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Paneled moulding is a classic design element so when we updated our entry, we decided to carry the moulding up to the ceiling. Find out why I think paneled moulding is the ultimate upgrade.

First, let’s take a look at how far we’ve come! Here are a few of the changes in our entry that I’ve already shared here on the blog. 

The first, most beautiful new addition to our entry was the herringbone wood flooring. It is one of my favourite changes that I admire every day. And, it was a clever way to replace the old tile with something that connected to the other wood floors. 

The second update to this entry was installing the leopard stair runner. It’s funny, because when I shared this I found out that not everyone is a fan of leopard print. That’s ok, though, because it happens to be my favourite. (Some may watch this and call it an obsession 😉) 

However, I love this leopard print runner and think of animal prints as a neutral design element that goes with almost anything.

Also to cover a common question that I get which is “Is this timeless?” It’s a runner that can be easily replaced just like wallpaper. I don’t consider either of these elements to be in the category of ‘hard finishes’ they are easy to replace, after all, no one is going to like YOUR wallpaper choices either.

Classic Paneled Moulding

And the third, was adding panelled moulding to match what was already on the wall below the stairs. We continued the moulding above the stairs once we closed up the open windows into the entertainment room. 

Here’s how it looked when we moved in. It felt very unfinished, not to mention having openings into a room with a television made no sense.

Here’s what it looks like now:

Upgrade your walls with paneled moulding

Paneled moulding is a classic design element that adds a touch of sophistication to any room. I think it is the ultimate decorative upgrade because it can make a space look more refined and polished. 

And, in our entry it just made sense to continue the moulding above the stairs, while also giving that large wall a sense of visual interest and depth.

I think paneled moulding is a timeless design element that can make your home look more luxurious and high-end. And it truly looks beautiful painted out in the trim colour.

Read more: 5 More Surprising Ways to Make Your Home Look More Expensive

We love the afternoon light that fills this area.

For the record, I also have a love hate relationship with the birds in this house. Yes, they are in the wallpaper print – where I love them. But also, I’m trying to keep them off of our patio – where I’m not a fan. But I did buy some little black birds in flight and installed them above the doorway today (below).

I think they would look better painted but for now I stuck them on with Alien tape so I didn’t have to have any holes in the walls and it seems to be working.

They look like they are flying into the lantern chandelier.

From this view you can also see the existing taupe on the stucco outside through these windows. That colour will be changing soon! 🤞🏻

The main neutral wall colour in this area, which also extends onto one wall in the living room is a green beige complex cream. It’s one shade lighter than the existing kitchen cabinets, seen below.

And you can see how well it relates to the creamy beige flowers in the wallpaper.

There are 3 green beige complex creams in my system, test which one works for you and get the complete list here.

My kitchen cabinets were existing and this paint colour does not exist in SW or BM

Currently, it’s trending to add moulding to walls and I think done well, it’s a really pretty timeless upgrade! Make sure you hire experienced finishing carpenters to do it.

You’ll also notice that the walls could appear more yellow than green to you and that’s because beige is a category of neutrals that leans yellow first, and then the subtle differences in each undertone is a secondary distinction.  Learn more about this and how to specify and choose the right neutral or colour for everything in your home in one of my Spring workshops. Register here.

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  • Sandra B says:

    your new house looks a home! You’ve made it happy and welcoming … love the panelling, the herringbone floor and the wallpaper… the birds not so much… thanks for sharing your design process with us … you’re always inspiring…

  • It’s funny when you didn’t have that moulding installed i didn’t notice your pretty balustrades, but after the addition of the trim, I do!
    I Love it all and I always wondered if that Alien tape worked – I’ll have to try some!

  • Cindi says:

    It’s the wallpaper too!

  • Trudi Rowe says:


    I just LOVE what you have done with your new home! I especially love the leopard runner, my favorite. Wishing you happy memories in your new home.

  • Violet says:

    I LOVE the moulding; I never could understand openings in walls.
    And I LOVE the birds. My garden is full of crows, sometimes dozens at a time. I have life-like crows here and there in the house to make it feel like a few got inside. I love it when guests discover them 😉

  • Amber Allred says:

    it has been such fun watching this reno 🙂

  • MMKINPA says:

    The molding looks fabulous, especially on a big wall that isn’t terribly suitable for artwork. I also love the leopard runner – I don’t think I would have liked it as much if the risers weren’t showing. The way you did it is subtle enough to not scream “LEOPARD”. I’m not really an animal print person but that really appeals to me.

  • Cate says:

    Thanks for sharing the evolving beautification of your space. I hope it will be a home of great joy and gentle peace for you and your beloveds.

  • Shannon says:

    I love it! But good grief re the indoor windows, and particularly the shutters! Love the updates you made

  • Eva says:

    Is there a point at which it becomes too much/too busy? I know this is a matter of personal taste… and I find the individual items beautiful… but when does combining busy wallpaper, leopard print, birds, marble veining, etc. overwhelm the space?

    • Bette says:

      Eva very nicely asked what I was wondering to myself. I guess I prefer more of a minimalist approach to decor. IMO, there’s far too much going on in that entry way. It detracts from the beautiful floor and walls. To each her own, clearly!

  • Sandra says:

    Stunning! Love following along—you have transformed this house so thoughtfully. It definitely is inspired by your personal tastes while also, to use your favorite phrase, “timeless!” Kudos.

  • Scott Haithcock says:

    Do you ever use Farrow and Ball colors/paints? I find the finishes unique and so much prettier than SW or BM.
    I think your entrance hall is lovely. The wallpaper framed in that doorway is 🔥and those herringbone floors 😘. I do love the molding addition especially the way it follows the ceiling detail. Good work as if you needed me to tell you that. 😂

  • Amber says:

    Hey Maria, your wall color is beautiful. I just recently used one of the green beige complex creams from your system for my whole house wall choice in a new build. I noticed though that the description SW gives for Ivory Lace says it has a “cool pink” undertone, so now I’m a bit worried! Is it possible it is both green beige and has cool pink??

  • JB says:

    The hard finishes chosen are great….Really good and classic.
    The decor however is personal preference. A bit too “Home Store-ish” for my taste. But it’s still nice and airy, the furnishings are just not up to scale yet. A cafe chair?
    A work in progress though and a great start.

    • Maria Killam says:

      Haha, I’m happy you approve. and yes this is temporary. . . it’s a big house and needs lots of expensive furniture and landscaping, one step at a time 🙂

  • Alison says:

    I love the floor, moulding and wallpaper but I think the busy console table throws the balance out. The eye falls on the cluttered table and not the beautiful surrounds. The table is busy in itself so in my humble opinion is over decorated. I would remove the picture to begin with and let the moulding shine.

  • Barbara says:

    Your foyer is pretty perfect. Loving all your selections, including the leopard runner 👌👌

  • Renée says:

    Maria, you are using two of the most classic decor techniques: the wall moulding and the herringbone floor. I wish I had both of those. The moulding is really well done. Would you mind sharing your carpenter’s contact info?

    Something did not feel right when I saw your second last photo. I was surprised to realize that your wallpaper is the style of an english garden and your stair runner is in the jungle style. I like the 2 styles individually but to me, they appear to clash when together. Just MHO.

  • diana says:

    Maria – Absolutely lovely. I see there are objections to the combination and I understand it may be “too Much” for them, BUT for me, it all marries each other very well. The Brits are famous for combining pattern and African elements. Exposure to the world helps to appreciate elements from other countries.

  • Liz says:

    Definitely yes to painting the birds. Right now, they look like bats

  • Kitykat says:

    Curious as to the window coverings in your entry. Are they Silhouettes???

  • Tamara says:

    I love it! I love the combination of the paneling, wallpaper, stair runner, etc. So pretty!

  • Cathy S says:

    Gosh, love your entry space. It’s so fresh looking. I did notice you painted the stair where it meets the railing black. I’m assuming you did this to act as a neutral between the differences in wood colors between the first and second floors?

  • gina says:

    I LOVE watching the fabulous work being done in your new home!! XOXO

  • Janice M. says:

    Hi Maria,
    I have been following your home renovation with great interest. I love so many of your finishes including the floral mural and the leopard print runner. One thing that caught my eye was the placement of the small clock above the pantry door in your kitchen. You helped me with kitchen renovation about a year and half ago and one of the things I miss is my small wall clock where I could not longer find a place for after the renovation. I do have a spot above my garden door where it could work. Can you tell me how high your doorway it where you placed your clock? What is the maximum height you could place a item like this for it to look alright? I don’t see a lot of clocks in kitchens any more, but I miss mine, lol. Thanks so much!

  • coco says:

    Beautiful renovation! Love the moulding, love the leopard runner, love the wallpaper. But I’m always a bit surprised at your decor. It’s so impersonal. Topiary and coral and books and baskets. HomeGoods with a better budget. I don’t see anything from your travels. I don’t see anything that tells me about your interests. It’s gorgeous but in the same way a nice hotel lobby is gorgeous. I have a decorator friend who does the same thing; gorgeous spaces completely devoid of personality or character. Sure, you inject color and leopard. But it still feels forced and planned and too intellectual. Not authentic and dynamic and organic. Still, I learn so much from you so thank you for that!

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