2011 Holiday Tour of Colour Me Happy

The holiday tour of my house is here!  First I’m showing you the image I think is the prettiest! Do you like all my empty, colour-coordinated boxes? I spent two evenings wrapping them! First I searched all over town for raspberry and kelly green wrapping paper. Then I gave up but went into Zellers for lights

and there they were, boxes of all colours! Go figure.

Photography by Jennifer Houghton


Here’s my Christmas tree:

The drum shade chandelier in the dining room is reflected in the mirror so it’s not really two of them.  I decided on a simple drum shade because I think there’s already so much going on when you walk into my living/dining room and take in the whole space.

I found the halo last weekend and bought all they had (all 10 of them). There must be other angels around who are missing their halos! Then I placed it into this bowl of silver christmas balls and there it stayed.

Two days before the shoot my tulips were perfect so I put the whole vase outside so they would stay this way. Isn’t it true it takes about 3-4 days inside before tulips look exactly perfect?

Here is my new, custom made, walnut parsons style dining table.

I know it looks like I baked for days and even colour coordinated the star, shortbread cookies with raspberry, yellow and green sparkly icing, but I actually found them at Whole Foods this way.

This is a view of my library corner.

The ottoman fabric is from Eileen Kathryn Boyd’s new collection of fabrics for Duralee. Notice in design magazines whenever you see a lone table it has 1 or 2 or 3 or even 4 ottomans underneath it? It seems designers can’t get enough of upholstered anything.

We did not take an angle that includes a view of the TV, but here’s the vignette I created for the entertainment unit below the flat screen installed on the wall.

If you would like your home to fill you with happiness every time you walk in, contact me.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing such beautiful vignettes with us! I love the raspberry, and especially those polka dot pillows! Great on the yellow!

  2. I can’t say often enough how much I love the raspberry, green and yellow combo – beautiful.

    The styling is wonderful and it’s fun to look around the room at everything you’ve purchased and things you’ve used to style the room – well done. It makes me want to invite myself over, help myself to some of those delicious looking desserts and settle down in the comfy green chair to relax. 🙂

  3. Simply beautiful Maria, I love how you added the yellow books to your bookshelves and created little bits of yellow throughout for a unifying look. What a great idea to decorate the hearth as well.
    Wishing you all the best for a wonderful Christmas season. xoxo

  4. Maria,
    Your home looks so beautiful and I love your color scheme – so fresh and lively, just like you! I really love how you styled your bookcases – the yellow National Geographics are a great touch!


  5. Love your style and I am in lust with your sunshine sofa and dining chairs! Looks like pure sunshine! Love the fresh flowers too. Think I better run to the florist and grab me some for my table. It really comes alive more with fresh flowers, doesn’t it?

    Merry Christmas and much joy to you and yours, sweet Maria!

    ~ Victoria in Texas

  6. Maria! Stunning! You have magazine shots in this post. I love it all. I’m in love with the fact that you color-coordinated everything to your decor. I did that in my dining room and it feels so right. Your home is just so gorgeous. I love the green chair and ottoman — when did they come on the scene? Clearly I missed that! I don’t know which is my favorite image. Bravo. Merry, Merry Christmas!

  7. Your holiday tour is lovely. Your library is one of my favorite shots and spots! Love the pops of yellow!

  8. Thank You for sharing your home with us. you’ve done a nice job of making it warm and contemporary. Merry Christmas to you and those you love.

  9. Merry Christmas Maria!
    Beautiful! I love everything you do. What a wonderful feeling you have created!
    Looking forward to tuesday.

  10. Maria, This is absolutely enchanting! Your colors are delightfully cheery and fresh.

    I ADORE your house and decor! I love how you brought so much of the ‘outside’ IN. You could only feel happy in a house like yours.

    Gotta go write a few last Christmas cards…but I’ll catch up with you later.


  11. Dear Maria, somehow you’ve kept a child-like freshness
    and excitement in your heart! You keep in tune with that little girl inside, and bring the feeling of a sparkly angel atmosphere…oooo. It’s exquisite! You give us all
    a new way of looking at things….
    Thank You! and God Bless You!

  12. WOW that is some serious EYE CANDY you have in your home. I especially love your BOOKCASE! Merry Christmas!

  13. Great decorations! I don’t think you need more ornaments on the tree, but you do seem to need a little something on the tips. You can try clip-on ornaments (they come in glass, birds, butteflies, etc….) or a type of icicle ornament to hang just from the tips. Great to pick up on clearance after Christmas. Not sure what style you would “go for” but here are examples of what I’m talking about:

  14. Maybe just a little too “perfect.” Very matchy-matchy. But for those who like to show their homes, not live in them, it’s pretty.

  15. Beautiful home. I love the the infusion of color and creativity you have given it. Thank you for all the inspiration you have offered us this year and all the best in 2012!

  16. Dear Maria,
    Your home is a gift for the eyes to behold !
    And your talent for color is absolutely the best. You are an amazing designer and decorator. You guide me with such knowledge and understanding of the whys and wherefore’s when I attempt decorating our beach home or our main home. Looking forward to your ebook.
    Merry Christmas! Don’t forget to put on your halo!!!!

  17. Maria, a wonderful warm holiday is going on in your home full of color and obviously a WHOLE LOTTA LOVE! Thanks for sharing on such a personal level, Merry Christmas!

  18. Ohmygosh!!! I love love it. The addition of yellow into the wrapping just added the right punch of sunny color. Your whole house makes me smile! Great job and Merry Christmas to YOU!!

  19. Love it all Maria! The color combination is beautiful. What color did you paint your living room walls? I have colbalt blue and yellow in my living room and am looking for a neutral. Thanks!

  20. So, so beautiful, makes me want to take mine down and recreate yours…… Just lovely and fresh. Can you tell me what color your walls are painted? Love the color .

    Happy holidays…

  21. Oh Maria! Just beautiful! I love it all but I really want to spend some time in your library!! Gorgeous. Merry Christmas my friend. I hope Santa is very good to you!

  22. Sandra in Gibsons

    Absolutely stunning — but then again I wouldn’t expect anything less from you. Where are your dining room chairs from? — Gorgeous!

  23. What a perfect and lovely decoration. – I can feel you in each corner of your home. May you and your loved ones, be blessed this Christmas with the warmth of the season, the pleasure of every greeting, and the joy that comes from loving family and friends

  24. Thanks everyone for your sweet comments! My living/dining room colour is BM Natural Linen.

    Sandra, my dining chairs were purchased from a local consignment store and then totally re-painted and recovered!

  25. Another question: Where are you library bookcases from? I have been inspired by you to create a “library corner” in our guest room.