Sleep in a Cloud This Christmas + a Luxurious Giveaway!

I have often thought about ordering expensive Italian bedding because occasionally when we’ve stayed at a higher end hotel with fabulous sheets, I don’t want to get out of bed because I’m so comfortable.

When Steve from Vero Linens asked if I’d like to try out his high-end Italian bedding, I happily accepted!

I ordered the sheets, two soft pillows, a summer duvet and the duvet cover.

Moonlight Pajamas

The first night we slipped into the new sheets Terreeia said “OMG these are so smooth and luxurious, like satin sheets, but without the slippery feeling, I love the soft and crisp feeling!”

We’ve both noticed how much better we’ve slept because they are so comfortable! I’ve you’ve ever thought about investing in high end bedding, maybe it’s just time! Especially because Vero Linens sell direct to the consumer which eliminates the middle man!

I ordered the summer duvet because I’ve never had one that was cool enough to use in the summer and since I’m having my own private summer these days I thought this might do the trick.

And it did. Perfect. Not too hot and cool enough for summer nights!

It seems like every duvet I’ve had in the past is literally about 16 inches too short for the cover. I was delighted (and not surprised) when I inserted the duvet in the cover from Vero Linens and it was perfect.

And the flange finished it so beautifully. Look at the sheen on this cover (above).

The soft pillow is perfect. Not tooo soft where your head is practically on the mattress, just right. Whenever I arrive at a hotel one of the first things I do is punch the pillow to make sure it’s not too hard.

Having a comfortable pillow is so important to a good nights sleep!

Vero Linens sell direct to the consumer so there is no retail markup on the their linen! Vero was the first company in North America with bed sheets to embrace this business model. They have been selling  their products online for over 10 years.

Vero Linens are approximately 60% lower in cost than like quality bed sheets!

And, just in time for the holidays, they are the perfect gift! One of the top ten reasons why is if you are giving a set to someone you sleep with, you get to enjoy them as well.

Photos by Macy Yap Photography


Vero Linens is generously giving away a set of Olivia luxury sheets (value $460) to my lovely blog readers.

The set includes a flat sheet, a fitted sheet and a pair of pillowcases in Queen or King Size.

To enter the giveaway, post a comment below AND go to Vero Linens here to enter for a chance to win, the winner will be announced next Monday, November 25, 2019.

*This post brought to you in partnership with Vero Linens, all opinions are my own.




  1. They look very cosy!

    I like a little sheen without the satin feel.

    Would love to check these out.
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Love the gorgeous photos, suggestion for great linens, and the beautiful model! Are these sheets a sateen? I need new sheet sets, but usually prefer a crisper percale to a sateen weave. I trust your opinions very much, though, Maria.

  3. Bibianna Maddox

    What a timely blog post! I have been looking at bed linens for our bed and just haven’t wanted to pull the plug on spending a lot on sheets that just don’t measure up to the price.
    So glad to hear your review on this brand! I will bookmark their website!
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. They look wonderful. I would love to win these because I know I couldn’t afford to buy them. And they look so luxurious.

  5. Maria ~ I am a dedicated follower of yours! I love your personal story and your professional recommendations. PLEASE ~ I would love, more then you can imagine ~ to win these linens!!! ~ Cynthia

  6. I agree, a soft and smooth set of sheets makes all the difference in a good night’s sleep!

  7. Personal summer… I’m there with you, Maria! This sounds lovely. Thank you for providing this give-away!

  8. Sheryl stephenson

    I love the look of your room so fresh and clean yet so cozy, and you look cute too Maria.

  9. Would love to try them. A great night’s sleep would be wonderful.
    Fingers crossed.

  10. I’ll have to look into these sheets! Thanks for sharing your experiences and for the opportunity to win a set.

  11. Kathleen DeMill

    I am so jealous! I know how critical good sheets are to a good night’s sleep. The texture and colors are gorgeous!

  12. Sounds heavenly. It’s that stage in life when it is a challenge to be cozy and comfy at night. Would love to try these beautiful sheets.

  13. OMG! I love this. I have a “little thing” (?) about bed linens. Maybe an addiction? Anyway, I am thrilled to learn about Vero. Thank you for recommending them. Your pictures are gorgeous.

  14. WOW! What a generous offer from Vero Linens. I have often wondered if buying better sheets would affect my sleep. I have fibromyalgia so trying these sheets would be a blessing. Your bedroom looks so restful Maria. Very nicely done!

  15. I love those pictures of you cuddled up on the covers! These look like beautiful sheets, but I’ve yet to find a duvet light enough for summers. Yours must be much cooler than ours as a negative weight is what I need! : )) However, I’m not giving up the quest. Thank you for this chance.

  16. Christine Mueller

    This bedding looks lovely. I’m a tosser and turner and love sheets that allow for movement without drag! Would love to try these

  17. Hi Maria,
    I am one of your very satisfied customers. You suggested colors and styling for my house exterior and interior great room to much success.
    Your commentary couldn’t come at a better time. I am in the process of researching linens and would be ‘over the moon’ to have a new set of luxury sheets in my newly painted master bedroom.

  18. Would love to try out their linens. Definitely makes a difference in good nights sleep.

  19. Maria, I have learned so much from you over the years. Your advice has helped me create a home that we love. Thank you! The Vero Linens look amazing. I can’t wait to enjoy them!

  20. Those sheets are the perfect white!!:)

    Thank you for reviewing them – I have always wanted to know how these sheets were from a trusted source! I see them in my future….

  21. I heard about these sheets a few years ago on Cote de Texas but had forgotten about them. These sound amazing!

  22. I spent all morning shopping online for sheets and bedding before reading your blogpost. Very timely. Your bedroom looks lovely with the new bedding!

  23. I spent all morning shopping online for sheets and bedding before reading your blogpost. Very timely. Your bedroom looks lovely with the new bedding!

  24. Would love to check these out. Some day……cozy bed with lovely sheets that are dried outside and smell like the fresh air….and I can dream!

  25. Beautiful linens! What’s not to love? How are the Moonlight Pajamas as far as sleeping hot or cool? Thanks for the chance to win this very generous giveaway.

  26. Those sheets are the perfect white!!

    I have always wondered about them and am so happy you (a trusted source) reviewed them!

  27. There’s nothing like crawling into a bed that has wonderful sheets!! It really does make a HUGE difference in coziness!! The sheets look lovely and so does the model!!

  28. Maria you look so cute and comfy !
    Great tip might just be what I’m looking for thank you

  29. Beautiful linens! What’s not to love? Do your Moonlight Pajamas sleep hot or cool? Thanks for the chance to win this generous giveaway.

  30. Your new Vero sheets and duvet look so luxurious and comfy! Who doesn’t appreciate a good night’s sleep… I would love to win a set to try them out for myself! Your bedroom decor is so dreamy!?

  31. I have always wondered about high end bedding but haven’t been willing to take the chance they might not be worth the money. Hearing your review I must say they will be worth the money.

  32. Have been searching for a long time for very comfortable bedding — the wrong bedding certainly interferes with good sleep!! Love your comment about your personal summer; it is so true that bedding can make a personal summer much more tolerable. Thanks to you and Vero for the giveaway!

  33. Looks so interesting – I tried linen sheets at an Air Bnb on a trip and then bought them for myself because they were wonderful.
    Maybe this is the next big thing!
    PS This photoshoot is so glamorous – I love the closeup of all your decor details, but even more impressive are Maria’s eyes in the pic where she is hugging the pillows – even though she is wearing glasses. Maybe now I should get back to the work I am supposed to be doing (report card calculations).

  34. Wow Maria, those linens look wonderful and yes it is a good feeling not to want to get out of bed!! This is a sure way to tell the difference between so so linens and the real deal….

  35. They look so soft and cozy. You look so cute in the blue pajamas- can I get those too? 🙂

  36. Maria,

    I agree that staying in a hotel with great linens is a wonderful experience.
    Perhaps it is time to upgrade my own so that every day is like that.
    Thank you for all your inspirations.

  37. They sound super comfy, we are currently sleeping on sheets that my Mother In Law has had for over 30 years, I think it is time for an upgrade 😉

  38. Luxury sheets are not a luxury…they are another form of self care like a massage or a facial! It is said that Jackie Kennedy’s (Porthault) sheets were changed daily…more if she took a nap for they were changed after napping too. Jackie knew how to do bedding right if you ask me! What a fabulously generous offer from Vero!

  39. I have been following you for years. Bought your ebooks and used all my Maria Killam knowledge when remodeling my home. The remodel turned out great! I tell everyone I know who is remodeling or redecorating about your blog. Keep up the good work!

  40. Maria: this is an awesome opportunity that I will gladly apply for. Thank you for doing a review of the linens. I was in Italy for two very brief trips when I used to be stationed in Germany. I remember the hotel sheets being very nice. I’ve always wanted to try high-end Italian sheets, but oh the price! I will research this company and at least maybe start with pillowcases to ease into it financially. I will cross my fingers to win a set. I Love high quality sheets that feel like heaven. I have two good sets of sheets now, but are getting worn from years of use. My grandma always told me to spend my money on comfortable supportive shoes and undergarments and NEVER skimp on quality sheets. She said the rest was just window dressing. My grandma was the BEST! Again, Maria, thanks for cluing us in to this company and opportunity.

  41. What beautiful photos. Your room is stunning! I’m very picky about our bed linens and therefore hesitant to buy online, but with your recommendation, Maria, I will be putting these on my Christmas list!!

  42. Maria you couldn’t have said it better, there is nothing like sleeping on high quality and thread count linens!!!
    Your contest couldn’t have come at a better time, we just purchased a new mattress yesterday, ordering a feather mattress topper today so would love to win an incredible set of sheets to make this the perfect nightly sleep experience!
    Thanks so much for pairing with Vero Linens to bring this contest to your blog followers!!
    I so look forward to opening your blog and have been following you and your advice for years!

  43. I like that they keep you cool during your ‘personal summer’ ? I know how you have struggled with finding a good pillow, so I will check these out!

  44. CarolAnne Makely

    would love to have a good sleep in some wonderful sheets! to win a set would be just amazing…

  45. Such a timely post! I’m in the process of redecorating our bedroom and new linens such as these would be fantastic! Thanks for sharing this brand with us! I just love your blog. I’m always learning something new!

  46. I’m so glad you posted about this! I’m currently sourcing bedding for a client and I think she’ll LOVE this! Thanks for sharing!

  47. Nancy Zorgdrager

    From the photos & descriptions, they sure sound like amazing sheets, duvets & pillows!!!! Ahhhhh!!!!!!!!

  48. The sheets sound delightful. I definitely agree about too short duvets. They are too short for good coverage. Thank you for introducing Vero sheets on your blog.

  49. Luxurious sheets seem indulgent until you look at how many hours are spent in bed. This is one way I treat myself!

  50. I love a good sheet. I started buying nice sheets in high school and never looked back.

  51. Thank you for sharing about your linen discovery with Vero! Sounds delightful! And your bedroom is simply devine!

  52. Christina Allen

    What perfect timing!! I’m completely committed to setting my family up to make a good nights sleep a priority and am looking for comfy, cozy, beautiful bedding. I’d love to try a set of these!

  53. These look gorgeous. Needing new king sheets but these are a little pricier than I would normally buy. Hoping I win them ??

  54. Thanks Maria and Terreeia for testing out these linens for us! I find it hard to tell which kinds are the ones you find in high end hotels. Would you know what to look for ? I know some hotels sell their own brand of linens.

  55. I, too, have thought about ordering beautiful Italian sheets but didn’t think I could afford them and didn’t know where to purchase them. Thanks for the info, Maria!

  56. Have tried many high end sheets and they always need ironing. I don’t have the staff to do that. ?The best feeling sheets I have tried so far are the supima sheets from Lands End (believe it or not). But I’m willing to try these since both you and the sheets look comfy and gorgeous. Love the sheen of the duvet cover!

  57. You got my attention at summer weight duvet insert! I’m off to read up on these wondrous sheets and other bedding items.

  58. I would love to sleep in these luxurious linens! They look soooo soft and such an excellent quality.

  59. Harriett Thornton

    What a lovely bedroom! I’m sure these wonderful linens added to your comfort!

  60. Nothing like crisp, cool sheets! And those pillows sound perfect…sigh…I love my bed, and these would make it even better.

  61. You made the sheets sound wonderful! I doubt that we could afford them, but to win a set? Oh, my, I guess there IS a Santa!
    Thanks to Vero Linens for this giveaway!

  62. There is nothing like sleeping on fabulous sheets; for me and my guests! I appreciate your opinion on such an important investment. Thanks Maria ?

  63. Oooooh! Ahhhh!!! I love that you and Vero are holding a contest for this!

    Thank you for showing us your bedroom and those delicious looking whites.
    I’d LOVE to win this and give them as a holiday gift to my husband (and myself!)

  64. Love your bedroom. It’s a dream room for me. Currently my bedroom also contains all my craft/paint supplies.The duvet cover and finding a duvet that does actually fit inside would be a joy. Like you, haven’t found one yet. The sheets sound heavenly, but a white duvet cover would not survive long in my place! (2 cats, 1 dog and usually several foster kittens, and I would not trade them for the best white duvet cover in the world. But again, the sheets would be very nice. Thank you.

  65. Oooohh! Ahhhh!!!

    Thanks for holding this contest! I would LOVE to win these and gift them to my husband (and myself!)

  66. I’ve ALWAYS wanted expensive sheets but other needs superseded my desire. Maybe my luck with shine on November 25th!!

  67. I’ve recently changed to a King bed. I would love a chance to try out Vero Linens sheets. Quality bedding is a true luxury and the fact that they ship direct at a more reasonable price is a win/win,

    You look so cute cuddling a pillow in your blue jammies and matching glasses!

  68. CarolAnne Makely

    oh my to win the perfect set of sheets would be wonderful… keeping them in mind if I do not win… I need new sheets

  69. Omg I love hotel linens! I pick the hotel for their beds, I always sleep well in a hotel. I would like my bedroom to be a hotel lol thank you lol

  70. Sylvia Engemoen

    Wow, it would be heavenly to climb into bed with these luxurious sheets. Doze away and wake up in the morning to the delightful feeling of a restful sleep. What a great way to start your day. A good way to pamper yourself

  71. You are the best advertisement for Vero Linens! I would love to win the giveaway and enjoy this gorgeous bedding set.. Thank you for introducing me to Vero Linens.

  72. Hi Maria,

    Your commentary couldn’t have come at a better time. I have been researching luxury linens to finish my bedroom makeover.
    I would be over the moon to receive a set of bed linens.

  73. Oh…how I’d love to have new sheets…especially some as smooth and luxurious as the Vero Linens you’re describing, Maria!

  74. I’m due to have surgery and based on your description it would be divine to come home to a bed made with Vero Linens.
    Ah – I can picture the softness of the sheets and laying my weary head on one of those pillows. I love having something new to recommend to my clients but something like bedding needs to be based on firsthand experience. I hope I get that opportunity when you announce the winner of your contest.

  75. The timing is perfect, we need new sheets! Would love to win a set (good bedding us so expensive!)… But if we don’t, might be a Christmas present to us ?

  76. Liz (in Oregon)

    These look amazing, Maria (as do you in your cute pajamas!). I will add them to my wish list, even if I don’t win the drawing. We have a split king adjustable Casper bed (love it!) and I was happy to see that a pair of single fitted sheets is available. I’d even pay the difference for them if I won the king set!

  77. Ohhhhh. I would love to have these lovely linens. PS Your posts are ALWAYS so informative. ♥️

  78. You are so cute! These photos remind me of a happy toddler romping in their parent’s bed.
    A compliment for one experiencing her own private summer.

  79. High end sheets are and duvets only seem like an extravagance, they are really a necessary luxury!
    Everyone should have a chance to sleep on them, they will never regret the splurge!

  80. I, too am a huge fan of a great nights sleep, AND of waking up from a sweet silky slumber with a smile on my face. I’d LOVE to sleep on (read: win) these sheets. Please.

  81. I love your bedroom and the beautiful sheets!! I have never stayed in a high end hotel so I would love to see what the sheets feel like.

  82. Oh my, nothing better than high quality sheets. They typically last longer also due to the quality fabric.

  83. I was so impressed with the linens and bathrobe once that I purchased them from the hotel. They are wonderful and I use the plush and cuddly Ploh robe regularly. The robe feels like I’m getting a constant hug. My experience with the sheets would be enhanced if I had purchased the staff to iron them 😉 Beautifully ironed sheets are part of the luxurious experience. Mine don’t have the sheen that yours have Maria so perhaps the Vera sheets can do without ironing.

  84. Having been gifted some decent sheets a couple of years ago, I now have a greater appreciation for good sheets. These sound even better.

  85. Oooh, who doesn’t love a little luxury? I’d roll around my bed with a huge grin too if I won!

  86. Oooh, who doesn’t love a little luxury? I’d be rolling around my bed with a huge grin too if I won!

  87. I’m always on the hunt for luxury sheets and pillows! These sound like heaven – definitely checking them out!

  88. I have always oohed and aaahhhed over luxurious hotel sheets and duvet covers! These look like just the ticket for luxury at home!!

  89. I love Vero Linens—not only the sheets and regular weight down comforter, but also the towels! Every day a wonderful indulgence. Glad you love them too!

  90. Beautiful and comfortable? Thanks for the review. So hard to know when ordering online, so hearing first hand from someone you trust is invaluable.

  91. This is a timely post. I purchased my first quality organic cotton sheets this past summer. I LOVE them and thinking of ordering another set. I may try these.

  92. Thank you Maria for reviewing these. Like others, I’m a bit nervous ordering linens online as comfort while sleeping is essential. They look wonderful, you do too!

  93. Very pretty! I love the white for sure. You cannot go wrong with white.The sheen is very obvious. Luxurious sheets would be so beneficial for a good night’s sleep.

  94. They look lovely and bet they feel better. One day please do a video of how to get a duvet into a cover without feeling like you’ve had an aerobic workshop. 😉 I finally switched and have a white comforter, put a sheet on top of it that’s one size smaller – a queen sheet on a king comforter. It looks on purpose and was inspired by Marriott bedding. Bonus for pet owners. When Thaddeus (cat) jumps up on the bed, the top sheet aka the cat sheet can be tossed in the laundry but the comforter stays clean. Otherwise it’s $35 at the dry cleaner. And no more wrestling.

  95. I forgot to mention that the sheets get softer and softer with subsequent washes and there is absolutely no piling. I’ve had these sheets for 4 years now and couldn’t be happier with my purchase.

  96. Wow those sheets look amazing! I would love the opportunity to own a set. My bed is my most favourite place on my home.

  97. Nothing better for a good night’s sleep than a great set of sheets & these look amazing!

  98. Hi, Maria — You do look very comfy snuggling into those sheets. I’ll check them out.

  99. Once I slept in luxurious sheets at the Westin in Vancouver. It was glorious, slept so well and did not want to get out of bed. Maria when you recommend Vero linens I know they are everything you say. Would be thrilled to be the lucky winner.?

  100. Lucky you, Maria. Everyday must feel like a holiday in the splendid sanctuary you’ve created.

  101. I am definitely overdue for new bedding and the Vero Linens sheets sound like the luxury I’m looking for!

  102. Karen Kowalenko-Evjen

    I’ve always wanted to purchase luxurious bedding but often, the bedding needs to be ordered
    from a supplier out of country. I prefer to support Canadian businesses. I will check this company out for sure, regardless.

  103. That Italian bedding looks dreamy!!!! Love your matching pj’s and glasses. I have always wondered if that expensive bedding would continue to stay soft and comfortable after a few washings.

  104. This sounds perfect & just what I need to spruce up my new bedroom! I need a new comfortable pillow also.

  105. Margaret Jessen

    Hi Maria,the Vero bedding sounds so comfortable! It would be a pleasure to win those!!

  106. The pics are great, Maria! You look so happy! I’ll have what she’s having!! Vero Linens! 🙂

  107. Oh, my, yes please! I’ve been promising to buy a new set of sheets for ages & these look so scrumptious that even if I don’t win, I’ll be back. We all deserve some luxury now & again, & what better place for it than in our beds? Thank you!

  108. I LOVE quality sheets and am always searching! I’m so excited fir this information and am looking forward to sleeping in sheets from Vero Linens!

  109. Oh, I hope I am the lucky girl to win these sheets! I have always wanted high-end sheets to sleep on!!

  110. I love your bedroom photos and you look so comfy cozy in your bed and pajamas.
    I will definitely look into the Vero sheets! Thank you for sharing this info!

  111. Word of mouth recommendation by a trusted travel expert, a sure fire way to want to try out these bed linens! Restful sleeps will be one of the most treasured presents I could receive!….

  112. Yvonne Slugoski

    You look lovely as usual, Maria. Thanks so much for recommending this luxury line of bedding to your faithful readers. 🙂

  113. Yes, this just might be the time! I think one good pair of sheets is the smart way to go. Stop guessing and buying others (several tries! Ugh).
    I’d love to try these.

  114. I never knew I could afford lovely bedding throughout my long, marriage to a rather frugal man. Now that I’m a widow, I realize I can, but it now seems frivolous.
    Perhaps I’ll rethink that!

  115. Those sheets look so decadent! So glad you get to sleep in such a comfy bed!! Nothing better than having good sleep!!!! Xxoo

  116. Beautiful bedroom! These linens are just what I need to start of this long winter season!!! They sound wonderful, and it’s often difficult to find exceptional linens so thanks for the info.

  117. Your room is so pretty and luxurious looking! Great to read your recommendation for Vero Linens.

  118. The right sheets make such a difference and your testament convinces me they will be worth a try!! Can’t wait to get my best sleep ever!!

  119. Soft and smooth sheets are one of the best luxuries you can give yourself. So simple and yet so wonderful!

  120. I have always felt guilty indulging myself. The time has come for some self indulgence. Your post was very timely. As we were making the bed this am I thought, time for some quality sheets. Thanks! Going to the web site now.

  121. Jennifer Charles

    Oh my word!
    I would love to try these sheets!!!
    Thanks for sharing this and your photo shoot looked like so much fun!

  122. You looked like you had a lot of fun with this review. Thanks for sharing! And BTW, if you love the sheets, you have to try the bath towels..

  123. Thanks for sharing this with us. I absolutely love the sheets and the duvet AND in white. I have been unsuccessful for years in being able to locate anything. They do look so luxurious and serves double duty from your assessment of providing a great sleep too.

  124. It all started when we gave up our 25 year old bed. We were on vacation. I dreamed of having the perfect bed. We came upon the Charles P Rogers store in Manhattan and fell in love with the most expensive bed in the store. We took the plunge and had a mattress and platform frame delivered across the country to San Diego and paid to have the frame assembled. What a luxury to have everything un-boxed and assembled. We treated ourselves to quality and never looked back.
    We loved our King bed and I started ordering sheets on line from vintage florals, to true linen sheets to stripes and plain colors. Each time we change the sheets is a new look in our minimalist bedroom.
    My ears perked up when Maria Killam posted about the Vero linens and winning a set. Could I be the one to win?
    Wonderful sheets are one of the major joys of life, in my opinion.
    My husband and I take a nap each afternoon for about an hour because we work at home and have that time luxury.
    When there are new sheets on the bed, it is our ritual is to jump in bed exclaiming “Clean Sheeeeets!!!!”
    I guess you could say we are bed linen enthusiasts or clean sheet cultists!

  125. I echo your sentiments. I’ve withheld purchasing sheets online because I want to feel the sheets before purchasing, and locally there are no vendors that carry Italian linens. I’ve only experienced them in hotels. Thank you for sharing your personal experience with these linens.

  126. So difficult to find the right weight down comforter, but the summer duvet sounds like the one for me. Thanks for the information about your personal experience. It all looks so comfy!

  127. I like the idea of “soft and crisp” … kind of how I like my cookies! Great bedroom photos!

  128. They look and sound magical! Happy to read your recommendation. I’d love to experience the luxury. I’ve been on an ongoing hunt for an amazing pillow too.

  129. Beautiful and comfortable linens are one of life’s great pleasures! These sheets and bedding look fabulous!

  130. Thank you for sharing Maria. I agree with you about pillows – they need to be soft! I actually sleep with at least 3 pillows surrounding my back and on my side. And the sheets must be cool !

  131. Did you see that the sheets are make to keep you cool too! How cool!
    Even if I don’t win I think I will get some!

  132. I would love to try them as I’ve been unimpressed with the sheet sets I’ve purchased in the last 2 years – especially when the flat sheet is too short to cover a deeper mattress.

  133. Candace Flowers

    I would love to have these to try too ! They look so soft and luxurious. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts with us.

  134. I would love to try these out . I’ve purchased so many sheets and pillows in the past and it’s very hard to find good quality with a good price point .

  135. I am a bedding snob and most bargain bedding ends up tossed in no time. I’d love to try the Vero linens. Also, I love the color of your bedroom walls, what is it?

  136. Kristen Meindertsma

    Haha…I was just complaining about our winter sheets and have been wondering what to do. So yes please….I’ll take a king set!!! ?

  137. Thank you for sharing Vero linens with us! So good to know I can purchase quality linens directly from the source! Yay!

  138. Christy Hostert

    I would looooove to win a set of these beautiful luxury linens ??☺️ Thank you for your incredibly helpful review and please share the name of that beautiful color in your room?

  139. These sheets look beautiful….I’ve been looking for new bed linens. Thanks Maria for sharing this information!

  140. I LOLd at your “own private summer”! love your bedroom! These linens sound wonderful!

  141. Marilyn Stirrett

    Winning this set would be just in time. I’m needing to replace my king size sheet set

  142. The perfect sheets are not easy to find. I’d love to try these! Cute pj’s too Maria!

  143. There is nothing better than slipping between luxurious, quality sheets. And I love your choice of all white with just a hint of colour.

  144. I just returned from a trip and the bed felt like a cloud. I can never seem to get that feeling at home. These sheets are probably the answer I was looking for.

  145. I often travel with my pillow. So glad to see I’m not the only one. lol

    The linens look so wonderful!

  146. Pick me! As a high school teacher, I never seem to sleep well – it would be so glorious to own beautiful Italian bedding and get a good night’s rest!

  147. Oh Maria, how wonderful they look, I can only imagine how great they will feel!
    So kind of you to offer this opportunity to us. Your room looks like a haven!
    Enjoy your comfy bed! Would love to experience them also!

  148. I would love to win these sheets. I am never able to avoid good linens so this would be a real treat.

  149. Slipping into bed and feeling your body relax is such a pleasure at the end of the day. I would love to try high end sheets and see how much more enjoyable it could be! Thank you for the recommendation!

  150. The Vero Linens website is packed full of info I have been wanting to upgrade our bedding but did not know where to start. Thanks for another super helpful post

  151. Maria, These sheets sound amazing! I have never owned a set of really nice sheets so I think it’s high time I stop depriving myself!

  152. The pictures are beautiful! Thanks for the introduction and the offer. New sheets and a perfect pillow are definitely on my wish list!

  153. Quality sleep is so important to your health. Quality sheets absolutely are essential to quality sleep.

  154. I would love to try some high end sheets! Until then Kirkland signature ones will have to do! ?

  155. I absolutely love bed linens & luxury to boot! I will definitely check Vero Linen’s website.
    Thank you Maria for the opportunity!

  156. Christine Zimmermann

    Great timing! I just got a king sized bed and am in the need of new bedding. I’ll check them out!

  157. There’s nothing like great hotel bedding. That bedding really completes the escape . . .

  158. Lauchlan Nelson

    Sent this article to my daughter. She is very picky about her bed linens. If she doesn’t already know about Vero Linens she will now.
    Thanks Maria!

  159. Fingers crossed that I am the lucky winner. I have dreamed about luxury Italian sheets for sooooo long…. have just never been able to pull the trigger to treat myself. I wonder if this could be the answer to my sleep issues??

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  161. I appreciate soft sheets especially because I am a highly sensitive person. Pure luxury!

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  165. Ms. Dale Berman

    I wow they sound so very comfortable. I’ve been having a terrible time trying to purchase quality sheets, I would certainly appreciate and be grateful for a set for my queen bed in our new home.

  166. Your description of these linens reminds me of the sheets I enjoyed in childhood. My parents received wonderful bedlinens when they married in the late 40s and I have never found any to rival them. Perhaps Vero’s long staple cotton will

  167. You are right. Experiencing high end sheets at the occasional hotel is wonderful and I’d love to have that every night.

  168. Mary from Virginia

    I can’t imagine being lucky enough to win a set of high end sheets. They sound wonderful! Thank you the opportunity to possibly win.

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    Oh my gosh, you’re pictures are so amazing! And I love hearing about how fabulous the sheets are, Maria. Thanks for sharing!

  173. I love, love, love soft, crisp quality sheets, and they are so hard to find on-line because I want to feel and touch the fabric. And then once I try them out, I know that, Yes, these are the ones! Your recommendation means a lot, and so does a good night’s sleep. I think that these are going on my Christmas list!

  174. Love your site. Just found it a week or so ago and have been working my way through your posts, learning tons as I go. Just got king bed to share with my granddaughter and the linens would be so perfect as we are now using Goodwill second hand bedding.

  175. Heaven is having beautiful, comfortable bedding and these sound like they are perfectly wonderful! I’m going to their website to see what other goodies they have. Thank you Maria for sharing this information on something I love. Fantastic sheets for sweet dreams and a great night’s rest!


  176. There is just something decadent and sensual about luxury bedding! Imagine experiencing that feeling every night! Maria, It is very kind of you share that with one lucky winner!

  177. We just bought my daughter new sheets and duvet for her birthday. We adore soft bedding. It really improves sleep! I told her it’s necessary luxury . It sounds like Vero linens are lush. Beautiful!

  178. Love finding out about great companies. Thanks for partnering with them and letting us know about them!

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    Thank you for sharing!

  181. your redo of your athroom was magic, I love how it relates to the bedroom especially when you look from one room to the other. Job well done and beautiful. June

  182. I would like to have some of these wonderful sheets they certainly make your room more beautiful and comfortable looking. Love the flow of the 2 rooms, so pretty with the blue and peach. June

  183. Thank you so much for telling us about these sheets. You certainly make them look luxuriously comfortable. Maybe l could sleep better with these sheets during my own private summer that has lasted for far too many seasons.???

  184. You can see the quality in the sheen, not shiny, rich and lush. I’d love to win them!

  185. Andree St. Julien Foster

    I inherited a Rosewood antique bed from the 1860’s.These sheets would look fabulous on it and my cats would be in heaven.

  186. I have been looking into getting some high quality bed linens. I would love to win the drawing! I always feel hesitant to pull the trigger on purchasing them because user reviews can be so inconsistent and that is a lot of money to spend on sheets that end up disappointing. But these sound like they may be the ones to buy! ?

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    I have been searching for a set of high quality sheets as a gift to myself this Christmas. Thank you. You helped me find them!

  190. I have been disappointed with every set of sheets purchased for our beds in the last 20 years. The Olivia bed sheets sound incredibly luxurious! Thank you for the opportunity to win a set, Maria. I also recently purchased a summer duvet as well, since we’re hot sleepers.

  191. I love your blogs. I have been looking for some better quality sheets. Looks like heaven. Thanks
    I would love a chance to win!

  192. I am the princess and the pea in terms of comfort, particularly bed comfort. These sound so wonderful. Thank you for this opportunity Maria!

  193. How did you know I needed new luxury sheets? This post was perfect timing for me!
    I have been upgrading my bedding and am sleeping much better. It really does make a difference.
    Hope I win a new pair of Vero sheets!

  194. They look amazing! And based on your experience, they seem like they’d create a wonderful night’s rest. Thank you for telling your readers about them!

  195. I have bookmarked their website and signed up for their newsletter, so that these beautiful offerings won’t fall off my radar screen! I cannot believe their better-than-reasonable prices!! Thank you for calling this manufacturer to our attention! And thank you for your detailed review and strong recommendation. How generous of Vero Linens to give away a complete set of these luxurious sheets to one of your readers! I’d be thrilled to win!

  196. I have horrible sheets and these sound so amazing. I’ve had 10 surgeries in 13 months and know how bad bedding can make sleep, and even staying in bed difficult. Oh, how I would love to win some nice sheets!

  197. Yashira Frederick

    Your timing couldn’t be more perfect! I’ve been agonizing for weeks over what brand of luxury sheets to get. Thank you!

  198. The Vero linens look beautiful and sound like a dream to sleep in! Thanks so much for the opportunity to win!

  199. Having worked at Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts for most of my career, I can certainly attest to the getting a perfect night’s sleep with the best beds and linens!

  200. Annika Laflamme

    Looking forward to checking out Vero Linens. The health benefits from a good night’s sleep make this bedding worth every penny. Let us know how the sheets wash up. Nothing worse than sheets that ball up or ones that you must iron before putting them back on your bed. You look like you had an especially good time at this photo shoot. Glad you had some magic fairy dust come your way.

  201. I love, love comfortable sheets and pillows! And a duvet that is just right is hard to find. I’m definitely visiting the Vero Linens site!

  202. These sound heavenly. It is so hard to find a crisp, cool, smooth, and soft sheet. I am hopeful that these will be perfect.

  203. Hi Maria,
    I’ll take your word for how great your sheets are. I had to laugh because I get annoyed if a new cover doesn’t fit my duvet properly. And I’m a big fan of having separate summer and winter duvets.
    Thanks for including me in the draw.

  204. Look at all the comments! Free does it everytime. The sheets sound wonderfull and so does the pillow. I have one set of sheets that are so old I’ve washed and worn them soooo smooth I love
    them! I’m wondering how the Vero linens feel compared to them? I might never get a chance to find
    out due to the price so I’ll enter the drawing and hope for a chance to win. The pictures look great!!
    You made sheets really look fun! fun post!!

  205. Crisp sheets are difficult to find. Thanks for the information on these. It would be remarkable if I won this drawing, but now I know where to find them!

  206. I have always wanted to try high end sheets, but it just hasn’t been in the budget. While duvets are what people see, the sheets are what you actually feel, and I was told by a high end retailer that’s where you should spend your money if you can’t buy both. I’d love to test out that theory!

  207. These sheets look like a perfect addition to my bedroom! Thank you for giving us a virtual tour of bedding luxury.

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  209. A good lightweight summer duvet is not all that easy to find. This bedding looks amazing! I too, like the idea of “soft and crisp” and how that would feel………mmmmmm.

  210. I’m always on the hunt for the perfect sheet! These sound divine!
    Thank you for this great opportunity to give Vero Linens a try!

  211. Your bedroom is a dream come true. There was a famous lady in Savannah, that rumor has it, she entertained from her bed only – socially not sexually. Just think if she had these sheets.

  212. They look like you are sleeping on a cloud. I think I will love these sheets as an early Christmas gift.

  213. Maria, Your description of the sheets allows me to imagine myself wrapped up in their luxury, but you sold me with a duvet that fills the cover!!

  214. Sleep is so important and having a perfect setting is equally a probity. We do spend a lot of time in dreamland and having a cloud to sleep in is a dream come true.
    Thank you…Great giveaway!

  215. Cyntia Chamberland

    Aaah those looks so comfortable!!
    Thank you for the review and the great opportunity to win a set ❤️

  216. You’ve convinced me.This bedding looks dreamy. If I don’t win, I’ll need to treat myself!

  217. I just purchased a set of
    Ralph Lauren pillow cases only because they were on sale, always looking for sheets of high quality and these look like a winner. Over 30 years ago I went to Sicily with my husband (now my ex) so he could visit his relatives. We traveled to their small town in the middle of the country and stayed overnight. In the morning I commented on how lovely the bedding was, as the flat sheet had some embroidery which looked handmade. I was given them as a gift immediately, and left with them. One of my most lovely memories, and your post sparked it, Thank you.

  218. These sheets sound fabulous!
    We seem to be on a continuous quest for sheets….& never seem to come home with the right ones….sounds like Veron Linens, May be our answer!
    Thanks Maria

  219. Martha Stanton-Smith

    I would like to enter the linens giveaway. Love your blog and have been reading for years.

  220. This is an amazing idea! I’d love to win these sheets. I’ve decorated my bedroom over the past few years from reading your blog and this would be the perfect crowning touch!

  221. I have never treated myself to good sheets (gasp)! I could never justify the price for myself. I know they are worth it! Just a mind over matter thing!

  222. You’re the bravest woman I know. Only you have the courage to model in your PJ’s! And look good doing it. I would love to have those sheets, but not brave enough to model in my jammies.

  223. These sheets look so soft & comfy! Made in Italy too, the quality must be absolutely amazing!

  224. Just got a new mattress and it is screaming for a set of wonderfully decadent sheets!!! Wouldn’t it be lovely??

  225. My grandmother (who is Italian) always insisted on never compromising on good bedding and sheets. Now I know why.

  226. Christine Mueller

    These sheets would be great for a restless sleeper, no drag on PJs and sheets. Would love to be a winner!

  227. It’s a “win-win” for everyone because they cut out the middleman and pass along a great value with a superb sheet! I like that they are soft and silky and yet crisp! Perfect combo!! Thanks, Maria for sharing a great product! Kim

  228. I am so glad you did a review on Vero Linens I have been wanting a set. Now I am definitely saving up to get one.

  229. We are shopping for sheets right now! Thank you Vero Linens for the give away! And thank you Maria for looping (no pun intended) us in! 🙂

  230. I think more doctors ought to ask what kind of bedding we sleep on as I think people aren’t picky enough about the quality of bedding and mattresses!

  231. Marcia P Ramsey


    I’m so excited to see luxury sheets at a price that doesn’t break the bank!

    Marci Ramsey

  232. Our house is on the market so I bought an extra set of sheets to always have a clean set ready for showings – but the ones I bought are awful! They are 100% cotton but feel like a burlap sac! I was hoping they’d soften up after a few washings – but, no such luck. The top sheet is too short for our King size mattress and the fitted sheet – it’s not deep enough. Ugh. Definitely could use a new set of these awesome Vero sheets…

  233. Your bedroom is lovely and so inviting. I would love to sleep on those dreamy sheets

  234. More and more I realize the need for good sleep habits in order to function at our best! I think I need to make a habit of not only reading and rereading Maria’s blog, but also a habit of sleeping on Vero Linens!
    So, on Christmas Eve after I have decorated the house and wrapped all the presents I’ll be able to go to bed made up with Vero Linens and say…Merry Christmas to all! And to all
    a Good Night.

    “Merrry Christmas to all…and to all a Good Night!

  235. Christine VanSant

    Personal (and perpetual!) summer going on here too! Would love to give these a try!

  236. Thought I was sharing something new with my mom because she owns a pair of linen sheets but I wasn’t. She already knew about this company. Anyway, I look forward to purchasing a set of these sheets so that I can recreate that hotel feeling that I absolutely love when I travel. Thanks for sharing!

  237. Maria that was such a fun blog post! The sheets look luxurious and I bet there are great to sleep in. Who doesn’t want to enter the contest:) Even though I’ve seen your master before I was just beautiful to see again. It inspired me to use the 4 sconces I have. Lovely room and you look good in your pj”s too:)

  238. Omg, Your bedroom is so strange and luxurious Maria! Can you please share your paint Color? The bedding really takes it to the next level!

  239. I bought one set of sheets and pillow cases several years ago from Vero Linens. Everything Maria said about them is true and they only improve with time. Not inexpensive but well worth it.

  240. Robbie Hutchins

    I’m absolutely looking for the ultimate bedding and you definitely describe Vero Linens to fit the bill. I’m heading over to investigate further now. I also have to say Macy Yap Photography totally nailed it with these photos ????

  241. I’m having my own summer party too lol, that duvet sounds perfect! Glad to know it’s long enough for the duvet cover (why do other manufacturers make it too short?!)
    Thanks for sharing, hadn’t heard of this line.

  242. I just came to your site to see what color your duvet cover is…we need one, and the color options are overwhelming me!

  243. I love the idea of linens that are super smooth without being slippery or slick like satin.

  244. Thank you for this post. It seems when I buy new bedding, disappointment is more common then finding all my socks between the sheets the bottom of the bed. How great it would be to crawl into bed surrounded by satisfaction.

  245. Beautiful bedroom with a very peaceful color scheme. Luxury sheets would be the crowning touch to a wonderful night’s sleep.Would love to add a new set to our bedroom.

  246. Thanks Maria for giving your input on these comfy Linens. Great comfortable Linens are vital to a good night sleep. I have a vacation rental and one thing guests seek out are luxurious Linens.

  247. It’s true that sometimes sheets in places you travel are so much better than the ones at home, making you realize what you’re missing. The fact that they are less expensive than similar ones due to the direct sales is a big plus, as sometimes it’s just hard to justify the cost for sheets, even if you spend a lot of your life in them.

  248. Wow! I’m impressed by Vero Linens – so glad to have them on my radar now. Luxurious sheets are the best!

  249. This bedding sounds heavenly! It’s going straight on my Christmas wish list for the hubs this year! ????
    The most important question though, do you know the paint color for your walls? It’s flipping gorgeous!! Would love to put it in my house!!

  250. These sheets look heavenly and so beyond comfortable! I would be able to sleep for days!

  251. Michael Perkins

    Our 2 German Shepherds just shredded one of out 2 Cali King sets, looks like we are in the market for a more affordable set.

  252. Bilger Susan Scribner

    Wow you sell for approximately 60% less by selling directly to consumers. What a savings. And I would love to try these sheets out. I got new mattress and box springs and my current sheets don’t quite fit. But buying from a store queen sheet sets are so expensive even the cheap ones cost to much

  253. I just moved into a new house Monday and the beautiful Vero linens would be the finishing touch in my new bedroom!

  254. I’ve never owned a great sheet set, all of mine are just ok. This would be so great to win!

  255. The perfect pillow is so hard to find … Glad you found yours Maria! I agree that good linens do make you sleep better and make you grateful for having a lovely, safe and warm home.

  256. I know they’re expensive and would never order them myself, but if I like these sheets I’ll need to buy the comforter or extra pillow cases. My husband gets hot under sheets. I will be interested if they breathe. Thanks Maria

  257. Wow! We do need new sheets! I would very much love to win a set! They look so beautiful!! Love the blog! I

  258. You could rent that room out and I’d be one the first in line. It made me drowsy just looking at it.

  259. Thanks very much for introducing me to Vero. I love satin sheets, but do not like it when they slide around. Vero sheets look like the perfect solution. I am also impressed that they have multiple products available and at reasonable prices. Thanks to your sponsor for the awesome giveaway opportunity.

  260. Michelle Tucker

    These look and sound so luxurious. It’d feel wonderful to slip between these sheets.

  261. OMG this looks sooo comfy! I just closed on my new home and after all the stresses of moving, I just want to dive in this bed…

  262. JoAnne Aucremanne

    Thanks for the great article – I hadn’t heard of Vero Linens but I’ll definitely check them out now. And of course my bedroom will instantly look like your gorgeous bedroom! I can’t wait 🙂

  263. I had the privilege of experiencing luxury linens once at The Broadmoor Hotel. Honestly, I wanted to stay in bed just to enjoy the linens. If Vero Linens are of that caliber, what a treat to experience such luxury. Maria has never let us down with her endorsements, so I am sure Vero is fabulous. Will check them out.

  264. The timing of this is so coincidental. I have been on the hunt for pillows, sheets, down comforter, etc. Due to health issues, I spend a lot of time in bed. Comfort has always been key, but is even more so now, so I am off to check into Vero Linens.

  265. Thanks for your genuine comments. Need to buy a new comforter and your endorsement really helps. Might try the sheets too.

  266. Roberta Thompson

    These sound great. I’ve had a hard time finding sheets I like. Buying them always seems like a crap shoot. And your bedroom is lovely btw.

  267. Maria,
    I know you do not take speaking about, or endorsing a product lightly, so your excitement over Vero Linens has certainly peaked my interest!!! Thank you for sharing!
    Mary Norris

  268. After reading your descriptions of everything I now have an uncontrollable urge to go take a nap! Everything sounds so comfy and relaxing! Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

  269. these would cost to much for me to buy but they do look wonderful! oh and thats a beautiful bedroom!

  270. Beautiful. I love good linen, cozy bedding means restful sleep. Luxury and quality.

  271. Christina McLellan

    The description of the Vero Linens sounds sensational! I would love to have a set!

  272. Love the way good linens feel at hotels and always wanted to recreate the experience at home with the same luxury and quality that they use. Love your bedroom

  273. I would love to feel like I’m sleeping in luxury every night. I am in need of new sheets.

  274. I would love to try these sheets. I know when I sleep in quality bed linen, I sleep heavenly. Thank you for this review and for the chance at this giveaway!

  275. You bedroom is so lovely and restful! Buying sheets is one of the most difficult furnishing decisions as thread count and fiber can be so confusing. My last purchase, although not uncomfortable, did not have the quality I’d hoped I was buying.

  276. This giveaway is awesome!
    I can not even remember the last time I had new sheets!
    I bet with sheets like that you could get a full night of rest.
    I deliver 10 different newspapers every night so its rare i get any sleep and when i do I always toss and turn.
    Thank you for the chance and good luck to everyone 🙂

  277. Quality awesome
    Luxury Italian Bed Linens looking super

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