Vancouver Interior Designer: How to Avoid the “Can of Worms” While Decorating or Renovating

Magic! (source)

It happens all the time. You install new flooring in the kitchen and suddenly your cabinets look old. You buy a new sofa and it makes the rest of your furniture look tired. The bathroom countertop you just replaced makes the floor tile look like it was installed in 1974.


The best, money saving advice to avoid the “can of worms” phenomenon that I give my clients every day is to help them visualize in advance what the changes will look like and then be able to communicate that end resul’ to my clients. And it’s actually really easy to do, and EVERYONE should know these little magic words. . .


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  1. I’m also trying to sign up for the newsletter but, like Susan, it’s telling me I’m “marvin” and won’t accept my email address.

  2. Can’t wait to read it Maria! Can of worms…what a great way to describe that dilemma!

    Hope your are recovering from your latest adventure–getting this new website going. It really looks wonderful!


    PS. Still smiling about our recent visit. 🙂

  3. I received the newsletter – thank you.

    I didn’t realize how making one change can affect the entire look or impact spaces nearby. I painted my family room and then had to re-paint the kitchen & foyer because the newly painted room made the other spaces look tired by comparison. I’m not complaining because it gave me an opportunity to get rid of the pinky-beige walls but had I replaced tiles without taking your advice then I would have been in a bit of trouble.

    Great advice Maria.

  4. Hi Maria,
    Your new website is sleek, elegant and shows that everything needs updating occasionally. I love it, but then I am a huge fan of yours and as I am due to build my tiny little solar powered retirement home next year, your site has filled me with inspiration and I have been tagging a lot of pages for ideas.