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Maria’s Green + White Christmas Fireplace Mantle

By 12/05/2012December 24th, 202018 Comments

These are my adorable owls that sit on my coffee table. They greet you when you walk into the house because my living room is the first thing you see from the entry.

Here is my decorated garland. You’ll see the whole room in all it’s glory soon but this is just a quick fix. I am so happy to have two fireplaces to decorate this year, I love my new house! My tree is in the family room because that’s where we spend all our time.

Just so you know, I was almost done the family room tree and garland and I decided I hated it, so I tore it all apart and started again. I realized that the reason it looked bad was because the National Geographic Magazines that I have on the bookshelf behind the tree are an orange yellow colour, and the gold garland I decorated the tree with looked like a bad, greeny yellow in comparison. So I inserted a white garland instead and it looks great. Pictures to follow soon!

I love these bright green frosted balls I found at Great Canadian Superstore.

These magnolia leaves I already had from last year.

And you’ll recognize these boxes from last years mantle as well.

Having a garland this elaborate on your fireplace mantle is almost as great as having a tree, If you don’t have room or just aren’t into the trouble of setting one up, you just need 2 – 8 ft green garlands with some pine cones, sparkly garland and lights.

Is your tree up yet?

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  • Design & Decor says:

    I am the first to tell you what a beautiful mantle you created. I must say Christmas is by far the greatest time of the year to really create..And it doesn’t have to cost a ton of money..
    Most times we recycle bits and pieces from previous years and maybe add a few new touches, change colour themes etc…I purchased a few decorated present boxes from Winners that I have on my mantle this year..
    Yes my tree is decorated (sort of) I keep adding to it as I find new and interesting pieces to add..
    Have a “Merry Christmas” Maria, Wishing you a world full of beautiful colours in 2013..

  • Ginger Kay says:

    Your garland is beautiful! None of my Christmas things are up yet. I am being the worst procrastinator this year.

  • Absolutely beautiful – and not a trace of red!

    The owls are lovely. My alma mater mascot is an owl, so I have a special fondness for them.

    – Holly

  • Stacey says:

    I love every single detail! Beautiful!

  • StagerLinda says:

    Your mantel is gorgeous! Love all the details-netting, balls, and wee birdy. Well done, love!

  • Laura says:

    Everything is so beautiful and I LOVE the owls!!

  • Tricia says:

    Really beautiful, Maria. Love the crisp, clean colors. This year I am slacking off due to uncompleted rennovation. Next year I plan to do it up in silver, white and pink. I’m looking forward to that.

  • Paula Van Hoogen says:

    I don’t know why every department store in Vancouver doesn’t hire you to direct their Christmas displays!! As always–clean, fresh and gorgeous. I’m going to try and take a cue from you to decorate for my wedding/Christmas. Eliminating a tree however, just can’t do it!! Wish I could hire you to help me!! xo, Paula.

  • Very inspiring and pretty Maria but like Tricia I too am dabbling in renos so my Christmas decorating is being kept to a minmum this year. Love the added angel wings on your floor lamp!

  • Patty Bruni says:

    Beautifully done!

  • GaBi says:

    Every detail and touch is making the setting more beautiful and professional.
    Simply it is very beautiful I love it

  • SandyCGC says:

    totally gorgeous, Maria! Makes me feel as though I’m looking through the wall of glass windows at my late husband’s daughter’s home perched over the golf course in beautiful Bend, Oregon, looking down the hill at snow-covered ground with tall green trees. The little snowy owls are the perfect addition. However, like your renovating friends above, I’ll be moving in to the house on 12/18, the same evening my best friend comes in, and there won’t me too much Christmas decorating in lieu of doing up my new home. You’ve given me great ideas for next year though.

  • M says:

    Maria. Your christmas mantle is beautiful, but so is your entire fireplace!! Can you please please tell me, is your surround wood and what is the solid white (cream?) material between the surround and the firebox and on the floor in front of it? Love the look.
    Also do my eyes deceive me or is the horizontal trim above and below the fireplace opening WHITE? I’ve never seen that, typically black or worse, ugly gold bands. Can you please tell me the manufacturer, provide more product details on all of it? It’s so great! Thanks.

  • Cherill Watkins says:

    Three stockings Maria!
    Something you’re not telling us ?
    ; )
    Cherill W
    Adelaide, South Australia

  • It’s beautiful. I love your garland, but what I especially noticed was how those three little presents tie the whole thing together and make it look finished. I’ve never thought of putting something on the floor beside the fireplace. This year I made a faux Christmas tree out of driftwood and vintage ornaments for the mantel. I love how it turned out, but decorating the sides of the mantel were really a struggle. I went for simple, but I think a garland or two might have done the trick too.

  • Jane W. says:

    I love the garland! it’s so fun and beautiful and elegant! I have to admit I like this year’s fushia, gold, green more than last years…for me that’s huge because I usually like more subdued palettes.

  • Pam L. says:

    GORGEOUS! My husband is always concerned that If I put garland on the mantle it might catch fire from the gas fireplace. The distance from the fire to the garland would be about the same as yours. Do you have any concerns about yours? I also noticed the 3 stockings. Do you have a dog or cat I’m not aware of?

    • Maria Killam says:

      It’s a gas fireplace and we rarely have that one on because we don’t spend much time in there. Also the garland is fake so it won’t catch fire.

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