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Merry Christmas + My Family Holiday House Tours

By 12/23/2015February 21st, 201738 Comments


When I came home with a flocked tree this year, my sister Elizabeth decided she wanted one too. After all, she was hosting her husband’s office Christmas party again this year and a white tree would transform her decorations and make them look new again.

I’ve included a few photos from their Christmas tour in 2013 as well as this years flocked tree!

Also, I realized that I did not explain what a flocked tree was in my last post. It’s still a real tree, it’s just preserved when it’s sprayed in white. It’s not designed to last beyond the season though. But right now it still looks as good as when I first installed it the first weekend of December.

Here’s Elizabeth’s front door:

Christmas Tour of Elizabeth & Bill's Home

Photo by Tracey Ayton

Holiday Tour of Elizabeth & Bill's Home

Her Family room – Decorated by Maria Killam (Photo by Tracey Ayton)




Here’s Elizabeth’s white flocked tree this year. It looks so amazing when you drive up to their house, it literally sparkles from the window!

Holiday Tour of Elizabeth & Bill's Home

Here’s her tree from two years ago (above). I don’t really understand why I didn’t arrange all the decorative gifts underneath the tree when I decorated it, but there they are.

Holiday Tour of Elizabeth & Bill's Home

Photo by Tracey Ayton


All remaining photos by Maria Killam


We re-use them each year, in fact my nephews are the first to pull out the fake wrapped gifts. They love them!


Here’s a family photo of Elizabeth, Markus, William and Bill taken during the party (the kids are in their fake smile stage, haha).

My sister Lea’s front door wreath. Lea loves anything cute and whimsical.


Here’s her kitchen you saw this year in an earlier post:


Colours, finishes and styling by Maria Killam

Lea’s tree is red and purple, adorned with butterflies, fairies and all kinds of fun and playful ornaments:











Here’s Lea’s collection of gnomes. There are more of course, all over her house!


And here’s my Mom’s front door holiday decor courtesy of Lowe’s Canada this year! 


Here’s my Mom’s sitting area off her kitchen, see the rest of her house here.


My Mom’s Christmas decor inside is simply a decorated (by me of course) garland around her fireplace.


Photos by Maria Killam






Her television is installed on the wall across from the fireplace for optimal viewing. I found the frames at Pier 1, the mirrored one here and the coordinating turquoise one here. A tip on using frames as accessories, don’t buy matching ones, coordinate them instead.

We’re missing Anita’s Christmas tree but when I came up with this idea she was not available so I couldn’t stop by and take a photo.

Which is your favourite tree? Or do you prefer the quick and easy garland that my Mom has in her house?

Since this is my last post before Christmas, I want to take this opportunity to thank you all for following me, reading my blog, and for all your support and love in 2015! I look forward to spending 2016 with all of you!

Merry Christmas!! xoxo

PS. For anyone looking for Specify Colour with Confidence™ dates, they’re  here.

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  • Ange says:

    Wishing you a very merry Christmas and a wonderful 2016. Thank you for all the work you do on your amazing blog. I so enjoy all your articles and decorating advise.

  • Bert says:

    The Christmas trees are all beautiful! My favourite is your sister Lea’s. My favourite is always a green tree and I especially love the colours on Lea’s tree.
    Your Mom must be thrilled with her lovely house. So well decorated and looks so cosy and comfortable. Merry Christmas to you and your family, Maria. I will be looking forward to more of your informative posts in the New Year.

  • Melissa says:

    Merry Christmas Maria! Hoping the coming year is a fabulous one! I’m blessed to have met you! Your color boards always come in handy! Needing/wanting more great colors! Love your blog too!

  • carolanne says:

    Merry Christmas Maria, love all the trees & décor… x

  • karen says:

    It all looks so amazing and festive. Definitely can tell a designer is in the family. lol Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year to you all.

  • KA says:

    Nice decor and photos all the way around. Merry Christmas to your entire family. I read every one of your blog posts and maybe only 5% of my college roommate’s. THANKS FOR ALL YOUR WORK!

  • brenda adams says:

    Merry Christmas …

  • Georgene says:

    Merry Chrisrmas Maria and Family. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. Best regards for a happy and successful 2016.

  • Traci Zeller says:

    I looooooooove the flocked tree!!!!! It is so fresh and fabulous, just like you (and Elizabeth)!! xoxoxo

  • Linda says:

    I loved the flocked tree! It seems to make the colored ornaments pop with color. Just like a white kitchen! Thanks for your blog. I love it!

  • Robin says:

    Merry Christmas! My color boards came and I’ve used them with my daughter to select colors for her new home. It worked so well to compare them and gradually eliminate all the “wrong” choices. Even better, when her husband came around to see our progress, he immediately joined in to the selection process. Having those larger paint colors makes it easy to make decisions. It “mistake-proofs” the process. Thank you for everything you share online!! And I hope you and your loved ones enjoy the holidays.

  • They’re all beautiful, but I think Lea’s whimsical tree is my favorite… I love her kitchen too. Merry Christmas!!

  • MaggieS says:

    Thank you for all of the information you share …I have learned SO MUCH from reading your blog posts (and I have read them ALL)

    Merry Christmas!! Wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday and a happy and healthy 2016!

  • Adelaide says:

    Maria thanks for explaining about flocking. All the trees have their charm don’t you think? Your Mum’s mantle is pretty, and I love her green tiled fireplace.
    Hope all your family have fun together during this holiday season. I have read this blog for some years now, and watched you grow a business. May 2016 continue to bring good things to you and yours.

    • mairi says:

      I love her mantle too, especially the painting as part of the ‘scenery’! Brilliant..
      Merry Christmas Maria, Terreria, and family. Best in 2016! I look forward to more of your wonderful posts..

      • D.G. says:

        Maria, The decorations for each of your rels are lovely and unique. Flocked trees are making a comeback! I, too, especially love the whimsical tree in your sister’s kitchen.
        I’m sure you’ve shared before but what is the soothing shade of blue in your mom’s LR, please?
        Although my family isn’t having a happy holiday…I hope you and your readers are!

  • Karen Kirby says:

    Maria – I can feel the family love in this post. I wish you all a wonderful holiday season and best wishes for 2016.

  • shelley says:

    Thank you Maria, for all you do to inspire us! Your decorating style of simplicity is sooo refreshing in the overload of the holiday season! When you have less things, it allows each item to “shine” on it’s own! Love your moms treatment of a swag and no tree! perfect for people who live in small places!

  • Absolutely beautiful! And your close up photos of her tree are wonderful. 🙂 I LOVE those pendant lights in her kitchen (somehow I missed that earlier kitchen post)…where did she purchase those??

  • Judy B. says:

    Happy holidays! Yippee, for purple decorations! Thank you for sharing.

  • BillP says:

    Merry Christmas, Maria!

    I love all the trees but Lea’s is my favorite. The hits of purple are an element of surprise and added warmth (and I’m not even a purple person). I’m glad to learn that those are fake gifts, you were giving me a complex about what’s under my tree!

  • Anastasia Morgan says:

    Hi Maria – I enjoy reading your blog because I learn a lot and always pick up interesting tips. Can you tell me about your sister Elizabeth’s front door please? We recently moved and all our internal doors are that pattern. We need to install three new ones and would like them to match but our contractor cannot locate them. This is a wonderful coincidence so any info you can supply will be most welcome. Thank you & Merry Christmas – Anastasia

    • Maria Killam says:

      Hi Anastasia, unfortunately this door was inherited and not specified by me, sorry I can’t help. Maria

  • Elara says:

    So beautiful! Miss you all. Merry Christmas!
    Love, Lea

  • Mary-Illinois says:

    Don’t make me pick a favorite…I love them all!
    Merry Christmas to you & your family.
    Get to bed early. Santa’s coming!

  • Durf says:

    This just validates to me how beautiful red and turquoise look together. Great job!

  • Lucy Haines says:

    Maria, As always your design work is just outstanding! I love all of the trees and your mom’s garland with the ribbon. I did a “designer” tree this year with ribbon & every one loves it. I still like a flocked tree and the way you decorated it. You have such talent.

    Hope you are enjoying your Christmas today with your family. May the New Year be filled with blessings. I look forward to all of your blogs!

  • mary says:

    I love the colors in Elizabeth’s family room- they are so bright and playful. I love how the grey wall in the entryway matches the grey pieces in the sideboard. All of the trees are pretty, but when I saw the Elizabeth’s green tree from two years ago, I thought it was absolutely stunning. All of my favorite decorating colors are together in that picture and the one below- turquoise, red, green, grey, white, and that warm shade of dark blue. Just beautiful.

  • ann says:

    All the trees are beautiful, but I do like the fairy tree. Your mom’s front door turned out great and her mantle looks nice. I put a small white tree in my dining room, with green and turquoise ornaments this year. The walls are green. Love to look at it.

  • Fran says:

    Merry Christmas to you and yours, Maria!

  • Maria, these are beautiful rooms, colors, and Christmas decor! I never thought of using fake packages! What a fabulous idea! *note to self for next year

    Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and New Year! Love, Donna

  • Carol says:

    The flocked tree is soooo beautiful. I also like the ornaments
    on the green tree esp the butterflies….so pretty.
    Thank-you so much for brightening our lives with color
    this year and helping us all to understand it better. Your
    the Best!!!
    Hope you have a wonderful holiday season and I can’t
    wait to read what you come up with next!!!!
    Happy Holidays,

  • Beth B. says:

    That flocked tree is stunning! Curious how they are sprayed? Is it done at the garden center professionally? I am thinking those cans you buy would be impractical because it would require too many. Maybe I’m wrong? Are they messy?
    Too Curious

    • Maria Killam says:

      They are sprayed in a special heated process and takes 2 days to get one ready. They are not messy done that way, would definitely be messy if you just used the spray can for sure.

  • Beth B. says:

    That’s so interesting! I have never heard of it around these parts but will investigate. Thank you!!

  • Mary Helen says:

    Beautiful and inspiring! I’m also interested in the answer to D.G.’s question – what is the beautiful wall color in your mother’s living room?

  • Pretunilla says:

    I love everything about it but very passionate about the front doors. Beautiful and very welcoming

  • mrsben says:

    All the trees and your Mother’s mantle are beautiful Maria. I am afraid if it were me, I would have difficulty in taking any of it down … ☺. That said; hopefully you all had a joyous Christmas! Wishing you and your loved ones A HAPPY & HEALTHY NEW YEAR. Warmly -Brenda-

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