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The Cheaters Ornament Garland

By 12/02/2013February 24th, 201724 Comments

Elizabeth and I shopped for ornaments and extra lights this weekend. We noticed that none of them were on sale.

Isn’t it funny how this is pretty much the ONLY time of year we buy stuff at full price, all the while fully aware that in a week or two it’ll all be 30 – 50% off?

Every year I tell myself I’ll stock up after Christmas but then the holiday feeling disappears as soon as it’s over and I am uninspired.

Although last year I did get some at 90% off because I decided I was going to put up an ornament garland this year.

The Cheaters Ornament Garland

First the tree. Because we live out in the country, we drive down the street for 5 minutes to a Christmas Tree farm to cut one down ourselves.

Well, not really me. Doug has a bunch of hand saws ready and asked if we wanted one. I just looked at him, “NO, your chain saw will be perfect thanks”, haha.

The Cheaters Ornament Garland

It was another rainy first weekend of December, just like last year.

The Cheaters Ornament Garland

William and Markus were not impressed with the rain either. Only William would crack a smile!

The Cheaters Ornament Garland

Here’s Elizabeth and I (above) in our new Hunter boots.


The Cheaters Ornament Garland

We always have to go for a ride around the farm with the angels.

The Cheaters Ornament Garland

But mostly what they care about is the hot chocolate and cookie that comes with the tree.

The Cheaters Ornament Garland

Bill & Elizabeth

The Cheaters Ornament Garland
Later, Elizabeth picked up some more (full price I might add) pink and orange ornaments for me when she had to run out to pick up more lights.

The Cheaters Ornament Garland

Markus immediately wanted to help hang ornaments!

The Cheaters Ornament Garland

This one is perfect!

Okay, so back to the garland. I was going to do one that looks like this:

The Cheaters Ornament Garland

But then I knew to get it to look exactly right as this was my first time, I’d have to re-string, takes more time. . .  you have to screw hooks into the mantle. . . plus I already have green garland. . . so I did mine like this.

The Cheaters Ornament Garland

See the empty spot on the first image? First I started with the biggest ball, I just tied it to the green garland. Then take 2 or 3 balls and thread them on an ornament hook, here I just used two because they were the same size, then attach them again on the garland, making sure they are close to the first ball. Then I just added the final green one and two smaller ornaments to create a little cluster.

And I did the same thing going all the way around. So easy, it’s ridiculous. That’s why I felt like I was cheating!

The Cheaters Ornament Garland

Here it is, in progress. The wine boxes are great for storing ornaments because they have individual sections.

The Cheaters Ornament Garland

And here’s the final result.

The Cheaters Ornament Garland

The Cheaters Ornament Garland

The Cheaters Ornament Garland

The Cheaters Ornament Garland

Here’s my mantle from last year. 

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The Cheaters Ornament Garland


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  • Teresa Rose says:

    Fantastic! Over the top beautiful, festive and inspiring. I love it!
    Merry Christmas!

  • Mary says:

    OMG! Your mantel is stunning! I love how the garland.

  • Mary says:

    Oops…how the garland “puddles”.

  • Kathy says:

    Beautiful! Love the fluffy white owls too!

  • Love the addition of the colour this year, Maria. Thanks for the tutorial on this – I usually just stick the ornaments into the branches and cross my fingers they will stay in there.

  • Janet says:

    Perfect and wonderful!

  • Mary says:

    Very pretty, love the whole thing, but can’t help but want to see the pink and orange – tree?? I want to see your hot pink drapes!
    Mary in Ohio

  • A-L says:

    Beautiful! It looks as though we use the same colors for our decorations (I’ve been using green, gold, and magenta since about 2006). I’m going to try and steal your idea because my garland has looked pretty pitiful in the past. Thanks so much for sharing!

  • Debbiecz says:

    Lovely…I’m a traditional kind a Christmas girl but I like how you meld your room colors with the decorations. Red & dark green would look out of place.

  • Beth says:

    Absolutely gorgeous. And you absolutely do not have cats. ; )

  • jeanette says:

    Beautiful and inspiring; just like you!!!

  • Rosemarie Clair says:

    Fanfreakintastic! perfect.

  • Karen says:

    STUNNING !!! Maria you have so much talent.

  • franki says:

    THAT was SO MUCH FUN!!! It looks dazzling! franki

  • Lucy Haines says:

    Maria, You are an inspiration to all of us. Your whole room looks so in sinc. (sp)? Anyway I loved the tutorial so I will use it to do a similar garland for my mantle.

    Have a wonderful Christmas and I look forward to all of your blogs.

    Lucy in Mission Viejo, Ca.

  • Sharon says:

    Coming from where you live Maria, I understand your frustration of wanting to get up your Christmas decor (stunning as always) but not finding anything really on sale yet. Right now I am down in Phoenix and EVERTHING is on sale!!! As you can imagine I want to fill a large suitcase before I come home to do my decorating!! Are other states like this?

    Thankyou for sharing your mantle with us and how you make that ornament garland. Just can’t wait for you to share your tree and the rest of your place with us…have followed it every year and see the new additions or twists of changes. Very inspiring! You know the old adage about the “shoemaker’s kids need shoes, or the carpenter’s house always needs repair” because neither one can find the time or energy to take care of their own? Well you certainly don’t follow the “designer doesn’t have time to do her own place” – especially at Christmas and I for one am so glad that you care and you share it with us! Have a Blessed Christmas!!

  • cynthia says:


  • Kelly says:

    beautiful, thanks for the tip on the ornaments! I love it!

  • carolanne says:

    totally loving the yellow drop, looks like a lemon, I have not ever seen a drop like that before, totally inspired… now wishing for a mantel
    loving the webinar…x

  • Barb says:

    Where did you buy your orange and pink ornaments?

  • Texas Nana says:

    A decade ago I changed to various colored plastic shatter proof balls . I now throw all the balls in a plastic tub after xmas for storage. Several grandkids and four cats later, we still use only the plastic balls. They come in so many pretty colors and textures now. Your garland is very pretty,

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