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Photo Shoot Preparations

By 11/28/2013February 24th, 201722 Comments

My photographer came today to shoot my house, now that I finally made a decision on my drapes and they have been installed–I’ll give you a hint, they’re HOT PINK–so Tuesday I drove into the city to buy flowers and Elizabeth came with me. Here’s where we went:

12:20 pm

We arrive in Vancouver and it’s time for lunch.

Prepping for my Photo Shoot

We go to Granville Island because Elizabeth was craving Falafels and we thought we’d find them here.

Photo shoot preparations

We didn’t find Falafels so we ended up with a bowl of broccoli, cauliflower, and squash with creamy garlic sauce at Fraser valley Juice and Salad. It’s our go-to place for lunch here usually.

Photo Shoot Preparations

12:50 pm. 

Mint Interiors is nearby and it’s where I bought my chandelier so we stop in to replace a strand that was broken in the box. They kindly allow me to just take it off their floor model. I was very happy that I didn’t have to wait for a replacement especially considering my house was being photographed.

Here’s a vignette in their store. What’s the undertone of the beige sofa my lovelies? Gotta keep you on your toes!


pottery barn lamp

1:16 pm.

We arrive at the Pottery Barn where I need to buy an Edison light bulb for my new favourite lamp (above) I recently purchased for my family room. I love it so much, I specified it twice for clients, here and here.

Photo Shoot Preparations

I wanted Elizabeth to buy the jingle pillow for her house but unfortunately, it was sold out in the store.

Preparing for my Photo Shoot

1:30 pm

We arrive at one of my favourite flower shops in Kitsilano.  Here I bought white hydrangeas, hot pink roses, orange tulips, and white begonias.

Photo Shoot Preparations

1:55 pm

Next we drive down Broadway to another flower shop which is very close to a place that used to be our favourite haunt for Sushi. Elizabeth and I always have the same thing. Avocado and Yam Tempura rolls.  She decided just plain vegetables was not enough for lunch.

I think they have new owners because the colours have changed. A murky Red & Black, so bad that we left as soon as we finished our Sushi.

Seriously, we were both so bothered by the colours. If only more people understood how powerful a bad or good colour combination can be, especially in a retail environment.

Photo Shoot Preparations

Image source

2:22 pm 

We stop at two more places for flowers and head home, after a stop at the new Whole Foods on Cambie st. Elizabeth buys Bill’s favourite cookies here.

We were very impressed by the living wall.

Photo Shoot Preparations

And here’s Tracey Ayton in my kitchen today. It was beautifully styled but this picture didn’t capture any of it. Here’s Tracy’s instagram shot of the pink roses in my living room to go with my hot pink drapes.

I actually got moved to tears at one point today because the pictures she took were so beautiful. I have worked so hard on this house for the past 18 months it was really great to see it from a professional photographers eye.

Sigh, I have so much to learn about photography. I wish I could take the time to learn it.

She’s coming right back to my house two weeks from today to photograph it again for Christmas, that’s what I’m doing this weekend. Pulling out holiday boxes from my storage shed!

When she left at 3:00 pm this afternoon I actually napped for an hour I was so tired. For your information, styling is a lot of work 😉

I can’t wait for you to see them!

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  • Oh my goodness, I can’t wait to see it Maria. Tracey is absolutely fabulous! I hired her last week. Staging is so much work! I’m just not a stager, I need to hire you to do that Maria!
    I know the photos will be fabulous!

  • Maria, I can’t wait to see your house too! (Especially the drapes!)

  • megeranski says:

    LOL Loved how you inserted “what color is the undertone on the sofa”. I admit I had not noticed, but did go back and look.

    The screen on my laptop says pink beige.

    Looking forward to the photo shoot pix!

    • Jane W. says:

      Okay, I’m going out on a limb and guess yellow undertones, because it matches the rug which looks yellowy. If it had a pink undertone, then they would clash.

      Hot pink and yellow, I’m a colour convert, so I think Maria will make it work!

  • Lorrin says:

    Looks like a pinky beige to me. I LOVE the lamp from PB. I think I may have to make a stop there today! Can’t wait to see the results from your photo shoot!

  • SandyCGC says:

    Looks as though you and Elizabeth had a wonderful day with just the right amount of purposeful mission and just ‘tooling around”. I miss those days – used to have them with by late best friend in Houston, TX. Sun City West, AZ, even Phoenix or Scottsdale doesn’t quite have the same atmosphere.

    I see a pinky beige couch which I would leave in the store but I’ll take al the perfect green accents.

    Will have to check out that lamp for the perfect reading chair to come in my guest bedroom.

    So eager to see the photos of your home! Where did the hot pink come from?

  • Paula Van Hoogen says:

    Leave it to you, Maria to pair hot pink drapes with your yellow couch—see you really do have a tropical fantasy! Your relationship with your sister is wonderful! Always wanted a sister….so I used to paint my baby brother finger nails & toes! He didn’t mind at all….haha! You are sooo good at creating anticipation to see your new photos…..have fun today decorating for Christmas….I’ll follow you in Florida—going there in 2 weeks! First time to see my daughter & grandson in a very long time.

  • Loribeth says:

    Can’t wait to see your pink curtains! I clicked on the instangram hoping to get a peek of them–no such luck!

  • The pink drapes sound fabulous and I can’t wait to see them!!

    I live locally…would you mind sharing the location of your favourite retail flower shop? I often overlook how powerful an accessory flowers are, and I’d love to once again get in the habit of always having fresh flowers in the house!

  • Keira says:

    Do you ever proactively tell a business owner their colors are bad??

  • Jane W. says:

    oops, I thought we were looking at the sofa below, the one from mint is definitely pinky beige.

  • teresa says:

    I find the Mint sofa pinky and the PB one greeny. Please tell us the answer sometime!
    Love this post. I seem to remember the pink elements from you DR. I’ll have to go back and look, but I think it will look fabulous. The colour choice was a perfect adjunct to the more tailored drape you decided on… the hot pink is the fantasy, while the tailoring will suit everything else and keep them from being too frou-frou. It also “makes up for” letting go of your dream of the long billowing yellow drapes. My 2 cents! CTD

  • Tracey is great and I can’t wait to see the results. Hot pink draperies? Love!

  • Hi Maria, I cannot WAIT to see those drapes!!!!

  • Dianne says:

    Passed the sofa color test. Thanks for the challenge.

  • Sandy says:

    Hi Maria,

    Oh I miss Vancouver ! I was there for a short visit most recently and I also had lunch at the Fraser Valley Juice and Salad bar. Did you try their fresh grapefruit juice ? It was very refreshing as are their salads. I did not take your undertone course but I can see some orange but that could be the reflection from the lighting. I like how you keep us on our toes.

    Wishing you a great weekend,

  • Angela T. says:

    Darn, I hate to wait for anything, hope we get to see those drapes really soon:)
    I just sold my house and was asked by the buyer to leave the drapes. I have some gorgeous Laura Ashley drapes (they have been hanging in a closet for 20 years) that I would love to use in my new house. The colours are quite current too…Raspberry Pink and Turquoise. So I guess I should pick up on the Raspberry Pink somewhere as I already have Turquoise in my palette.
    The photographer that took the photo’s for the flyer was really great and had an extra wide lens on his camera which really helped. Sold the house first day on the market. Now we are moving out in two weeks! New home won’t be finished for six months so I have time to create a new palette:) Wish me luck!

  • Angela T. says:

    PS Sofa is PB.

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