whom I also learn so much. Thanks for sharing!

  • GaBi says:

    Beautiful and happy family deserve to have beautiful Christmas. Your nephew look very alike you, like your son. Artificial tree will never replace the romance of the fresh Christmas tree,but for the scent we can use fresh brunches.
    Best price is definitely outside of Vancouver. Have a wonderful Christmas

  • You all look so cute out buying a tree. I can’t believe the price though. Ours just outside of Toronto cost about $25-35 (from the grocery or hardware store). I’m looking forward to seeing how you decorate it.

  • Vanessa Rider says:

    We had a very similar wet, muddy tree cutting in rainy Portland. Tradition is tradition, especially with small children. I look a little longingly at the pre-cut ones- quick, easy and no mud. But I’m always glad in the end to have the full experience at the storybook tree farm. The trees are somewhat expensive but I just remind myself that you can’t put a price tag on happy memories. And hey- there’s free pony rides!

  • Laurette says:

    We use to always go to the Santa Cruz, CA mountains to cut our fresh tree until we moved away to a small town where there was a live tree lot right across the street from us. Eventually all the trees were cut down and the lot closed, about then health and breathing issues no longer allowed us to have a fresh tree so we have a faux tree now. I still have all the great memories with my kids who are now all grown up and cutting down their own fresh trees.

  • Janet Klann says:

    Just re-read your post from Dec. 09, Maria, where you said you wished your tree (which reflects YOU) would be a little less perfect and boring and more free and spontaneous. Can’t wait to see if you get there this year! Good luck!

  • Here in Kansas it’s too hot and dry to grow great Christmas trees. The last time we bought a big fresh one it was $135!!!

  • I’m picking mine up tomorrow..$15 only..from the local fruit & veg shop!

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