Inspiration and my Tiffany Blue Office

Turquoise office photos by Maria Killam 

Sometimes I get direct inspiration for a project from reading design magazines, blogs or even movie sets. Everyone knows the Something’s Gotta Give set that is the most copied white kitchen! For my home office, inspiration came from Meryl Streep’s office in the Devil Wears Prada. I love all the haphazardly hung frames and that they don’t match. What unifies this look are the white mats. 

My Lido office chairs finally arrived, I ordered them directly from Costco for $250 thanks to a tip from a reader. I’ve linked to them but suddenly I can’t find them on their site – maybe they are sold out? 

Here’s the empty room 

Here it is being painted, you can really see the pinky beige


The colour is 626 Caribbean Breeze by Benjamin Moore or SW 6749 by Sherwin Williams. I had the yellow, turquoise and white linen from a display at the Spring Home Show so I sent them to my workroom to get sewn into these panels. I love the colour in this room, I get happy just walking into my office in the morning. The empty desk is a good space for sourcing fabrics for clients from my wall of books (below) and an assistant which I will need very soon.

Here is the room with only the drapes and furniture installed (below): 

The desks are Jonas from IKEA. I wanted the one with the built in drawers but the white was discontinued so I had to get this style so I didn’t install the pull-out which obviously would get in the way of drawers. I had the black drawers already so I just re-used them. I chose this desk to hide the cords. Most of the desks at IKEA are so open you see everything. 

The shelving is Lack. I only had panels made for one side (as you can see) because there is very little wall left on the right and the drapery covers up the wall on the left. Since the bookshelves come almost to the window I decided it was okay to leave it asymmetrical.

Love my little organizer. The happy lamp is from Homesense.


And my faux flowers, I just love them. 

Love this watercolor, a giveaway I won at Bright Bold & Beautiful by Laura Trevey, she is so talented! 

This was one of the first living rooms I decorated for a client many years ago. When I first started designing I thought the coolest thing about designer fabrics was the pattern mixing part of it. I have changed my opinion since then to include less pattern and more colour blocking and drama. 

A client sent me this card a few years ago. It’s a bit hard to see but she crossed off th in Martha and inserted i instead for my name. I loved it so much I framed it. 

This photo of orange daises I received from Victoria and Kelly over at Design Ties! It looks terrific sitting on top of the bookshelves! 

My water station. 

This little oil painting I bought in Paris when I was there a few years ago. My sister found me this tape dispenser. 

My fan decks (in the closet behind me) from paint companies all over the Country for my on-line consultations and I finally have a Dulux deck for international if you are in Australia or London (for example) and need a consultation. I’m doing an average of about 5 per week and they work really well, email me for more information. Remember I can also decorate your house from top to bottom if you are local, in addition to colour :). 

My invisible assistant 🙂 

I just found a blog party at Centsational Girl that my office coincidentally fits right in. Check it out here, so many fun offices to see. 

If you would like your home to fill you with happiness every time you walk in, contact me for on-line or in-person decorating and colour.

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  1. Thank you, I very much enjoyed this tour!
    I bet you will be swamped by eager offers to be your assistant – not only a great job, but a lovely room to work from.

  2. Ripples and Pleats


    I just discovered your blog and I really enjoy it. I am an interior designer and custom drapery designer in Chicago. You are quite an inspiration. Lovely office 🙂

    /Heather of Ripples & Pleats, Chicago, IL

  3. What a wonderful space to work! You did a marvelous job! I think any angel or devil wearing prada would sit pretty there.

  4. You must be excited to see more and more of your home coming together. Your office is beautiful ~ glad it makes you happy.


  5. Your office is absolutely inspirational and I wish I had space for an office…..Your color combinations are great and you got the chair i really want!!!!

    This is the first time i am visiting your blog and i will definitely be back soon again!

  6. Christine Da Costa

    I love the wall colour…looking for some thing similar for a client…must check out BM626 Carribean breeze. I also love your whites desks…gives your office a clean crisp look. Great job. Good luck on finding an assistant…you may have many to choose from.
    All the best
    Christine aka GlamaMama on Twitter

  7. Cherri @ SmartyPantalons

    This is the exact color I want my office, not the stately yellow it is now. However, in order for that to happen I need a marriage ref and not a decorator. 😉 My husband hates blue walls of all kinds. I tell him it's because he hasn't seen them done well, but in 14 years I've not been successful in swaying him.

  8. can I please be your invisible assistant, pretty please with a cherry on top? you're amazing, the colors are bright and happy, makes it easy to get in the mood to 'create'…

  9. Maria,
    It was brilliant to use two desks. Maybe I could keep one of them cleared for work! Love all of your artwork, and of course I love the Tiffany blue walls. Absolutely beautiful!

  10. Beautiful Maria, can I be your assistant, although I don't think I could get much work done in that pretty place!

  11. Maria I am smiling from ear to ear. I love your office. What a wonderfully happy atmosphere to work in. I can see some great creativity will be coming out of this office!!! Love love it,Kathysue

  12. Between you, me and the Fencepost

    I have a fantasy of being your cool assistant sitting at your other desk and making you look good. (not a hint I just love to speculate) How fun would that job be? I love your office!

  13. I have you as a link on my blog, and I'm glad I took a look today because the color you used is quite like what I am considering for my newly remodeled kitchen. Wish you were here to help make the final decision.

  14. It looks wonderful and I can just imagine how good it would feel to walk into a working space like that each day. And so well organised as well!

  15. Your office is gorgeous! I love robin's egg blue and other shades of blue for a room. It's so calming. I have a similar colour that accents our master bedroom. I call it the blue room.

    I would like it for our kitchen, but I think it would be too much.

    Wishing you a great week ahead!

  16. LOVE LOVE LOVE your office!!!

    Two storage/display suggestions. Have you considered using clear acrylic stacking tubes (like the ones used to store wine) to organize your paint decks? Just wondering if the size would be similar? Also, I recently replaced all my wrought iron display easels with thick, clear acrylic ones from Container Store. I love seeing the thick acrylic peeking out under my displayed items.

  17. I am in love with your new office space! The colors are so happy and inspirational! I will definitely be saving this blog post for future inspiration.

  18. Maria, are your drapes lined? They look fairly sheer with the light coming in the window. A beautiful space! Donna

  19. Great tour. I love my home office and all the personal items in it as well. Can you pass on some info on your online decorating? I have just started that and feel a bit overwhelmed with the two jobs I have because I want them to go so well.

  20. Thanks for the peek at your office. Now when I read your blog I have the setting to place you. It is indeed a "joy"ful space.

  21. Ruthie's Renewed Treasures

    Love it, love it, love it Maria!!! It is so beautiful and so inviting. So much fun to see where you work! The chairs are amazing and look comfy too! I'm sure it will put a smile on your face every time you enter!


  22. Hei, I really like your color choices for the office. And the wall of books is fantastic! I hope my office would be as organized and good looking 🙂


  23. traci zeller designs

    I LOVE your office, Maria. The turquoise and yellow is so fresh and pretty, especially popped with all of the white. Who wouldn't want to work in that space??? 🙂

  24. Hi Anonymous,
    That shelf of fan decks might look bigger than it is, and it's in my closet so it's not an eyesore. Love the idea of the acrylic boxes though, I would love it even more if we had a container store in Vancouver. Sigh.

    Anonymous 2.
    The drapes are lined, but I'm thinking they didn't need to be really because they don't even cover the window.
    Thanks for your comments!

  25. Dale at Hospitality Re-Defined

    Love your new office, the layout, the colours… I can see why it would make you happy just to be in that space…

  26. Lovely office. And so organized!
    Seeing your photos, I remembered I have that little book Colorist by Shigenobu Kobayashi.It's a fun little handbook.

  27. Maria–
    A place I could accomplish a lot in! Looking forward to your post on sofa tables — I can easily see you posting in this room, good energy!

  28. That colour is heaven – and you've combined it with my favourite movie. Big question – do you find you're more productive in an office you love?

  29. Lissa @ After Adornment

    Beautiful Office!!! I love the blue walls and the pops of yellow. I am working on my office now too…I need to get more orgainized!

  30. Centsational Girl

    So so gorgeous !!! I am in love with your desks and shelving, and the color of the walls is TDF!!


  31. Hi Maria!

    Your office looks amazing!!! and I love seeing my watercolor print in the photos… yay!

    xoxo Laura

  32. Love how your office looks. Might have to order that chair for myself – would save me $1500.00 from the ones I want from DWR. What a happy space.

  33. Christina Rodriguez | The Diva's Home

    I very much enjoyed the tour of your office. Asymmetrical can be great too! What good ideas you had!

  34. Grace @ Sense and Simplicity

    I love the colour of your walls with your drapes and the white desk and shelves. It all looks so fun and happy – just like you!

  35. Erika at BluLabel Bungalow

    Maria, I would love to go to your office to work everyday! It looks like such a happy and organized place to be. You did a beautiful job!

  36. Maria, I'm so happy for you! Wow!! Gorgeous decorating and colours! I do love that movie, Devil Loves Prada. :o) It was fun watching the transition from homey girl to chic dresser. I loved the scenery and the inside look at putting a fashion magazine together. The photo display is a great idea. I've been toying with how to do that myself.

    I haven't gotten to do any painting of our house yet. Dad's house just wouldn't fact no one would even LOOK at it. And I can't say that I blamed them. I've done SO MUCH painting and repair work in the last month. It was painful considering that I wanted to do my own house.

    But the joy is three repair guys expressing interest and two people who say they want to make offers on the house and the realtor hasn't even re-listed it with the new photos.

    I have two major sewing projects (one for my mom and one for a ministry) and then I can start on our house. :o) Tim has totally gotten into the 'decorating' and renovating mood. We made a master list of what needed to be done in both the unfinished office and our house. He wants me to switch my focus to the guest bathroom first. He's going to buy a new cabinet and sink.

    I never dreamed our consultation would get my hubby so 'on board' but he is. However, getting this estate closed out has to be the priority. It's exhausting! But now I feel much more comfortable with texturing and repairs and painting. We want to do it right and our home being what it is, it's going to take a lot more prep than just basic painting. We will be adding floor boards, sills, and taping and bedding seams. Tim wants to remove the paneling in the living room too! Miracles never cease! Thanks so much for helping us get the ball rolling. This fall is going to be all about our house.

    You're the best!

  37. What a lovely space!! The Tiffany turquoise has set a very calming mood, and your accessories provide the POP. Many times, designers and other professionals ignore their own spaces, in favor of those of their clients … the 'shoemaker's children syndrome'. Your office is beautiful.

    P.S. I also have the Ikea Jonas desk, minus the pull-out. It's a perfect, low-impact work space that lets the other things in the room take center stage.

  38. Hi Anonymous,
    Well you know what they say, every room needs to have some ugly so it doesn't look totally contrived 🙂
    Thanks for the tips!

  39. Your office is so fresh and pretty — love the Tiffany blue on the walls 🙂 And so happy to see that the artwork you won in our giveaway has found a home on your bookcase 🙂

    I think I bought the exact same lamp at HomeSense, but in green. It was on sale for $18, and I couldn't pass it up!!


  40. They don't call you a "colour expert" for nothing! Here's more proof that you are the best at what you do.
    I love the color on the walls and am coveting your new desk.
    Fantastic job Maria!

  41. out of all the offices I've seen, yours is my favorite!! Love the tiffany blue color and the pop of yellow throughout! I'm getting an apartment this year and the colors are turquoise and yellow, too!

  42. Wow, I love your office!!

    Do you know if there is an equivalent tiffany turquoise you would recommend from Glidden/C.I.L? I want to paint my bathroom this color but I don't think I can get Benjamin Moore paint here.

  43. Your office just looks amazing!!!!! and considering thg einspiration is comng from my all time fav movie adds ooodles to it.. love thg echair the watercolor.. the orgnizer.. everything…:)

  44. Hi Anonymous,
    I'm sorry glidden is one fan deck I don't have so I can't check that out for you.
    Sorry about that,

  45. Your office looks beautiful, love the chair wish I new about it earlier I specified 8 similar to yours for a conference room for my client, they paid much more.
    Thanks for sharing

  46. it looks amazing Maria and is so "you!!!" love it!!!

    the curtains are so much fun and love the desk set up!!! everything looks so organized!!

  47. You vixen! How absolutely chic! The watercolor, the tape dispenser… the dual desks. I'm in heaven. And you KNOW I love Tiffany blue and your inspiration movie: DWP. So very nice to see you show the process, the details, the results. I need to do more posts like this myself!!!!

  48. Hi Maria! Turquoise is my fav colour (although I’m currently mixing it with green shades, like in my living room). I’d make your ideal assistant!! I’ve studied interior design in college and like you, I’m a colour girl! We ‘d have so much fun decorating together! Good for you I live in Greece, otherwise you would have to hire me or I wouldn’t leave you alone! Greetings 🙂