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A Magic Formula for Creating the Perfect Gallery Wall

By 05/03/20244 Comments

Today I’m sharing a magic formula for creating a stunning gallery wall in your home with expert tips and styling insights to make your art arrangement look polished and pretty. 

This is the fifth and last suite I decorated for Wilma’s Transition Society. It was such an amazing privilege to contribute to this project and work with the biggest hearts, Gail and Casey and the team. They worked so hard to make these spaces safe and healing spaces for women and children.

Working with what you’ve got to make magic

Because we had a donated grey sofa and two grey IKEA chairs with ottomans, and we couldn’t add colour with an area rug (simply because they don’t want to manage the cleaning) so the living room in this suite was decorated with neutrals.

I flew my Director of eDesign Tricia Firmaniuk in from Edmonton to help me finish this project because we were on a tight deadline. And that worked out perfectly because Tricia, who is also an artist, hung artwork for 9 years working for a gallery so she is definitely the resident expert on creating a gallery wall!

The staff said, we can’t wait to see what you do with this bathroom! It had existing blue marmoleum floors and brown cabinets with a pink beige countertop.  

Marmoleum bathroom before

The bathroom got a gallery wall assemblage as well? 

Of course it did! See how we repeated the blue and pink beige in the landscape art, and the browns (including the brown and white floral shower curtain–not shown here) that pick up the vanity colour? Now this room feels like we have been transported to another place!

And that’s what styling does so magically, which is why I could do this all day and all night.

bathroom with gallery wall

I decided not to try and add another mirror above the second sink because the existing mirror was bigger than what you would install right above a sink. So the solution was to balance it with artwork.

bathroom with gallery wall

A magic formula for creating the perfect gallery wall

And wait until you see the (staff favourite) moment I created in the hallway leading up to this bathroom! And y’all have been asking what the gallery wall formula is so find out in this weeks colour rescue.


Have a bathroom you don’t love but you aren’t ready to renovate? Check out my Bathroom Refresh eDesign package here.

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  • Halina Lasocka says:

    Hi Maria, we can see the brown and white shower curtain in the mirror reflection, YAY. Wonderful transformation, thanks for teaching us!

  • Kristin says:

    It’s just beautiful. Every room feels like a hug.

  • Ann says:

    What a gift for these women to come into a nicely decorated home. That bathroom must have been so tricky. It’s unusual that there wasn’t a bigger light and two mirrors or at least a bigger mirror for both sinks but you did a great job bringing balance and beauty to a very bland spot!

  • Diane says:

    Great video. Is it possible to decorate around a TV screen with anything other than black and white?

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