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What is the Best Kitchen Faucet? (Not Mine)

Oh wow, this morning, I went to make some coffee and the spout of my bridge kitchen faucet came right off.


Over putting PRETTY over FUNCTION.

Okay, well I’m not really over having a pretty faucet, but I wish I’d done more research (well even any research) into which faucet was really the best one BEFORE I installed the one I have in my kitchen.

I was never in a position to consider which faucet I should buy until we bought this house. Living in an expensive city like Vancouver, I rented and always dealt with cheap, bad faucets. Anything was an improvement over what I was used to using.

Anyway, back to my current faucet crisis, we have already had this faucet replaced almost one year ago after first having it installed with our new kitchen five years ago and now this happens? Argh! I want to scream!

When we had the plumber out to our house to install the replacement last year, he was here for three hours and then finally said “We don’t install faucets like this out here in the country”.

I talked my my kitchen guru designer Jan Romanuk  (follow her here on Instagram) and she says that over the years with all the kitchen installations she has supervised and products she has specified, she has found that people have all kinds of problems with bridge faucets, she says a single spout kitchen faucet is the way to go.

The problem with this is that I now have two holes in my quartz countertop and I’d rather not cover them with a deck plate. In addition, I have another hole where the spray spout was.  I also have a water purifier in the same brand which won’t match the new faucet so that has to be replaced as well.

Terreeia wants a professional kitchen faucet like this one (below).


Then I talked to Jan, who said she installed one in her daughters apartment because she loved the commercial look and feel of it. However, her daughter said she’d never do it again because you need a toothbrush to keep it clean.

Jan said she installed this touchless Brizo faucet in the last 3 homes she has renovated and everyone loves it (below).

It takes a little getting used to because every time you touch it, it turns on, but once you do, it’s fabulous apparently.

She says the one with the white base is currently trending. I prefer the chrome one if I were to choose a colour for my kitchen. I think the less pieces you have on such a high use item, the better. Fancy platings never seem to last long in my experience. I’ve used too many bad faucets in rentals over the years living in Vancouver.

Both Elizabeth and my Mom have this faucet (below). We chose this one for my Mom 6 years ago when my she moved into her brand new carriage house and then approximately a year later when Elizabeth’s faucet broke she bought this one as well to replace hers.

Elizabeth’s kitchen (follow her on Instagram here as @juicygreengirl)

And it’s a Moen. The bathroom faucets in my 80’s house are Moen, maybe I should consider this brand. Dated as my faucets are, they still WORK WITHOUT ANY PROBLEMS.

Home Depot

Jan said something else to consider is that some people don’t like to see the faucet from the street so they don’t want it to be higher than the window (below).


I wonder how this person is enjoying their bridge faucet (above). It sure does look pretty in a more countrified kitchen like this one.

Delta Faucet

I found a post on ‘best kitchen faucets’ online and this is the one that made the cut (above).

I called Jan’s go-to plumbing fixture expert, Joan (the owner) of  Just Add Water in North Vancouver  to get her two cents on the world of kitchen faucets.

This is what she said:

She does not recommend a faucet where you have to pull the spray towards you (below) because there’s more of a chance of it getting on you and on the floor! She much prefers the pull down sprays on the other faucets we’ve talked about here.

She also prefers a nylon hose for the spray because it pulls back in smoothly and quietly, the metal hoses ratchets back and is not nearly as smooth.

When I asked Joan about the commercial faucet I mentioned at the beginning of this post she said that yes, cleaning them is a problem, but also if you let go of the hose before you put it back into it’s holder, it will fly around and spray everywhere.

In a commercial kitchen, the dishwasher is wearing a wet apron so it’s a totally different function.

This is Joan’s favourite faucet right now (below). Interesting that it’s a Moen (just like my 80s faucets which are still going strong), she said it’s a motion sensor faucet, you don’t even need to touch it with your greasy hands and it will turn on.

She said you turn off the front part of the motion sensor so that it doesn’t go on while walking by the faucet.

She also loves the fact that the pull is inside the handle and there’s no seam for the spray.

Unfortunately it’s too modern for my taste.


Jan says the faucet she inherited in her condo is a skinny, contemporary faucet.  She hates the look of it but even worse, the spray that’s attached to the faucet is not insulated so she can’t use it with hot water without burning her fingers.

When I asked Joan about this, she said that is why you want the spray piece to be plastic and not metal, because plastic doesn’t transfer heat.

Over to you my lovelies? Everyone has a faucet so this post leaves out no one! And we need to know, which is the best faucet, because mine has to be replaced ASAP.

I’m also looking at bathroom faucets right now because my bathroom renovations are happening this summer! I want a low arc, traditional faucet and they are EXPENSIVE. Stay tuned!

Terreeia and I just came back late Friday night from our three week trip where I led 3 awesome  SOLD OUT Specify Colour with Confidence workshops!

We will post the rest of the Fall dates very soon. Currently we only have Vancouver dates posted, you can register here.

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  • Beth says:

    KWC. That’s the faucet manufacturer, not an acronym.

    After countless problems – and it counts as a problem even if the faucet company keeps sending a new one, since you have to pay the plumber, right? – I went with KWC.

    Solid brass fittings, good customer service, no probs in 14 years. The company is Franks Kitchen Systems.

    Good luck.

    • Beth says:

      I just found out Franke (not Franks – typo above) bought out KWC in 2013. Or as KWC put it, KWC merged with Franke. So I can’t vouch for KWC from that time on, and know nothing about Franke – other than customer service treated me well.

      I think I’ll call the kitchen remodeling company to see if they still recommend them, and if not, who they recommend for someone who wants an *almost* never-fail faucet. Sorry if I mislead anyone.

  • Robin says:

    For my money, I always use Kohler brand , best bang for your buck (but not from a big box store, those are made differently and with less quality materials). Have had the Clarette faucet for 12 years in our kitchen. My husband is a professional chef, so it is constantly being used. No problems.
    Just had one installed at a job. Client loves it!
    You can fill the extra holes with a soap dispenser, garbage disposal button or use the round metal plugs to cover the holes.

  • Riobel has a new collection called Momenti that you can customize with different spouts, handles and finishes. I’m not sure if they do Kitchen faucets though – but the bathroom faucets are gorgeous – and high quality!

  • Carol says:

    Maria, I have had either the Delta or Moen touch kitchen faucet for the last 6-7 years since we remodeled our kitchen. We are very happy with it. I chose it because I wanted something neat, new and trendy (ha! back then) for the updated look. The only downside (which is really not a downside) is that the adorable nephews love to play with it whenever they visit!

    I can’t remember which brand it is at this moment, but chose it based on advice of a plumber for quality and warrantee. We’ve only had one problem and the company could not have been better or faster at resolving the issue.

    Bottom line: I “heart” mine. 🙂

  • Beth says:

    BTW, KWC was recommended by our rather conservative kitchen remodeling company. They go for quality over pizzazz (and I wish I had known more about pizzazz and design when our kitchen was designed). I did need a new aerator recently, given our extremely hard water, and they sent the assembly at no charge – after 14 years – and told me to call if I needed help figuring out how to put it on.

    No help needed, just screw off, screw on. But you want brass guts.

  • Kim says:

    Maria, when we redid our kitchen in 2012 I purchased KOHLER K-13963-VS Elate Pullout Kitchen Faucet from Amazon. We love it. It looks good and functions well. No problems with it whatsoever. The plumber who installed it said he usually only recommends Kohler or Moen.

  • Mary-Illinois says:

    I’ve always wondered about a couple of things in regard to kitchen faucets.
    On the single handle faucets, the handle/control is always shown positioned on the right side. But what if you’re left handed? Wouldn’t that be awkward?
    Regarding the motion sencored faucet…you don’t need to touch it to turn it on. But don’t you need to touch the handle to adjust the temperature & the pressure? Because of that, I’ve never understood the point to them. But I don’t know anyone that has one so I’ve never had the chance to ask.
    Can your countertop fabricator plug your extra holes with scrap pieces of the same counter?
    And welcome home. It must feel good to be back. I’m glad you had a successful trip.

    • Leslie Myers says:

      My hansgrohe can be mounted left or right. Although both my husband and I are right handed the handle on the left works better for us.

    • Amy says:

      I had my single-handle faucet installed with the handle in front, not on either side. Not only is it handy for both righties and lefties, this way I also don’t drip water on the counter from my wet hands when I go to turn it off; drips fall into the sink instead.

    • April says:

      Actually, they can be mounted either direction. I’ve chosen the handle on the right because I’m right handed and it’s most comfortable for me.

  • Christine says:

    I love the Blanco “Culina” kitchen faucet. It is a more refined version of the commercial looking faucet and no issues with cleaning it. It looks fabulous and I have used it in several homes. I’ve had it in my own home for 5 years with no issues.

  • Traci Zeller says:

    I *love* my bridge faucet! I can’t give up the look, and the function is fine for us. If I were using a pulldown spray, I love Brizo products.

  • Alison says:

    I second KWC. Bought our first one about 20 years ago. It had one small problem a few years after it was purchased and a KWC rep actually came to our house to replace a part and fix the problem. It still works fine, but is white, so looks dated and well-used now. KWC will be my first manufacturer to consider when we remodel our kitchen. Yes, it’s expensive, but the quality has been well worth the $.

  • Corinne Koftinoff says:

    My faucet is the same as your mom’s and sister’s. I like the Moen brand but found that the ones in the big box stores do not compare to the ones from a plumbing supplier. The ones from my plumber are like the ones in the 80’s…….solid. Apparently my plumber said a lot of brands have two product lines. One quality for the industry and another for the DIY’ers who purchase at the big box stores.

    • Thea says:

      Yes, I have heard this, too, and therefore have purchased my faucets from the plumbing supply place, rather than ‘big box’…I prefer Kohler and agree, the least amount of parts, the better for cleaning…

      • Joanne says:

        I have been told the same by my plumber and based on my experience, I concur. Had a bathroom remodel, a “bath fitter” remodel several years ago. I know they just used box store quality Moen faucets. At the same time, I had some work done in the kitchen and what I thought was a ridiculous amount for my faucet (also Moen). Guess which one has been replaced? I will never skimp on the quality of the faucets again. Lesson learned.

  • Keira says:

    I replaced my rental kitchen faucet with a low/mid-priced single-handle pull-down gooseneck faucet from Home Depot. It works great. I love having a tall neck for my shallow sink. Only problem, after nearly six months’ use, is that there are microscopic white bumps/bubbles in the base near the bottom of the faucet. Not sure if they are from moisture or what. Probably a higher end model wouldn’t have that.

  • Robin says:

    I have a Grohe in my shower that has lasted almost 20 years with no issues. In my kitchen, I love my Delta pull down faucet. Delta has a lifetime guarantee, and if something happens, they have designed it so that most things can be fixed by the user. Twice (it’s getting old) it has needed a new washer-thingie inside because it wouldn’t shut off completely (our water is very alkaline and messes it up), and I call them, they ship the part for free, and it takes about 10 minutes to fix it.

  • Susan Silverman says:

    I have the Delta Touch faucet and I love it. I’ve had it for quite a few years now and i have no problems with it other than having to change the batteries on the mechanism. I don’t think I could ever go back to a standard faucet. I’ve been spoiled lol. The Brizo and the Moens are quite nice too for touch faucets. I also have a Delta touch faucet in my ensuite but I would not recommend it for a main bathroom, only an ensuite. People would be shutting it all the time.

  • Kat says:

    I installed a single-handled, chrome, Grohe faucet with pull down spray five years ago. It works beautifully! The only problem I see though is that you need at least an inch or more radius (the length of the handle) to turn the handle to make the water hot or cold. With how close your faucet is to the wall behind it-do you have that space?

  • Alex says:

    I have that exact touch-activated Brizo faucet, and I really like it and recommend it.

    I thought the touch feature a gimmick at first, but now I love it. I didn’t realize how convenient it is. So often my hands are both dirty, and I can just tap the faucet with the back or my arm and keep it clean. It’s also really nice to set the temperature and stream flow once, and then be able to tap it on and off without adjusting it.

    The only thing I don’t love about it is that the handle is very stiff to move, making it more difficult to adjust temperature and flow, but it’s possible that’s just my particular faucet, and maybe there’s a way to adjust it.

    Having used the touch faucet for 2 years now, it definitely takes some time to get used to it, but I never again want to go without. I love the touch feature, and the main downside is that whenever I visit family and friends, or go on vacation, I always try to touch their kitchen faucets and get disappointed when it doesn’t turn on.

  • Dorrie says:

    Have a look at Aqua brass for kitchen/bathroom fixtures! Yummy

  • Leslie Myers says:

    I love my gorgeous Hansgrohe faucet. It looks like a piece of sculpture. I have had it nearly 20 years and it still works flawlessly. When I pull down on the spray part my forefinger exactly rests on the elongated button that makes it spray. I would not like one that turns on with touch because in my house I have to run the hot for a minute to get it hot enough and then adjust it. I have nothing negative to say about this faucet. I think it is the Lady Lux but not totally sure.

  • Barbara says:

    I didn’t know what a bridge faucet was…..totally impractical!
    We moved into a brand new home and within 4 years the Moen faucet was leaking. Part covered for free, but needed to pay the plumber. Four years later again leaking….

    Yes, I research everything endlessly. Finally decided on my new faucet based on looks and functionality and reputation. I bought a Delta, in the Leland series. So much cheaper to buy in the USA.

  • Janice Waterman says:

    Hello! I used to sell faucets and here’s my two-bits… I totally agree with a comment above, buy from a showroom or dealer NOT a box store. Unfortunately, as consumers we demand lower prices so many manufacturers make a product that is entry-level quality specifically for the DIY/box store market…often with the exact same name and picture. You can ensure the quality and warranty service by going through a showroom like Just Add Water or a chain like Emco.

    Check out Kohler. They have a great touchless system available on many styles.

    You can put a soap dispenser and/or hot water-in-demand in the extra holes in your counter too and avoid a metal plate.

    • Janice Waterman says:

      AND buy in Canada, or check it’s ratings for CSA or equivalent to ensure it passed Canadian plumbing standards. If it doesn’t have it, you can fail a plumbing inspection and it may affect your insurance.

  • Wendy says:

    My best tip is buy your kitchen faucet from a plumbing supply house, not a big box store. Many manufacturers including Delta for sure (and maybe Moen) put their good name on cheaper fixtures to sell at Home Depot and the like. The interior parts are plastic rather than brass etc and they simply do not last. Ours began leaking in a year and a half and the plumber laughed and said it was common. Spend the money if you can for their solid products-at least for heavily used items. (Same thing proved true of Baldwin door hardware – we had to replace a nearly new front door passage set from a big box store, that bore the fine Baldwin name and looked good, but was cheap inside). I hate buying a good-looking fixture from a respected brand and having it break in two years. It’s cheaper in the long run to buy a quality item, from a specialty retailer, that will last. I wish the brands were more transparent about levels of quality, but they aren’t so I’ve learned to be cautious about where I source things that will get heavy use.

  • Shawna says:

    I’ve had the Moen Arbor in my kitchen for the last 5 years and love it. You can get it with or without MotionSense (mine is without). I’ve got pretty hard water and it hasn’t failed me yet.

    @Mary-Illinois, depending on the faucet you can mount some of them with the handle on the left, I did it with mine. I’m not left-handed, but I have a sink with an integrated drainboard on the left and the faucet is mounted at the left hand corner of the sink. Putting the handle on the right would mean my arm would be in the path of the water, so I had it installed on the left.

  • Noris Monsalve says:

    I have the delta faucet the same in your post, I liked it, it has to use gently, it has a lot of water pressure.

  • Rita Dixon says:

    Hi Maria! We recently redid our kitchen and I installed a Kohler faucet from the Artifacts line. I love the scale! It has a pull down feature which I find works well.
    Good luck on your search!

  • Heather says:

    I only buy Grohe or Hansgrohe, now. German design doesn’t disappoint me! (I only buy Miele dishwashers. Expensive, but last a long time.)

  • Katherine Kitowski says:

    What a coincidence!
    Last night the spout broke off of my kitchen faucet!
    I’ve never had that happen before with any faucet.

    It’s a Moen Vestige single handle, and it was installed 8 years ago with a kitchen counter/sink replacement. I love it and I hope I’ll be able to replace it with the same one. I’ll be calling Moen tomorrow (after the Memorial Day holiday) ~

  • Sonja says:

    Renovated our kitchen last year. Installed a faucet very similar to the Delta faucet pictured under ‘best faucet online’ caption. Love it. One thing to keep in mind – ensure that the pull out has a magnetic docking system. That prevents the hanging faucet look I’ve seen in so many friends’ new kitchens.

  • Liz says:

    I have a similar Delta but not the same model as you showed in the picture and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! it is functional and looks good and although it is available in the hands free style, I think they are kind of high tech and could go wrong easily, too complicated, so I chose the regular one. I love the Magnatite docking system. I have friends who have the European Grohe kitchen faucets and they do not dock as well. All limp and frustrating. I highly recommend the Delta single lever faucet.

    • Liz says:

      And my son has a Moen like the one in the photo and it is not good, the handle comes loose and is difficult to re-attach. And the docking is weak.

    • Liz says:

      We did buy it at a plumbing store that supplies a lot of tradespeople. “Next” in Toronto. Not a big box store.

  • Kay says:

    The pretty bridge faucet in the BHG photo looks exactly like mine. It’s a Rohl, and I have had zero issues with it, except for the ceramic button with an H or C on it, and if that breaks I let the company know and they send me a new one, free. When I was researching faucets, the recommendation was to get a sprayer made of metal instead of plastic because plastic doesn’t hold up. I don’t need boiling hot water out of the sprayer, so the fact that the metal gets hot isn’t an issue. I love my faucet. If I had been able to find the style of faucet I wanted from Delta or Moen, I would have bought something less expensive, but at that time those companies didn’t carry the older style. Modern single faucets may work wonderfully, but I can’t stand how they look. I guess that spending the money for a high-end, quality faucet was worth it–at least to me.

    • Sharen says:

      I too had the very same Rohl bridge faucet installed in my new kitchen. I have to say with so much going on with a total remodel in my 2 bedroom condo research on faucet brands never occurred to me. I do love the style and find myself admiring it like art. Now for my bathrooms I worked on keeping cost down and not too fussy with style. I wanted chrome and leaver handles and not a builders grade look. I worked with Ferguson and chose their Mirabelle brand #MIRWSCPR400CP Provincetown. It’s been less than a year and no problems.

  • Nichole says:

    Look at Delta. There are several versions of the Victorian that might work for you. It’s a pull down, there is a separate controller, so that fills another hole and there seems to be an optional soap dispenser if you have a third counter top hole to fill. We have a Delta that we are very happy with, but I do wish it was a pull down instead it’s a pull out. Good luck!

  • JJ says:

    The best kitchen faucet for me was KWC and it was chrome with a white handle. After about 10 years the white

    became a sick yellow and I replaced it with a chrome handle/spray. Just had to clean the aerator whenever

    needed. My Moen faucets in all the bathrooms were never a problem for over 15 years plus they are guaranteed

    for life. The Philrich faucets in the master bath were not worth the money at all.

    My kitchen sink came with holes and the bath and kitchen supply places sell bottles with a dispenser that fit the

    holes that can be used for kitchen hand soap, lotion, etc. Just an idea-

    So glad that you are back and we can hear from you more often. Can’t wait to read your posts when they arrive.

    I finally pulled the trigger and bought the Benjamin Moore Color Preview Deck. I am so excited! Obviously I am

    not a Pro but an avid wanna be and it will save a all the trips to the paint store. Glad that they finally got them in


  • Anne Lubner says:

    Maria, I’ve had the Moen 7594 kitchen faucet for 6 years in my current home and 7 years in my previous home, with no problems at all. Moen will also send you replacement parts if something goes wrong. In another house, I bought an expensive Grohe faucet which had several problems. I have the Moens installed with the single handle facing forward, into the sink, so that when I turn off the water, my wet hands don’t drip water on the counter, plus I like how it’s more symmetrical (and it’d be good for left handers). It’s true that even name brand plumbing fixtures at a big box store are plastic inside, not brass, so even though the lower price looks like a good deal cheaper, it’s a cheaper product and will eventually leak. As to what to do with the extra hole, if you don’t want a soap dispenser or a plain cover, I love my air switch for the garbage disposal!

  • MJM says:

    The most extensive faucet review website I have found online is here:

    They rate Delta very highly for warranty and customer service. There seems to be a quality difference from Moen and Delta faucets found at big box home improvement stores versus Moen and Delta faucets ordered online or purchased through an independent plumbing supply company.

  • Jo says:

    Oh. My. GOD. This article could not be more timely. We installed Rohl Country Bath faucets/lever handles in our two upstairs bathrooms in a reno 1 1/2 years. ago. Four months ago we started having problems with them. They keep coming loose from the counter top (stone) OR the cartridge in the handles would come loose from the base and unscrew, getting stuck in the handle and causing water to leak all over the place. We’ve had the plumber out FOUR TIMES at a cost of over $500 to try and fix it. Rohl has sent us three replacement cartridges, we’re still having the same problems. Rohl sent us two new handles (hot and cold) for the hall bath. Before we could call the plumber the hot water in master bath sink #1 came loose. We tried to tighten to no avail, it spun out, water started pouring out, we shut off the source under the sink. Master bath sink #2 – the cold water can’t be used because it has AGAIN come loose at the counter. We can use the hot water but have to hold the part under than handle because it has started spinning out.

    We contacted Rohl and they said to return (we ordered new faucets from Home Depot, Kohler Forte model) and they will have their people look at it. If a manufacturing problem is found to be the cause they will refund. Um, it’s apparent that the design is faulty as the handles are acting like a wrench, unscrewing the handles over time.

    Long rant, just DO NOT purchase Rohl products as they as ridiculously expensive and their warranty is dubious. We’re expecting a fight to get our money back. Plumbers said Kohler, Moen, Delta from a supplier NOT the HD or Lowes are what they recommend. Our kitchen is a Delta touchless. I really like it, hubs is less thrilled. What doesn’t work as well as when it was first installed in the touch part on the gooseneck. Sometimes you can tap it lightly, sometimes you have to smack it hard. The handle and any part of the base, I just touch it lightly with my finger and it comes on/off very easily. It has a pull down sprayer with a rocker switch for regular or spray flow. I’m a fan of this faucet. We got the Cassidy model I think it comes in other models as well.

    We learned our lesson the expensively hard way – do your homework prior to purchasing. Plumbers said stuff on the shelf at HD is crap but if you order something in, it’s usually on par with what suppliers have.

    In our down stairs bathroom we have a Newport Brass faucet and cross handles that we love, no problems. However the handle on the toilet (Mirabelle) just broke yesterday. We’ve been in the fully renovated house for a year and a half. The builders grade stuff we had in our other house wasn’t as pretty but lasted gobs longer.

  • Molly says:

    I recently replaced my kitchen faucet with a Kohler Artifacts and couldn’t be more pleased. It’s a pull-down, so it uses the main hose, which works so much better than any side sprayer, which uses a skinnier secondary hose. What I like about this particular model are the shape and finish–it’s really pretty.

    If your bridge faucet is one that used two holes, you can always have your fabricator drill one in the center. And then you can use the extra holes for things like a matching soap dispenser, air switch, etc., which is what I did.

  • M S says:

    Just ask a plumber – they will tell you to go with Delta or Moen.

    In my part of the country, the plumbers even carry the spare parts with them and they are usually the same regardless of the faucet you have so years down the road, if ever, it’s less expensive to repair.

    So, I have a one piece, touch faucet, pull down spray, champagne bronze finish “Cassidy” by Delta – a piece of art and it works perfectly… even has a plastic spray head that doesn’t burn you!

    By the way, I had an Herbeau a few years ago. It’s a French made, unlacquered brass piece of art that was a nightmare. I learned my lesson in my new house.

    • Ruth says:

      We were advised of the same thing – to consider the availability of replacement parts. We chose a Delta faucet similar to the one pictured and love it. The magnetic docking system keeps the spray head in place. The brushed finish is still pristine after 5 years and does not spot.

  • Kimberly Graybeal says:

    Love our Kohler faucet with pull down “knife edge” spray. Since we have open concept living and a somewhat traditional style I did not want a too industrial or attention getting look. Wanted high spout for easier washing of pots and pans, but not too high because of the window, and a handle off to the side because did not want to keep dripping over the spout. We chose Barossa with a stainless finish, easy to keep clean and and easy docking of the spray head.

    No matter how good looking or design appropriate, I would never fuss with a two handle kitchen faucet!

  • gary says:

    I use anything Grohe, made by the Germans, high quality and backed by a great warranty.

  • Maureen says:

    We love our faucets. I was a long time deciding. We have the taller 17-5/8 and the shorter 16″ for the different areas of our kitchen.
    You can definitely negotiate on the price quite a bit.

  • Amy says:

    Hi Maria, I have never left a blog comment but this one is soooo in my wheelhouse that I had to! I am an interior design professional and own a plumbing company along with my husband who is a licensed plumber. One word….DELTA! (P.S. Brizo is a Delta Company). Be warned that the Delta faucets sold at the big box stores are NOT the same quality as the ones sold through Plumbing supply houses to the pros even though they may look the same on the outside. They substitute cheaper plastic parts and “innards” so they can sell them at a lower price. It is a shame Delta does that because it cheapens their brand. I have had DELTA brand faucets in all my homes and they work great and look beautiful.

    • Lorri says:

      Amy, how interesting!

      This blog is a wealth of information, and so is your comment. What a shame Delta has two different standards.

  • Anglea N says:

    We replaced our builder faucet that also had 3 holes with this one…

    We did a counter button for our garbage disposal in the 3rd hole. Not sure if that is an option for you but our disposal switch was not close by the sink so it made sense for us.

  • Grace Reed says:

    Maria, that’s awful! My suggestion is to stick with a bridge faucet since that’s what you love and what the top is drilled for, although the spans can/will vary. Invest whatever you have to for a quality one. I’ve learned to stick to specific brands – like the ones already mentioned – but I’m most interested in the reviews for the specific faucet. For ex., I like Delta’s Touch20 technology but my favorite – the Trinsic – is more problematic than the others. I see yours is a Franke. Any chance they have one that’s less problematic? P.S. As a former kitchen designer, I made clients aware that they were committed to their sink and faucet style/shape. I have helped people frantically looking for a replacement sink for their existing cutout. So choose wisely!

  • Martha M Rife says:

    I’m planning to get the Delta Mateo touchless faucet for my kitchen remodel: If anyone has feedback, please share!
    I can’t wait to not have to wipe off the countertop every time I turn the faucet off! My designer recommends the Arctic Stainless finish to look ‘softer’ with soapstone counter…thoughts, anyone? Now to find an instant hot water faucet to work with it…argh! Does anyone know if you can get a bar/prep faucet and use it with the smaller point of use water heaters? I’m not getting much help from the plumbing showroom folks. Maria, how do you like the chrome sink with the brass hardware in your feature photo???

  • Theresa Sheldon-Meyers says:

    Our plumber talked me into Grohe years ago when we were renovating our master bathroom (approx 10-12 years ago) Since then we have reno’d 3 more bathrooms and our kitchen, and have gone with Grohe for all but one of the plumbing fixtures. We have never had a single issue with any of the faucets….and ironically the one (bathroom sink) faucet that we didn’t go with Grohe is the only one I am not thrilled with.

  • Lucy HAINES says:

    What a good lesson for buying the right faucets. So far I personally have not had problems with our Delta faucet but have replaced several in the 17 years that we have lived here. I have a new client who will be upgrading their kitchen and with the comments everyone has made I will certainly suggest #1 not to buy from big box and #2 do not install a bridge faucet. All of the comments are so helpful and where would you go to get such valuable information other than here! Great post as usual.

    I am sure you are happy to be home but feel so fulfilled with the experience of you last three classes. Congrats!

  • Suzi Cassidy says:

    I got a Sigma single lever faucet years ago and it has withstood so much abuse. We chose the antique bronze finish.

    The brands in the “big box” stores never appealed to me, I wanted something unique. I was also turned off by the pull-down sprayers because at the store, all the display models were hanging down pathetically. In my powder room I have a Lefroy Brooks bridge faucet but what I don’t like is, after turning it off, water continues to run for a second or so.

  • April says:

    I wouldn’t say choosing a “bridge” faucet is putting design before function. There are lots of old –
    to-antique “bridge” faucets still in service, so they can function well for decades. More likely just the particular one (ones?) you’ve chosen have a design or manufacturing flaw.

    That said, because I wanted a single-handed water control, I chose a Delta Leland model. The first one went in 5 years ago, and I still love it. We remodeled another kitchen this year, and chose it again for that space. Love, love, love it! Feels good in the hand, looks good with both our 1920’s cottage and our more modern cottage. Best of all, it didn’t break the bank! We actually got the second one on eBay for $99, new in the box!

  • Ad says:

    Love my kitchen faucet. It is the Franke Tulip FF2400R. Mine is in the satin nickel finish, but they do have it in the polish chrome finish. Will see if I can post a picture. I cannot post a picture; however, I think it meets all of the good criteria you mention. All of the other faucets in my house are also Moen and are from the mid 1980s; they are definitely good faucets.

  • Ad says:

    I meant to add a sentence about the touchless faucets. I honestly do not recommend them, because they seem to always quit working correctly, then you start spending dollars for plumbers on a consistent basis.

  • Linda says:

    I have a Brizo Tresa faucet and love it! I like the separate sprayer because it allows the faucet to be slimmer and more graceful, plus not so much to go wrong. There is a matching soap pump which you could get to go in the second hole. The design nicely bridges traditional and a little more modern. It’s a high quality faucet and the brand was recommended by plumbers in my area. You can feel the heft, quality and finish every time you use it. Cleans easily and has not so much as a scratch.

  • Marguerite says:

    Don’t worry Maria, you can put a soap dispenser in the hole that is in your quartz countertop. The motion sensor sounds like there is an additional part in there to malfunction, I wouldn’t go for it….. i have seen ones in online stories that have foot pedals like an operating room…. i like the idea of having my hands full of greasy dishes and being able to turn on or change the water. maybe for my next kitchen . I am also looking for a new faucet….I have replaced my Franke several times, it has a plastic pull out nozzle with a lever to change from spritz to stream and after about 3 years, the business end can’t make up its mind and it half spritzes half streams in both positions… I’ve gotten the new part at least twice and now Im just living with the half/half situation. GardenWeb forums always have good suggestions. I’d also look on a forum for Plumbers , (I have actually lurked on some forums for Wood Installers when changing my floors) and ask which faucets they are called on LEAST to repair. You can’t go by the high end kitchens you see on line , especially for celebrities. Many don’t use their kitchens , or have multiple homes and aren’t in one all the time. Eager to hear other people’s experiences with their faucets!

  • Bette says:

    May I point out, as a left-handed person who loves kitchens, that several of these faucets are for right-handed people? That is a deal-breaker for me.

    If you installed a right-handed faucet in your kitchen, knowing you’d be there until the faucet wore out, go for it! But if you’re installing a faucet with resale value in mind, please remember us southpaws!

    • Molly says:

      Many of the single-lever faucets can be installed with the lever facing the front. I did this, even though I’m right-handed because I like the option of using either hand (sometimes my right hand is the greasy one) and also because I had little clearance between the handle and windowsill. It’s a great option!

  • Lorri says:

    So, have you researched any bridge faucets that have gotten good ratings? There must be some out there, right?

    I have to say that researching pays off. I’m the type who will even research a vegetable peeler, which is why I’m still thrilled with the ones I bought. The owner of the last rental I lived in, asked me to choose a new dishwasher when it broke. I looked at the Home Depot reviews and they were spot on. It was the best cleaning and quietest dishwasher I ever used.

    And damn Maria, that kitchen with the aqua and green tiles is killing me! I love tiles in those colors and I would never ever get tired of them.

  • Joanna says:

    My two cents worth –
    Mine is a Moen from a plumbing supply store, as recommended. Absolutely no problems with it. I was advised to not go with the motion sensor ones, as they can break.

  • susan says:

    I’d definitely go for the Moen. We’ve had ours for over 10 years, and when I needed to replace a part (so easy I could do it myself!), Moen guarantees their faucets and sent me the replacement parts free of charge and quickly.

    Our bathroom faucets are Grohe. They’re lovely and operate so smoothly, like most German-made products. These, too, are over a decade old and still function quite well. And again, I replaced a cartridge on one of the faucets, and while the replacement parts weren’t free, they were in stock at our local plumbing warehouse.

    Now if I only had your beautiful kitchen. Sigh . . .

  • Hi Maria,

    I have the Kohler Bellera in Chrome in my kitchen and I have specified this faucet numerous times. All of my clients love this faucet as much as I do. Can’t say enough about it!

  • Shelley says:

    We jay replaced our kitchen faucet yesterday with a Moen Kaden faucet similar to what your mother has. It came in a spotless stainless finish so I’m interested to see how that wears over time. There’s no doubt that it’s more solid than its predecessor. Good luck!

  • Louie Mintz says:

    Kitchen faucets. By far, the best is Grohe. Not cheap, but worth every cent for something used every single day. And lovely to look at,too.

  • Danielle says:

    I have a Grohe and love it – it’s been 3, almost 4 years since our kitchen remodel and no issues. It’s the Concetto Starlight Pull-Down Spray faucet. But I’m guessing it’s going to be too modern for you, Maria, as it’s similar to the Moen you featured. Good luck in your search and thank you for the always-amazing design advice!

  • Shelley Sunell says:

    In reference to your faucet dilemma, I installed a Grohe faucet very similar to this one in the link 6 yrs. ago and it has not given me a days problem, is easy to use and easy to clean.

    I also have Grohe faucets in my bathrooms and I love them.

  • Stacy Howell says:

    I don’t know if this line is too modern for you but Grohe is fantastic, hands down. My home is 20 years old, all Grohe in the bathrooms and the kitchen. When the sprayer stopped functioning a couple years ago, I called Grohe to ask for a certified plumber and they sent me a new sprayer for free and advised of a repair person to change it out (not for free but done very quickly).

  • Barbara W Howell says:

    We built a new home and moved into it two years ago. I have Brizo faucets in my kitchen and some of the bath rooms. I chose the touch Brizo for the main sink but the prep sink is the same faucet without the touch feature and boy do I wish I had spent that extra money because I love not having to touch it with dirty hands. This is the best faucet ever. Brizo also has a great warranty.

  • janice says:

    I agonized over faucets for a long time and I absolutely love the KOHLER I chose matte black Simplice.
    the parts are brass and the faucet is solid. The spray is great as the magnetic dock.

    Good Luck!

  • Melinda says:

    I put in the Brizo Solna models when I remodeled my kitchen 3 years ago and I have been very happy with them. I was looking for something which could be mounted with the handle to the front instead of to the side. Being easy to clean was a priority for me also. You have probably already realized that Delta and Brizo are the same manufacturer, but the Brizo line has more upgraded details such as the seamless pullout sprayer.

    As far as what to do with the extra holes – I have two soap dispensers, one for hand soap and one for dish soap. In the old kitchen this was done because I had an extra hole after replacing a faucet with a different model, and like you did not want a plate. But for the remodel I put two in because I liked it so much. One less thing to keep on the countertop.

  • Elizabeth says:

    We installed two Delta Cassidy widespread faucets in our guest bath a couple of years ago and are very pleased. This year we used the Cassidy single hole faucets in our master bath because we wanted more room on the counter top. They are taller than the widespread and have a single lever on the side. We have really enjoyed the function and appearance of all these Delta faucets.

  • Karen Kirby says:

    Check out Kalia – made in Quebec. Gorgeous style AND quality. I have the Nevis . Maybe not sold in BC

  • Michelle In Boulder says:

    I love my Kraus faucet. Lifetime warranty, it’s so beautiful and solid that I kept it for my total kitchen remodel. Check it out!

  • Brenda says:

    Maria, I have this faucet by Elkay: . in chrome

    And I love it. It is traditional/transitional in style, the spray is a pull down, and it is very good quality. I have had it for a few years now and I love it very much!! That said, I do have some Moen faucets in our bathrooms that we installed when we built the house 18 years ago and they still work very well. Almost a bummer because I am ready to renovate and I need those faucets to crater! ha!

    Good luck!

  • Julia Artbauer says:

    Awww….the beautiful and alluring bridge faucet has been known to cast a spell over many of my clients. I’ve even had a plumbing sales rep tell me it was a disservice to allow my client to choose a single pull down faucet for their 39″ Rohl sink. But the bridge faucet is more looks than function. I’m not a huge fan of the touch faucets. I’ve had a client tell me she came home from work and it had turned itself on. Thank goodness it was turned into the sink. I really love the classic lines of the Kohler Artifacts single pull down faucet. It’s “timeless and classic”. Good luck!

  • Melinda says:

    Also – Brizo has a bud vase you can mount in the extra hole in the countertop – 🙂

  • I learned (the hard way) that you have to buy from a wholesale plumbing source. I made the mistake of buying a fairly expensive faucet from a big box store and it leaked and had to be replaced in under two years. I talked to both a general contractor and plumber that I work with a lot and they both said all brands make different price points but the quality is not the same when you buy from retail. I like Hans Grohe, Rohl and KWC for reliable kitchen faucet brands.

  • Meg says:

    I’ve bought many faucets over the years. I highly recommend Hans Grohe faucets. They are good looking, work perfectly, are built with high-quality parts, and last. Definitely better built and functioning than Kohler, which I used to think were top of the line. Those eighties vintage and older Moens are good (I’ve had several), but the new Moens are not nearly in the same league.

  • Tim Minor says:

    My “go to” kitchen faucet is Delta “Essa”. I have it in my kitchen and specify it in most of my client kitchen makeovers. If you want to have another go at the bridge faucet, I would recommend Renovators Supply. This is a company with a long history based here in Kentucky with a great reputation.

    Good luck,

  • mrsben says:

    Can’t vouch for a specific kitchen faucet however for my kitchen upgrade am toying with the idea of a Pfister Faucet as opted for said brand in four of our bathrooms and am more than pleased with their performance as well as esthetics. That said; during installation the plumber was impressed with their quality and I notice myself that when comparing them to the other miscellaneous fixtures in the same space(s) their finish of polished nickel appears to be far superior as they defnitely require less maintenance unlike the Riobel, Moen and Kohler products that all have a tendency to water-spot! To conclude; they also offer a lifetime warranty and I personally found their selection impressive.
    -Brenda- °Û°

  • Kelly says:

    Maria, I had to comment because we were just talking faucets today. My friend is having a project done in her house and her contractor advised her never to buy faucets at Lowes or Home Depot because a lot of the manufacturers make several grades of products and the ones that go to the big box hardware stores are the cheapest grades. Buy from a reputable plumbing supply store instead because they carry the same brands (and more) and they are made with better parts. This is what I did in my last home, we bought a faucet very similar to the one in your sisters and your Moms home and I just loved it. If I recall it was a Moen.

    I’ve been a long time reader of your blog and can’t thank you enough for the quality content and timeless decorating and color advice! When it came time for me to choose interior paint colors for my new (old bungalow) home I went right to your posts about white paint and chose BM simply white and I love it! So thank you and good luck finding a new beautiful quality functional faucet!


  • JENNA Johnson says:

    We inherited a Moen when we bought our home 9 years ago (I have no idea how long it was there before) , and it’s worked beautifully. We actually had a piece break, and I thought we would have to buy another, but we called moen and they sent us a replacement piece. And it still looks great. I’ve been very impressed with the quality.

  • Cindy says:

    We had Moens in our last house. The three bathroom sink faucets were original to the house when we moved out 34 years later ( typical single pull bathroom unit). After 20 years, when we renovated our kitchen in the early 90’s, we installed a Moen High Rise. It was an older style faucet, but you could lift the shaft and use it as a taller faucet for large pots, etc. When we moved out in 2007, it still worked as intended. If can they tighten up (and hard water may contribute to that), but you can easily replace the cartridge. Also, Moen Customer Service is great, and I believe all of their faucets have a life time warranty.

  • Mary Beth says:

    I love my Delta Brizo Venuto kitchen faucet in chrome. It’s a high arc pull down style. Very high quality and smooth operation. It’s over 14 years old and still going strong. I get many compliments. It comes in both regular and touchless options.

  • I installed a Rohl R7521 when I remodeled my kitchen 4 years ago. Even though I have a transitional kitchen, this modern faucet looks great. It has such an architectural presence that I actually love seeing it from the outside. It functions beautifully and when I did have a problem, Rohl stood behind their product 100%. It’s a pricey piece, but it’s like jewelry in my kitchen. Good luck to you, my friend! xo

  • JoAnn says:

    I went through a kitchen remodel last fall and purchased faucets (and other products) through which is related to Great on-line resource with a broad range of quality products including reviews, excellent prices, and super customer service. I chose a modified bridge style faucet (one-hole with two handles) with matching sprayer, drinking water faucet, and soap dispenser by Kingston Brass (Kingston Brass KS1771ALLS Polished Chrome Heritage Kitchen Faucet with Metal Lever Handles). Love the look and function. I carefully thought out how I actually use my kitchen faucet. I’m not a big cook. I decided on two handles as I mostly use either cold or hot water rather than a mixture. Rarely use a sprayer so I selected a separate one. Have a reverse osmosis filtration system for drinking water so had to have a matching dispenser. I didn’t want a soap bottle cluttering my counter top so again wanted a matching dispenser. Plumber was impressed with the quality. So far I’m very happy with the function as well as the pretty traditional look.

  • Colleen Coleman says:

    Ok, this is more my specialty as a certified kitchen and bath designer. I LOVE Kohler products. The internal parts are brass, great warranty, excellent customer service and, Yes, Made in America! I agree with Joan about the pull-out vs the pull down. I always specify pull down to my clients for ease of use. Kohler’s pull down faucets have a magnet which keeps the sprayer head from “drooping” or not connecting tightly to the main faucet neck. Also, Kohler’s sprayers have a unique spray pattern called “Sweep”. With the touch of a button, the spray can switch to a broom-like sweep that will rinse your dishes and pots like a scrapper. Pause is also a nice feature on their spray heads which allows you to fill a pot outside the sink area without turning the water off. And Maria, you are economically smart to appreciate a chrome finish, all other finishes turn up the costs very quickly! Try looking at a few of these options, I can’t post a photo so here are the Kohler items to look up: ( Yes, I have a professional option in there for Terreeia, after all, we all have our wish list!):
    Tournant K-77517-CP (CP is Chrome)
    Artifacts K-99260-CP
    Simplice K-596-CP ( this is my go-to faucet for projects, great PP)
    Artifacts bridge mount K-76519-4-CP
    Enjoy shopping!

  • Marjean Mccormick says:

    I had always wanted a farm sink and bridge faucet. I almost went with a cheaper option. But now that i have them I smile every time i use them. The faucet is the Kohler Parq. It is gorgeous and well worth every penny!

  • kristin says:

    not sure if the hole spacing will allow it, but we have an instant hot faucet in our kitchen and we LOVE it. We use it almost every day. It wasn’t very expensive, maybe $150-$175 and only requires a plug under the sink, which you probably already have for your disposal.

  • Jeni says:

    Actually, Kohler is the only brand that delivers the exact same quality product to the big box stores as the plumbing supply store. Just call them. They are very proud of it (or they were the last time I called, a couple years ago).

  • Funny, I liked the idea of your faucet because you could get only hot water if you wanted but you can find something to fill your counter holes and not have a ugly deck plate.

    In mom’s kitchen in 2007, we installed a single handle Danze faucet that pulls out after years of the old Delta single handle with no pull out or side spray. Mom’s had ZERO problems with hers. I told a customer about it and when she sold her beach condo to move into her much bigger beach house, she came back to me and said “do you remember that faucet? I wish I’d taken it with me when I sold the house. I need another one. It was like the one your mom had.” She bought it in 2009 and it’s still going strong.

    I have only one client who insisted on a KWC in her beach house and loved it. I liked it too, but in my own, I put in a high arc Delta single handle with a side spray. That spray has a TON of water pressure unlike mom’s so I get a lot of spray around the sink, but I wipe up the area so I know it’s clean after I’ve washed fruits and veggies, lol.

    Bathroom faucets are Delta at my house and Danze at mom’s (also from 2007 remodel) and hers all work fine.

    My plumber likes Moen because they are easy to install. Delta didn’t take any longer really.

    I had one client spend 4000 on California Faucets, which I never would have done, but he’s a doctor, so the money wasn’t the issue and the bathrooms are gorgeous. I’ve had another client spend 1400 per shower in her California tract home, and I thought that was excessive, but it was her house and the prior one fell apart the minute the contractor put his hand on it to remove the shower head. We have crazy hard water around me, and 18 miles away, mom’s water hardness is 1/6th the level of my area. I’m guessing your area has nicer quality water.

  • Virginia Bicket says:

    We have learned over the years that the faucet is one place not to skimp. It gets a ton of use, and replacing it is a pain in the neck.
    FYI — we haven’t stood the 14 year test yet, but in our current kitchen (new in 2014), we have a Blanco Culina Semi Pro faucet which we LOVE. The metal hose does not have to be pulled out, and then retracted; I pull it away from the bridge mount to detach, allowing it to reach every corner of my oversized sink, and it so easily snaps back into place magnetically. I never have a problem with heat transfer. It has simple lines which are easy to clean, and it looks terrific in my white farmhouse style kitchen, although it’s clean lines would work anywhere. Would love to send you a photo but I’m not sure how.

  • Brenda Pawloski says:

    I love my Delta Trinsic Touch 2o in my kitchen. I don’t like the curved, flaring bulb-like base on other Delta touch faucets. I just react negatively to that curved vase-like shape, maybe it is not really timeless, but I do like the straighter Trinsic. I put Delta Trinsic faucets and tub fillers in all of our baths too. To me they have a clean look, but then I have been described as a minimalist. I don’t know. I love good timeless design and uplifting color.

  • Gery says:

    I’m grateful for this post, because I too have run the faucet gamet in my home. The new Moen faucet in my kitchen was replaced on a 24 hour emergency, when the plumber failed to tell me I would need a new one during my remodel this year. I had an expensive “forever” Grohe that I planned to keep, but he said it wasn’t worth putting back, so I spent $150.00 on a low end Moen, available off the shelf at Lowes, until I can order my dream faucet from Newport Brass, available through distributors.

    The plumber swears by Moen, because you can replace the parts, and they are easier to install, but he was even more excited when I told him the next faucet will be a solid brass one, from Newport Brass.

    You can drool over all the styles and finishes available at Brooke Gianetti referenced them in her book as an (relatively) affordable high end source, so I will spring for one when this one inevitably fails.

  • Wow you have a lot of good options to check out Maria.
    I really like our Pulmi faucet from Aquabrass that we purchased at Cantu in Vancouver.
    Check out the website to see some options you might like.

  • Liz says:

    Sorry to hear about your faucet woes, Maria. When we built in ’08, I used a mixture of Delta, Moen, Kohler and one or two faucets by an Italian name that starts with “p” …

    By far the ones I’ve been happiest with are Delta and Moen. My kitchen faucet is Delta, similar to the one that you cite above but in brushed chrome (I reasoned that this would show fingerprints less, and I’ve been happy with it in that regard)

    The other thing I think is important is for the sprayer pull-out mechanism to have a magnet on the inside so that it goes back in fully – even 8 yr’s later (I have seen more than one friends faucet sprayers hanging out permanently because they simply won’t click back in anymore)

    The worst faucet performer in our new build has been the more expensive Italian one (got a rainbow-y film all over it early on that I can’t get off 4 the life!), followed by Kohler (our Kohler toilet has also been problematic from almost Day 1, but after being hands on with building a house, did I jump on replacing it while it was still under warranty ?!)

    The most expensive or swishy imported brands are not always the best, in my experience… Good luck!

  • Jeanne says:

    No matter which faucet you decide to purchase, purchase it at a plumbing supply company. The Kohler and other brands sold at the home improvement stores will carry the brand name but the inner workings are plastic and
    other cheaper materials that make the quality suffer-and the durability. This is how the box stores sell the products at a lower price. I learned this after having many problems with faucet replacements from Home Depot and Lowes here in the states one bath tub faucet only lasted 6 months! I learned the hard way!

  • AK says:

    Sorry to hear about your faucet. That is frustrating. I went back and forth on bridge faucet or pull down. After reading bad review after bad review on bridge faucets that were in my price range I went with Delta’s Essa pull down. I really love the function of it but I honestly think it’s a tad too modern for my kitchen. I think Delta’s Cassidy pull down would have been a better fit but at the time I didn’t want to spend the extra money. *sigh*

  • Karen says:

    Have had Moen and Deltas that lasted a few years and needed replacing. After recent Kitchen reno looked at many bridge faucets and decided size and cleanability would not be for us. Very happy ( 3 months) so far with our Brizo Artesso Articulating faucet 63225LF-PC. Scale is better than most bridges, but still has some of the plusses of flexibility and a magnetic dock. Love the look of it installed. Were tossed between that and the Grohe with the foot-touch-on…didn’t want to clean those coils.

  • Jo says:

    When people say “plumbing supply store” is that the same as say, Ferguson? Or is a plumbing supply store something else? Thanks.

  • Fra Na Ready says:

    We have use Grohe and Hangrohe for years in our bathroom and kitchen and never had a problem. Our last remodel was about 18 years ago and they worked great when we sold that house. Last year we built our retirement home and used Grohe and Hangrohe for all the plumbing fixtures and Miele for all the appliances in the kitchen (except the exhaust over the stove was Italian) and laundry. Like someone else said – you can’t beat German engineering.
    Grohe does make a bridge faucet so you might see if it will fit your current holes in the counter.

  • Mid America Mom says:

    Well I feel the pain. Last year we got a new kitchen and with that a new faucet. About 6 months later why is there water under the sink in the cabinet? Called the plumber. He stated well you must be using the hose and it is not a Moen (“they have a better xxx that is NOT plastic”). Yes he was right but this is the first I heard of this. We did not use a GC so here we spent like what 300 plus install and then have to pay the plumber again plus a new faucet. We no longer had funds for issues like this (and it is a starter home) so a less costly single handle moen with pull out faucet it is. The overhang into the sink is more inches than I would like but oh well.

  • denisegk says:

    If you don’t get a touchless or motion-sensing, I highly recommend having a foot pedal added in. You can contract someone to do it if the faucet you buy does not come with one. They are so great for messy cooking, cleaning, and kids who can’t reach the back of the counter.

  • Loribeth says:

    The thing you need to remember is every manufacturer has different price points for different quality. In our old house, we had Moen faucets in the kitchen and the bathroom. They were awful. Seriously they were extremely cheap, made with plastic parts, and the only reason they were purchased was because “Moen is good name.”

    When I started researching new faucets for our old bathroom, the one thing I learned is to pay attention to what it is made of. Solid brass with with ceramic fitting is the only way to go, even if it isn’t a name brand. Check the manufacturer’s reviews and the reviews of the faucet you are considering.

    My husband was amazed at how heavy the faucet was that I bought for our old bathroom, but it worked perfectly, much better than the plastic Moen one it replaced. When we bought our new house, I did a lot of research again. I bought a bridge faucet for our kitchen, but it is, once again, solid brass, has lifetime guarantee, and got great reviews–oh, and it’s not a Moen. Again, my husband was shocked by how heavy it was.

    I love how my bridge faucet looks in our kitchen, and it is definitely a workhorse. I only had one issue and that was with the sprayer. I contacted the company, and they sent me a whole new sprayer and the issue was resolved.

    Good luck with your faucet hunt!

  • Heather says:

    A few months ago we replaced our kitchen faucet twice in two weeks. My husband wanted the commercial style too, but I didn’t want to have to keep the spring clean. So we tried a Moen touchless pull down style with a motion sensor. It turned itself on when we wiped down the sink or put dirty dishes inside, and soaked our sleeves! We returned the Moen and bought a Delta with the touch sensor. You have to physically touch the faucet or handle to turn it on, so it does not have the annoying issue of spraying your forearms while you work. It is great to have the touch feature when your hands are messy from cooking. We love it. Bonus: it also has higher pressure than the Moen, so it rinses dishes more efficiently. This model might be too modern but they have other options that could be worth a look. Good luck!

  • Marianne says:

    Kohler Vinnata faucet rocks! It’s very large but lovely and traditional looking, and has a pull-down sprayer. We put the single handle in the front because hubby is lefty, but I love it there! Easy to use, and no drips on counter when hands are wet.
    I’ve had a touch faucet before, and it became simply irritating. Also, when the batteries (which are a pain to change – under the counter) are low, it starts acting fussy. I finally pulled the batteries and used it like a regular faucet.
    Looks like you’ve touched a nerve with this question – good luck! 🙂

  • Stefanie says:

    When we renovated our kitchen 3 years ago, we chose the Brizo Vuelo faucet at the top of this post (the one that looks like a swan) with manual instead of touchless start. The touchless version was considerably more expensive and it didn’t feel like a necessary option for us. This compromise allowed us to get a great quality faucet. We still love it and it has held up brilliantly. The nylon hose retracts smoothly and quietly and a small magnet in the nozzle makes it clip easily back into place. I think having a downward pulling nozzle is good- I’ve never accidentally sprayed across the kitchen!

    Like many, we had budget limitations to our renovation. To deal with this, my husband and I prioritised a few things that were most important to us. For use, these were: a good stove, good lighting, a large , durable sink and a good faucet. The money I saved going with laminate counters instead of stone or quartz (with a rounded edge on all 4 sides so it looks great!) covered upgrades to a gas stove, LED lights, a huge Blanco sink and the Brizo faucet I mentioned earlier. I would have loved stone counters but in the end, it was important to us that the things that need to WORK every day in my kitchen really work well. And they really do! Three years later, I have no regrets.

  • Karyn Meadows says:

    Hi Maria, your advice about white with black and brown with cream rings very true. But what about black with ivory or off-white? My house has enough shadows to make me nervous about going totally white, although I love the look of black and white. Can you achieve a similar look with ivory/off-white?

  • Gabriele Braun says:

    Hi Maria
    When we remodeled our kitchen nearly 3 years ago I opted for the
    BLANCO Culina model#441331. It’s very high profile but I do have a big and deep sink. It’s a single handle model. You can switch to shower easily on the front of the spout and it can be pulled down. It stays at every night level you adjust it to because magnets keep it place. I notice that I mostly use it pulled down a little when I turn the water on full force. I love this faucet. Looks sleek and simple and is very practical and easy to keep clean

  • Carina says:

    I’m also liking Woodmere by Moen but it doesn’t appear to have a prep sink faucet.

  • Michele says:

    what color are the cabinets in first photo featured in Traditional Home?

  • Lori says:

    Oh. My. I see this article was written in 2017, wish I’d read it back then.

    My husband and I own a plumbing contracting company specializing in residential, new construction. Most of the homes we do are custom builds in the $750K-$1M + in the Birmingham and surrounding areas of Alabama. He has been plumbing for 32 years now (started when he was just 19), and we have just started our 18th year in business.

    Throughout the years, he has installed thousands of faucets representing most all brands. He has a few words of wisdom, based off of his personal experiences through the years. Here they are …
    1) He will only allow Delta brand faucets in our personal home. He MIGHT consider a Kohler, but Delta is reliable and lasts forever.
    2) He will only use faucets purchased from a plumbing supply house. It may cost a bit more than the same exact thing found at a big box store, but the reason is because the inside parts are different. The ones sold through the home improvement stores typically have plastic interior parts, are produced for the stores, and do not last as long.
    3) He insisted on Chrome only as the finish throughout our current home (3 full baths and kitchen), because Chrome is timeless, it ALWAYS looks great, the finish doesn’t wear off, and a little glass cleaner will make it shine and sparkle ever time! We’re currently preparing to build a new home (5-1/2 baths plus kitchen, walk-thru pantry, and laundry room)and he has said that he would consider a brushed chrome faucet for the kitchen if I just happened to fall in love with something.

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