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Eclectic Art in the Hallway

{Front Door Colour: Cloverdale 7669}

The art wall in my hallway has looked like this almost since we moved in over a year ago. I couldn’t stand the wall sitting empty so I filled it with mostly empty frames in the hopes that it would inspire me to fill them faster.

It didn’t.

Every time I walked by, I was annoyed.

Just for fun, here’s what my door looked like before:

front door before

Then, right before Christmas, this art book arrived on my doorstep directly from the publisher.

Eclectic Home Art Book

When I opened it to look at it, I didn’t realize what it actually was a collection of frameable prints until I started flipping through it.

I started thinking, ‘Hey, this owl would look so great on my empty wall’.

Eclectic Art for the Hallway

And so he did. This is what I see from my hall bathroom:

electic art in the hallway

And even better news. If you are not as fond of cute faces as me, you can get Art for the Traditional Home and Art for the Contemporary Home.

Such a fun and inexpensive way to fill up an empty wall.

Spring Wreath on Kelly Green Door

Here’s another picture of my wreath. Tracey Ayton took this photograph along with the first one when she was here at Christmas shooting my house.

Kate at Centsational Girl received all three books and here is how she incorporated them into her home.

So that’s it the, my lovelies, no more excuses for that empty wall!

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  • Maria Killam says:

    Oops, sorry everyone, I see I forgot to load the photo that shows the whole wall and now I’m out of town, sorry about that!

  • Looks great Maria – what a reasonable price for those books too – thanks for sharing!

  • Leslie Colvin says:

    Oh my!!!! Please, please, please share the name of the yellow color on your hallway walls! I am desperately looking for a livable yellow to go with the grays in our house, and that just looks like you painted the wall with pure sunshine! Gorgeous!

    • Maria Killam says:

      Hi Leslie, it’s a Cloverdale Paint colour too but I think it’s closets to BM Honeybell. Maria

  • Mary says:

    Cute Cute Cute. Great idea, Maria.

  • franki says:

    That green door is a Slam Dunk!! LUV it!! franki

  • Rochelle says:

    Just looks terrific — so cheery to come into your home. Thanks for sharing the books with us. I am going to purchase one or two and see what I can do in my home. Thanks!

  • Lisa says:

    Love it all! I am wondering if the inside of your door is green too or some other fabulous colour to work with your interior or is it white?

  • I love your door and the new artwork too. I just looked at amazon and was surprised at how affordable the art work book is! I hope my hallway looks that nice soon!

  • What a great idea. I am in need of freshening up some spaces, especially the baths. I am going to get the traditional and contemporary ones and post to my blog! Your wall is adorable I love it!

  • Carol says:

    Your blog today made me laugh as I have the same thing going on in my bathroom. Frames on the wall with no pictures thinking I would get them done soon and its
    been a year now. I am going to have some prints of my
    own photography made and put in there. Orchids and
    flowers from Butschard Gardens in Victoria.
    I esp like your before and after photos. Thanks for sharing pictures of what you have done to your house. They inspire me and open my mind of the possibilities in my own house.

  • Beth B. says:

    That CUTENESS!!

  • Allie says:

    LOVE this! Also love your front door handle/lever — who is the manufacturer?

  • I am a creature of change so the paintings and prints we own are constantly moving from wall to wall and floor to floor (much to my husbands chagrin). Over the last couple of years however I’ve become tired of our art collection and gone to getting new pieces from Art Gallery of Alberta — they have a collection that they rent out. They’ll even take the artworks we own into their collection and rent them to others (we would get a portion of the rental fee). The artworks we’ve rented are outstanding, so much so that my husband is interested in buying every piece I bring home! They’re all over $2000 however and since I love change I’d rather not own any more than we already have. So for $50 a month I can own a large original piece of art (the current choice being a 36″x48″ called “Falling Birch”) — a statement piece anchoring the dining room, and in a few months time I can return it (prying it out of my husband’s hands) and get another new piece. Most of the artworks in their collection belong to the artists themselves so I feel like I’m also supporting a local artist.

    • What a fabulous program and lucky you getting to avail of original art for a reasonable monthly fee. Art for me is the cornerstone of a collected space, because nothing reflects individual taste and interest like art does. It’s poetry for walls. When I go to a home it’s the first thing I “read”.

  • Sue says:

    Just a quick question: How did you paint the door?? Spray paint? I tried painting my front door last year and it was a DISASTER! Streaks everywhere….I had to strip it and vowed to NEVER again paint a front door…But yours looks lovely! HOW did you do it with no streaks!!? Please share.

  • amyks says:

    I bought that book for a friend of mine for her birthday after reading about it on Centsational Girl. She was doing a gallery wall in her family room, she found a lot of awesome prints to use. I was so inspired that I bought the other two books to help me get my empty frames filled, too. The concept for the book is so awesome and affordable.

  • megeranski says:

    @ Sue,
    there are additives you can get, such as Floetrol, to take out streaks. Correct paintbrush can make a huge difference. also, several/multiple very thin coats are 1000 times better than 2 thick coats. take your time, let it dry 2 or 3 days between coats.

  • Centsational Girl says:

    Maria, I’m just seeing this post, they look so fantastic in your hallway, nicely done! Thanks so much for the mention!

  • Gilda says:

    I just love that cloverdale…my new favorite color!

  • Megeranski says:

    Perfect timing, I have some champagne gold frames that need content. I had been combing through black and white photos, but will expand my horizons.


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