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How to Create a Countrified Garland for Your Mantle

By 12/12/2012January 28th, 20176 Comments

Last week after I decorated the mantle in my living room and then went over to my mom’s place to decorate hers I decided I was a garland expert.

The fireplace before I added the garland.

So when my friend Treya was having a Christmas cookie decorating evening with her kids and she invited me to hang out I said, “Do you have your tree up yet?”

She said “No, I have a fake purple one, but my kids would love it if we had a real one”.

I said “Well pick one up along with some garland for your fireplace and I’ll decorate it for you,”

Specifically I was going to show you how to how to add the wire mesh ribbon (below). This is how wide it is now, but don’t let that fool you, it shrinks up and adds all kinds of volume to a tree in addition to a garland around your mantle. It’s a way better effect than skinny wired ribbon.

We picked up this gold roll from Superstore.

We bought two 9 ft garlands, attached them together and here they are with white lights. Treya’s house is in a beautiful setting, among super tall cedar trees which are lit up at night. It’s mostly wood inside. Wood floors, stairs, walls and feels like a contemporary log house.

Here’s one side of the garland with the wire mesh ribbon. As soon as I had wrapped it, I stood back and said ‘This looks like we’re about to have a wedding’. It’s very bad.

Granted it would have had lots of balls and everything before it was finished but with the rustic concrete fireplace and all the wood, simple was definitely best in this scenerio.

I went back to the simple look and feel with just a few red and natural twig balls and some wire ribbon in the middle (below).


 And here’s the tree all done in red and silver!

So the lesson here is that if you have a house with lots of wood everywhere, your garland will be the easiest to decorate.  Make sure you buy a substantial looking one that comes with pine cones attached, some lights, and bob’s your uncle!

Skip the sparkly wire mesh garland. You don’t need it, haha!

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  • Wendy says:

    OMG, you nailed it. One of my (many) pet peeves is the overdone, hyper-romantic Christmas look…are we becoming stars of our own Harlequin Romances?? I love this toned-down sparkle…well-done, Maria.

  • I don’t feel so alone now. I can never make that wide mesh ribbon look good no matter how I use it. Thanks for a helpful what-not-to-do. Merry Christmas in your new home,

  • It looks beautiful Maria — Happy Holidays!

  • Debbiecz says:

    That is one huge fireplace! The top has a severe drop off to the sides that results in a “hole” between the garland and the stone. I wonder, did you try just one of the 9′ ft sections? Last year I used a big urn (remember the urn law?) set on one side of my fireplace with thick grapevine (3″diam) set in the urn rising up on side of my mantle and branching over and above. A simple garland with naturalistic picks and amber lights dressed it up. The finishing touch was a glittery gold/white twig owl perched in the branch. It felt Christmasy but I was able to leave it up thru January w/o that holiday hangover feeling. If I was hanging around your friends next year I’d do a container or lantern on the ground with a smaller garland or arrangement on top…not too symmetrical. And maybe a Santa hat on the statue, just kidding.

  • carol ann says:

    lol lol I needed that laugh thank you, your right it did look like you were going to have a wedding!
    Loving the red better.
    I cannot believe you have time to do someone elses xmas, I have not even started… to many bossy clients that want their home done for xmas… sad thing is half have put off the purchase part until Jan after the presentation… so wish they would not say now now now, and then put the brakes on… oh well at least I’m busy, but a day off would be nice. Still hoping our boss gives us the ok for the class in Feb… what date is the sale on until? email [email protected] if you have time. (no e in my email address)
    Would so love to see you again, Regards, Carol Anne

  • Paula Van Hoogen says:

    OKAY! NOW I know how to decorate for Christmas AND the wedding we’re hosting 2 days after Christmas!!! HAHA! Thanks again, sweet Maria!
    What a gorgeous fireplace surround that family has!!!

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