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My Best Friend’s Living Room

By 05/19/2012January 28th, 201712 Comments

My best friend Tami moved into our townhouse complex in December. It’s been so fabulous to have her living just across the garden from our living room windows. How often does your best friend move next door? So that’s the only sad part about moving out a whole 1 hour and 15 minutes away.

My pal Tami is NOT afraid of colour. Red is her favourite colour and last year when she bought an orange leather sofa she suddenly had this wonderful analogous colour scheme.

The mirror above she found from Pier 1.

One day I was at HomeSense and found this tufted chair and ottoman. I sent her a picture and she said ‘Fabulous, please buy it for me’. There are definitely some perks to having a decorator as a best friend : )

All of the townhouse units here are identical so if this floor plans looks similar to mine, that’s because it is!

Tami doesn’t really need much help decorating her space. I make recommendations, she shops and then we place it exactly where it should go.

She found the green garden stools from Homesense, found bases and a glass tops for them to make a great end table!

Tami and her husband Larry love to entertain so her cabinets are full of glasses and mix and match dishes.

A colourful display for a party they recently hosted.

I had to take a picture of the orange bowl with fresh broccoli for the fondue.


The entire townhouse was already painted this soft yellow beige when they moved in which does not relate to the pink beige carpet, however since everything in her decor works with yellow beige and gold tones, the carpet in this case is easy to ignore.

I’m off to Blogfest in New York on the red-eye tonight! Can’t wait to see all my friends and tour New York for the next 3 days.

Have a great weekend my lovelies!

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  • Shawna says:

    I love Tami’s style. Maybe you could find a nice house across the street for her to move into.

  • Leone says:

    What great colors. The orange sofa is so fabulous. Heck, I like ALL the furniture. Shall I send her the address so she can ship it up to my house?

  • Loribeth says:

    My best friend lives a couple of blocks away, so I completely understand what it would feel like to move away. Sherry has told me that I’m not allowed to move!
    Your friend has a great eye for color!

  • doribee says:

    I love reading everything that you write. I have a similar color schemeas your friend , although my sofa is not orange. I am looking for a beigey gold. Do you know the color of the wall paint? Could it be Powell Buff?

  • I love it’s vibrancy.

    Have a wonderful time in NYC11 Jealous!!

  • Is that the orange sofa from Ikea? last time I was there I saw an orange leather sofa that I really coveted.

  • SandyCGC says:

    What a fun house your friend Tami has created with help from you. There’s so much inspiration here. And when she ships all her furniture to Leone, I’d be muchly grateful if she’d ship that beautiful red Oriental chest to me. I’ve craved such a chest for years and I’m absolutely going to need something for my dining room when I move to my new place in January. Have my chairs and narrowing in on my table but the sideboard/buffet has to be unique – no matchy-matchy for me. And you, girl – that wonderful last paragraph about the loverly soft yellow beige walls and the pinky beige carpet and your recent post about living happily with pinky beige carpet when you cana’t change it – you give me a lot of hope since I expect to be renting longterm for the rest of my life and, though I’ll probably be able to paint some walls, I most likely won’t be able to change the flooring.

    There are a lot of other things to do in a day, but your blogs get every day that they come off to a “happy” and creative start for me. Have a great time in New York.!

  • Paula Van Hoogen says:

    I too want to know where she found that delicious orange couch! The stitching pattern is so cool also.
    Tami has an Indonisian feel that is exotic. Somehow I translate this into a tropical feel, but I’m realizing that just because you live in a particular locale (like we do in the mountains), should NOT dictate the style of our homes. Tami illustrates that expressing yourself has little do do with geography! Lovely!

  • Robin Netto says:

    I love the decor. I would choose many of the designs and colors. I love anything Eastern? Buddhist as I am Buddhist. I will download the
    E book for ideas for when I get a place to live of my own.

  • Rowan says:

    I have a 6 yo beach house they plan to update in September when there is 1 week unrented(it stays booked solid despite the need to update colors) They have consulted with 2 design firms locally. The original designer who did the west indies theme has moved away. I know if it isn’t broke don’t fix it and it rents extremely well. The issues I think have designers stumped due to the SWMing red walls and wood stained vaulted ceiling(amber warm tone). Just so much red however they plan to keep the kitchen area red but change just the room that adjoins where the fireplace is. One designer said to go with SW blonde or Ivoire because of green undertones which would work with the ming red(which to me is a blue red) I suggested painting the whole room blue but they do not want to change the red in the kitchen and exterior sitting room. Also they want to keep the red sofas and existing furnishings! The other designer said to go nautical with a deep blue like SW indigo batik(too dark to me) or even SW Bonsai green. So two designers that have completely different color ideas. I’d love feedback from anyone who has used SW Ming Red as it is a retired red now. I like SW humble gold myself(?). I know these are opposite color schemes then the typical beach house but it is what it is. They have painted the bedrooms calming blues & greens thus far on a different level of the home. Not trying to advertise (it is rented full anyway ) but the best pictures of all the rooms are on the rental site
    Any help appreciated If they don’t pick the right color it could look awful and that would definitely decrease rentals!

  • Sammy says:

    Who would have thought vegetables could look so pretty in a dish!

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