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My New York Social Diary

By 05/20/2012January 28th, 20179 Comments

This is my version of being in the New York Social Diary this week:

Kips Bay 2011

I arrived in New York this morning on the red-eye and I’m sharing a room with my good friend Traci Zeller. She was already here the past two days with Talitha McGuinness the  co-owner and Creative Director of Multiplicity Magazine. Talitha was in town speaking at the New York Baby Show. Traci offers design advice geared towards families with multiples in the magazine.

Both Traci and Talitha have twins. Talitha has two identical twin daughters. One question I have always wanted to ask a mom of twins is

‘How do you make sure you never mix them up from the day they’re born?’

Talitha said that their heads were shaped differently for a while and then of course their own personalities make it obvious to a mom so it’s not a problem but her mom had to paint one toenail each so she could tell which was which when they came to her house.

Multiplicity is the number one on-line magazine for parents of twins. Their second issue (above) has been published and is already reaching 150,000 readers in 20 countries.


We made the rounds in all our favourite shops and had a wonderful time! When we popped into the Kate Spade store I spotted this purse which I instantly declared as a bad clean and dirty combination. Traci said “Take a picture and post it, you can’t offend Kate Spade”.

Kate Spade

Just because dirty pink beige leather has been combined with a clean orange decorative clasp doesn’t mean it’s pretty. Picture this in an interior? Not so fabulous. And just for the record, I adore most everything Kate Spade.

Traci Zeller, Maria Killam and Stacy Naquin

Later we hooked up with the ever so charming Stacy Naquin for a late dinner in one of her favourite Italian restaurants. We even had a taxi driver who told us our fortune and guessed the month we were born on the way to the restaurant. Have I mentioned I love New York!

Blogfest is almost here! It’s a three day tour designed exclusively for interior design bloggers featuring the industry’s top shelter magazines, A-list design celebrities and breathtaking venues. The first event starts Monday afternoon at 4:00 pm at the Kips Bay Showhouse hosted by Architectural Digest.

Stay tuned for more from the big apple. Yaay so fun to be here!!

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