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Shopping with Angie at You Look Fab

By 10/09/2010January 23rd, 201739 Comments

I am frugal. I know, you may not have realized that from reading my blog but truly, I hate to waste money. For years, my wardrobe consisted primarily of white, black, brown and cream with the occasional spot of colour thrown in because I thought that was the most classic way to dress. Then I started this blog, and suddenly colour became a huge part of my image and I found myself struggling with how much colour to buy and how to wear it, etc.

Angie and I met this summer the week I was moving! Read her post here.

As a consultant myself, I truly believe that if you find the right expert, you will save money or make money depending on what kind of consultant you need. And love what you end up with, whether it’s your clothes, colours, furniture, tile, house, business, the list goes on.

She was in town for a wedding, this was outfit number one!

What bothers me the most about clothes shopping is that I pretty much end up wearing only 20% of what I buy 80% of the time. So I decided if I add up all the mistakes I make each season buying the wrong items, sometimes in the wrong size (I didn’t know that premium denim does NOT stretch), or simply clothes that aren’t me, that money easily pays for a fashion stylist. So, the following is the story of my shopping day with Angie at You Look Fab.

I’ve been following Angie’s blog since the Spring when I was first introduced to it. I instantly fell in love with her style, her personality, and all her amazing advice which landed in my in-box every morning. A daily subscription to You Look Fab is certainly the first step in becoming more fashionable.

We met for lunch on Sunday for a quick wardrobe review (I’m a bit star-struck here, being a huge fan). I had taken pictures with my iphone of my shoes, jackets, bags, etc (since we were doing this long distance). Angie asked me to bring a Pashmina scarf because I told her I have a boatload of scarves and needed to figure out what to do with them. She said the problem with most scarves is that they are too small and/or skinny. That was my first of many lessons I learned.

Then she said “Do you like fringe?” For someone that ALWAYS has an instant opinion on all things design and colour related I found myself stuck for an answer. It either comes with a scarf or it doesn’t–doesn’t it? Apparently fringe is more bohemian (which I’m not) and Angie says she cuts it off (just make sure you leave 1/4 of an inch).

We then discussed my denim situation and Angie decided we should get a few basics before we started the full shopping day on Monday.

First stop, camisoles. A great layering piece (who knew?) I bought 2 white, 2 black, 1 cream, 1 pink and 1 coral. Angie said I could get more of my colours in the Spring. She said to wear one the next day when we went shopping. In general you can wear a colour peeking out from the bottom of a sweater or underneath a shirt (for example) and are also a great layering piece if you are a cold person—which I am.

Next stop, premium denim. Within approximately 8 minutes, I had already tried them on and owned a fabulous pair of boot cuts (when was the last time you bought a perfect pair of jeans in under 10 minutes?). And we were on to the next department. Shoes. . .

Here we debated the colour of these cute oxfords and I ended up with the black and white ones. Next a quick trip to the Gap for skinny jeans. . .

This fitting room looks just fine.
Here I am testing out the Forever skinnies. This pair I bought!
Here, worried that my size is not available in the straight skinnies, but I’m in luck.
Angie got me on the stool for a ‘sit test’. Gaps Bootcut jeans were also fabulous but Angie (the voice of reason) said I already had one new pair from Nordstrom so I most likely did not need two.
She said the Bebe jeans I was wearing with the studded back pockets were *gasp* OUT, because we are layering now so they add too much bulk.
At the cash desk, clutching my two pairs, one (real skinny) to tuck into boots and the other with regular shoes! The shoes I’m wearing I’ve had for 5 years because I couldn’t find a more comfortable pair. That all changed on this trip!
Day one, my new shoes (boots) are considerably cuter than the day before, and look at Angie with her adorable black and white polka dot scarf, black and white bag and fabulous over-the-knee boots (I ended up with the same ones).
Day two, Here I’m wearing my new skinny jeans, chestnut boots (from Macys), new yellow bag (love) polka dot blouse with a new necklace and scarf. Angie says pattern mixing is totally cool and it’s more edgy to mix up colours and not be so fussed with matching everything. Since I’m Ms. Undertones-need-to-relate, this is all new for me. I just loved Angie’s outfit, look at that hose!
Angie is great fun, easy to be with and such a professional. This (see how she’s leaning on the shirt?) is how you know you should probably try it on 🙂 I wanted to buy a skirt we saw in one store but Angie wouldn’t let me because we didn’t have the matching top. Angie makes sure you don’t end up with any orphans!
Here we are back in the shoe department.
I still needed black boots and had not found comfortable ones at that point. Angie does not believe in buying sitting shoes! When we got to Ann Taylor Loft, we struck the jackpot with some great colours in layering sweaters and 2 fabulous scarves.
When Angie said “try it on”, I just stood at the table (the store was empty) and took off my leather jacket, then my scarf and necklace, and then when I got to the shirt, the security guard (who was standing a few feet from me) casually walked away. . . I think he was convinced I was about to strip. Wearing a camisole (like this black one below) makes trying on tops so easy, you don’t have to run to the fitting room every 5 minutes.
I really loved this navy, purple and turquoise scarf. Turquoise is my colour.
I never would have found Angie without her blog. And reading it convinced me that she would be the perfect consultant for me. Here’s how you know you should hire a fashion stylist (not just for the stars people!):
1. You’d like to LOVE all your clothes, not just 20% – 50% of them.
2. The orphans (wasted money) sitting in your closet bother you and would be better spent on a stylist.
3. You don’t have time! Angie says she works with lots of women who have 8 hours every fall and spring and that’s it!
If you can’t get to Seattle to shop with Angie, check-out her on-line store. Everything is hand-picked and tested by Angie herself! Thanks Angie for such a wonderful 2 days!

If you would like your home to fill you with happiness every time you walk in, contact me for on-line or in-person decorating and colour.

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  • Abby and Her Boys says:

    Your chestnut boots are to die for…You have officially convinced me to go for the skinny jeans & boots combo. This is one of my favorite posts ever. Good for you in taking charge of your wardrobe and hiring an expert. Abby

  • annie @ PlumSiena says:

    I can already tell you that this post will be one of your most popular.

    I will be referring back to it often until I get my own wardrobe in order!


  • Grace @ Sense and Simplicity says:

    What fun – I felt like I got to tag along. I loved your new threads, especially your brown boots with the jeans tucked in and the navy top and scarf in the last photo. You did a great job of leading us step-by-step through the process.

  • Karena says:

    Maria you look great and as I speak am cleaning out my closet!!

    What a great servide Angie provides!!

    Art by Karena

  • Maya @ Completely Coastal says:

    I so admire Angie's gusto for patterns and colors. I'm so black, white and beige and frugal as well. You look awesome in your new skinny jeans, boots, etc. outfit! It's tempting to hire a stylist! But then again, I work from home and don't go out much…, will see.

  • Lauren @ with two cats says:

    You look…well, fab! Looove the skinny jeans and boots. Where are the brown boots from?

  • Cindy says:

    Wow what fun! Looks like you really accomplished a lot!
    Love the camisole tip. I have three very thin ribbed tanks that I love, great for layering. You and Angie have convinced me to go out and get more!
    I wasn't sold on the skinny jeans until I saw you wearing them with the boots! Love it! Even though I live in Florida I think I'm doing that look this year:)
    Thanks for all the great tips! Fabulous post!

  • Kristen says:

    What a great post; I am a long-time reader of Angie's blog, and I actually started reading yours after she linked to it. But in all this time I've never seen a description of what it is like to have her style someone in such wonderful detail. I really felt like I was there with you. Thank you!

  • Julianne says:

    Really love this post, as I do the same thing, wear 20% 80%. I keep trying to do better. This was a lot of fun to read. I also love the chestnut boots. What brand are they?

  • Vicki says:

    Angie is exactly who I need. I hate clothes shopping and wonder how can I love interiors and design and still can't be bothered with what I wear?! Thanks for the intro, I'll follow Angie's blog!

  • pve design says:

    Angie certainly makes shopping look more colorful!
    I love that she "hand-picks" and tests things that she touts.

  • carissa says:

    Awesome for you, Maria! The increased comfort and confidence will make all your days better. And the pictures are so effective at telling the story.

  • It's amazing how you can get every post to relate to color!! I am so jealous of your trip I could die. I am a regular reader of hers, but I never seem to take it through to buying myself new stuff — how fantastic for you that you actually hired her and did it! You look GORGEOUS in everything! 🙂

  • Design Elements says:

    Maria, you look gorgeous! I especially like the pink scarfs. btw Maria, THANK YOU for your post "10 Tips that will take your Home Design Blog to the Next Level". I've spent weeks reading books about blogging. Then I found your tips. They are great! Excellent advice! Happy weekend!


  • Anonymous says:

    I found your blog through Angie's site when she did that wedding post. I have become a devotee and I wish I could hire both of you! Congratulations on your successful shopping trip. You look fab!

  • Maria Killam says:

    Hi Lauren,
    The Chestnut boots were from Macys!
    Thanks for your comment!

  • Splendid Sass says:

    Sounds like you had a great day! You look great in your new duds!
    Headed over to her blog now.
    Thank you for sharing.

  • DesignTies says:

    Clothes shopping is just about my LEAST favourite thing to do. I think it would be a lot more fun if I have an Angie to shop with!!

    Thanks for sharing your shopping experience with Angie and passing along her tips 🙂


  • Julie says:

    You look great! Can tell me the brand/where you purchased the yellow bag & the over-the-knee boots? Love them!

  • Tara Z. says:

    Hi Maria! I'm a long-time reader of Angie's, and this is such a wonderful article. The pictures are fabulous – I can see you come alive, starting from the first picture where you're in black and white, ending at the final one where you're in amazing color. And the styles are great, too – very current but not at all trendy! What a wonderful experience you had. As amazing and wonderful as Angie is, YOU had to take the plunge and commit to changing, which I find very inspirational. Thanks for sharing this!

  • Susan @ sweetimaginations says:

    What a great post! I've been a fan of your blog for awhile now and can now add Angie's to my list. I feel a bit lost when it comes to fashion because at my age (mid-40s) clothing seems either too young or too old. I want to be fun and fashionable, but not silly. Sometimes there is a very fine line at this age! Thanks for sharing!

  • SWhit says:

    Great post! I am also digging the chestnut boots. I tried to find them on the Macy's website. Is the brand Franco Sarto? Loved this post!

  • This Mid 30s Life says:

    Found this blog via You Look Fab and what a find!

    As someone who just bought a skirt too small thinking I'll shrink to fit it, I'm now on the lookout for helpful fashion blogs and am so excited all this help.

    My wardrobe is mostly black with some whites and neutrals, and the odd bit of blue. I'm trying to steer clear of black but knowing what colours to buy and wear are a bit beyond me.

    But that will all change soon. How exciting, it's like a makeover!!

  • This Mid 30s Life says:

    Oh and I meant to say – I LURVE boots over skinny jeans, but does anyone else find long boots hard to buy?

    I must have really thick calves. When I try long boots while shopping I tend to give up b/c the effort it takes to get them over my ankles is bordering on public humiliation.

  • Francine Gardner says:

    Such a fun post to read. i used to be a buyer for Nordstrom!! and spent so much time organizing our top client's closets, shopping for them….It would be very nice to have someone do that for me now…I have very little free time and am a fast shopper….too fast sometimes and costly mistakes.

  • Nicole Hough says:

    You DO look fab! What make are the chestnut boots and the over the knee boots – LOVE THEM! You're inspiring me to do a closet evaluation.

  • barbara@hodge:podge says:

    I am with everyone else – LOVE the chestnut boots. Loving the new look Maria! How exciting to have a personal shopper and consultant for the day. It is true, sometimes we neglect ourselves!

    I have yet to find a pair of skinny jeans that don't make me look like a polish sausage – I guess the trick is to wear something long. Love the tips!

  • Meredith says:

    Glad you had a great day shopping with, Angie!!

    I'm also glad she introduced me to your blog!

  • Anonymous says:

    Wonderful outing with Angie – What is that wonderful yellow bag that you bought?

  • Roberta says:

    This was fun Maria! Yours and Angie's blogs are my daily favorites! Tell us please, where did you and Angie find those fabulous over the knee black boots?

  • Lady says:

    I love your new look. You look very YOU and everything fits superbly!

    I foudn you thru YLF, it has done wonders for my closet and style as well, 🙂

  • Fuji says:

    You look stunning – what a fantastic shopping adventure! Angie is truly fab at what she does.

  • Donna says:

    Maria, You are too funny! You made me laugh out loud (maybe too loudly?) when you told the story about the security guard who bolted. I'll have to read this to my fashion consultant, Rebekah. She'll love it. How do teenagers know so much about fashion? Rebekah pushed me towards the camisoles last year, and slinky black knit jackets and layering. The only thing she does wrong is the lack of coloring. She's even more conservative than I am.

    Looks like you had a great time and that it was worth every minute.

    I've got a few too many orphans from bargain shopping. It's cheap, so I buy it and then regret it. It's worth taking your time and buying more carefully. A fashion consultant makes a lot of sense.

    Donna @ Comin' Home

  • Christina Rodriguez | The Diva's Home says:

    How much fun was that!? I never thought of cutting off the fringe on my pashminas. Does it look weird with just a little left? I agree with her on not buying 'sitting shoes'. I had a pair that I didn't try on for long enough. I started crying after 10 minutes when I tried to wear them later! I had to run in and buy new shoes!

  • Inge says:

    Hi Maria,

    I just finished reading Angie's post on your shopping adventures and couldn't wait to read your take on it. I've been lucky enough to experience Angie's fashion expertise first-hand and she is absolutely brilliant at it, isn't she. I really, really loved reading more about the whole process here, from the evaluating your current wardrobe stage to seeing which gorgeous pieces you ended up with.

    Sounds like you two had a blast, and you're both so photogenic, love it!
    I am swooning over all your finds here and have to say you look amazing in both black & white and brighter colours. Enjoy all your fab purchases and thank you again for sharing your day with us!

  • traci zeller designs says:

    I'm so envious!! I need to get to Seattle so I can shop with Angie!! Can't wait to see all of your new looks!

  • traci zeller designs says:

    Oh, and your day 2 outfit is AWESOME!!!

  • Struggler says:

    I love your Loft purchases. I'm off to check out Angie's store!

  • click says:

    When I at first commented I clicked on the Notify me whenever new comments are added checkbox and now each time a comment is added I get 4 emails with the identical comment.

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