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The Gucci Guide to Holiday Decorating

By 12/10/2013February 24th, 201722 Comments

Rebecca Marshall decided to bring out all her fabulous boxes and bags to decorate her house for a good cause. Last weekend, this house was part of a tour of eight homes with all proceeds of the $10 tickets to benefit the Cyrus Centre, an inner-city resource centre responding to the needs of at-risk and homeless youth.

Modern Christmas Tour

Rebecca’s office is located beside the entry of their house. Over the years her husband Todd Marshall (my Brother-in-law’s business partner) has had many Tiffany bags and boxes for Rebecca and their 4 girls under the tree so she arranged them all on a board. Reminds me of my Tiffany Blue Office in our last townhouse, except I did not have this many bags to show : )

Modern Christmas Tour

If you have a collection of similar coloured bags, this is a great way to recycle them. I really like this idea for displaying pretty shopping bags in a large closet.

The Gucci Guide to Holiday Decorating

Modern Christmas Tour

This is Rebecca’s living room. The art she painted herself to add a pop of colour. The Holt Renfrew bags happened to be a perfect match!

Modern House Tour


Modern Christmas Tour

The antlers on the coffee table with some coordinating pink gift boxes.

Modern Christmas Tour

The dining room is dressed in gold and black with a pop of orange.


Modern Christmas Tour

Last year, I was at an event with Rebecca at West Elm where she immediately snapped up their gold flatware (above). I think I need it as well. My flatware is really annoying because the handles are heavy so they fall off plates a lot when you go to pick them up.

The Gucci Guide to Holiday Decorating

This is where the Gucci boxes sit underneath the tree.

Contemporary Christmas Tour

Here’s Rebecca’s kitchen. When I arrived at her home for a consultation last year, she waited for me to note that her leather sofa and faux fur area rug were a perfect match to her granite which also had purple undertones.

As soon as I walked into the kitchen I asked her if she had purposefully coordinated her furniture to her granite and the answer was yes.

During our consultation, I suggested she add clear Eames Eiffel chairs and a rectangular table in the breakfast area. However, clearly, Rebecca did not need my help with coordinating neutrals (below).

The Gucci Guide to Christmas Decorating


Modern Christmas Tour

Rebecca whipped up this gingerbread house display on her island. She is a trained and accomplished cook. Everything that comes out of her kitchen is beautiful and delicious.

Modern Christmas Tour

A pastry chefs vignette.

The Gucci Guide to Holiday Decorating

The tree on the landing on the way up the stairs.

The Gucci Guide to Holiday Decorating

The Gucci Guide to Holiday Decorating

The tree made entirely out of tulle by Rebecca.

Modern Christmas Tour

A glimpse of the master bedroom.

Modern Christmas Tour


Modern Christmas Tour

The sumptuous master bedroom. See that table lamp on the night stand? Todd reported that one weekend they drove around to 4-5 HomeSense stores to find the second one.

The Gucci Guide to Holiday Decorating

The stand was missing in the box when Rebecca pulled it out so she made her own stand out of a vase and white lights. This one sits in her daughter Bailey’s bedroom.

Christmas Modern Tour

The media room downstairs was decorated in turquoise, white and green.

Modern Christmas Tour

Turquoise cone trees and more tulle!

Modern Christmas Tour

 This is their newly installed bar in the media room.

Modern Christmas Tour

A turquoise vignette.

Modern Christmas Tour

The most expensive piece of this pallet transformed into a coffee table by Todd was the glass. So creative!

Modern Christmas Tour

Modern Christmas Tour


The Gucci Guide to Holiday Decorating

The red poinsettia tree in the games area of the media room. Whew. Have we seen them all yet? This is a lot of trees!

The Gucci Guide to Holiday Decorating

A creative way to top off the tree!

The Gucci Guide to Holiday Decorating

The gorgeous white angel tree in the middle of the house.

Modern Christmas Tour

Thank you Rebecca and Todd for sharing your beautiful home with us!

PS. Have you seen this Christmas shopping miracle video yet?

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  • Jeanie P. says:

    What a stunning home. I am sure it was the highlight of the tour. This home is impeccably decorated but what really brings it to life is the sense of whimsey and creativeness with ingenious touches like the pallet coffee table and the tulle tree.

  • Sat Hari K says:

    Love your posts. I am finding them very helpful as I take my time decorating our new home. Thank you for writing them!
    Saw the miracle video a couple days back and my kids made fun of me for crying. :). Happy Holidays!

  • Bonnie says:

    Thanks Maria for posting that tour. What a beautiful home. Loved the WestJet video.

  • Kathy Connelly says:

    I really liked the white Christmas stockings with their initials on them. It’s hard to see clearly what the initials are made out of. Did she make them? Clever place to hang them when there is no mantle.
    She created a beautiful home.

  • Maria, thanks for sharing this beautiful home with us! I love that they have kept the house mostly nuetral, and then have added pops of color in each room. I teared up while watching the video. loved it.

  • Arlene says:

    This home is beyond beautiful, gorgeous, exquisite and highly creatively decorated. I am curious what kind of are in the vase in daughters room that can light up in such small space? Thanks for sharing. Yes West Jet video brings tears.

  • Cynthia says:

    I would have loved to go on a house tour for a cause! Where was it offered? Also wonder if you know where she got that rug? I too have that granite.
    The west jet video is a amazing! I too cried:)
    Merry Christmas!!!!!!!

  • Jane W. says:

    Absolutely gorgeous! O_O

  • Barb says:

    Gorgeous!!! Thank you for sharing! I cried when I watched the West Jet video!!!

  • Mary says:

    You got me Maria! That video had me weeping happy tears.
    And how considerate of Rebecca & Todd to open their beautiful home for such a good cause.
    Thanks for sharing.

  • Sharon says:

    Maria – I was on that tour as well – go every year and am pleased with the charitable organizations the admission goes to! This WAS a beautiful home and I quite enjoyed seeing it and taking in the tranquility of it all! Even had a nice chat with the owners (I think my daughter and I were the last visitors there as we started from the other end of the city!)

    My one disappointment? Finding out you were on the tour as well and we never crossed paths so I could actually meet you!

  • franki says:

    Their home is so very creative and beautiful…I had not watched the video…crying my eyes out. So very creative and beautiful. franki

  • Debbiecz says:

    House tours are a wonderful way to share your home with the community. Kudos for joining in a great activity

  • Amy says:

    The painting in the dining room is incredible. Any idea of the artist?

  • Mary says:

    Very lovely home. So great of them to open it up to share with all of us. It is so personal, yet inviting . I especially Love the pic of the bedroom entrance.

    The Westjet video?
    Awesome, and other companies would do well to look, listen and strive for the same.
    Spreading good . And doing it SO RIGHT!
    Just fab.
    I feel Blessed just to have watched it. Thanks Maria. MERRY CHRISTMAS!
    M from Ohio

  • Lorri says:

    About the flatware falling off the plates … my flatware was doing the same thing.

    I figured out that the curve of the handle was so high, that once the bottom of the handle slipped off the plate, the whole utensil followed and fell off.

    I just got some Reed & Barton flatware that doesn’t fall off. The curve flattens out halfway down the handles, so more of the utensil is lying flat on the plate.

  • Rob says:

    I love this home and want to live in it! Maria, a client recently asked me what the closest BM colour would match Tiffany gift bags. I had no idea what colour those bags were until this posting. Which one do you, or your readers, feel is the best match? Thank you and Merry Christmas to all of you!

  • Sally says:

    Hello Maria!

    This is my first time commenting on one of your posts! I’ve bought all your products I think! lol

    I am pretty excited because I think Rebecca has the same granite as me, and I’m having a terrible time picking out floor tiles, as I just can’t seem to match it! Is her granite Kashmir White???

  • Marina says:

    Very beautiful decor love it! Where was the bed bought? And sofas?

  • Deborah McKenzie says:

    I am still moved with tears of joy when I watch this random act of kindness.

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