Certified True Colour Expert Training

A Certified True Colour Expert can walk into any room, and distinguish what works and what doesn’t work about the undertone of the colours in the space.

This workshop will teach you how to:
o   See colour like a professional.
o   Choose interior and exterior colour expertly and with confidence.
o   Create beautiful colour palettes that flow from one room to another.
o   Confidently explain WHY the colours in any space are right or wrong.
Expanded and Updated True Colour Experts Workshop
Maria is delighted to announce her revised True Colour Experts Workshops. To date she’s conducted six workshops around North America, here at home in Vancouver, British Columbia and as far away as Atlanta, Georgia. Maria has met wonderful students and has been as enriched by the three-day experience as they have.
Here’s what one of her graduates had to say after taking the workshop:
 “…I have had two color (colour!) consultations since our Atlanta Colour Conference.  I LOVE it. After learning [Maria’s] system, I find that the color chooses you. When I perform your preliminary color tests with the fan deck, I have a magic wand, too!  After we talk about and analyze the big fixed elements, the client can see perfectly why it is the right color. Amazing. The time just flies by. I am in my creative element, and I can’t thank you enough for setting me off on this wondrous course…”
Ellen Rhett, Birmingham, AL
Here’s what Maria has to say, “I made a promise to everyone who came to these first workshops that you will walk away with the colour confidence you’ve been missing until now!”
The response has been overwhelming and I’ve been inspired to create:
                  even more
                                             Hands-on exercises
                  for my students to
                           Understand the principles of choosing colour
                                    and Gain competence and skill.
Right Now
How Do You Know This Workshop is for You?

Have you ever walked into a freshly painted house, kitchen or bathroom and saw there was something “off” about the colours?Have you been intimidated with all the thousands of colour choices available to you and just wanted a few good colours?Do you find the colour world of beige, gray and taupe complicated and confusing?

If you’ve had any of these questions, the True Colours Expert Workshop is for you.
This workshop is not colour theory
Click here to read Maria’s post on how knowledge of theory alone is insufficient. This workshop is a practical, experiential, how-to course, teaching you to see the undertones of complex neutrals as well as how to choose colour palettes that flow from room.
Who Benefits?

You are a homeowner with a flair for colour and interested in having the ability to choose colours for yourself with confidence!You are looking to increase your income and launch your colour consulting career with confidence!You are an interior decorator, designer, stager, or painter looking to increase your colour knowledge beyond theory and confidently communicate why the colour you intuitively know is right is correct for the space!

What Will You Learn?

Maria’s unique system for distinguishing and defining colour developed over 10 years and thousands of consultations.How to select neutrals, vibrant colours, as well as trim colours with confidence and know they will look exactly right on the walls.How to distinguish undertones in the neutrals you use the most.How to set up finishes like tile, flooring and cabinetry, or work with existing finishes so that you and your client can “see” that you have chosen the right colour or combination of colours.How and when to work with existing and dated finishes in a space.How to see, before you paint or install fixed, permanent finishes, whether the colour or combination of colours is right. How to create flow and transition colour from one space to another.How to choose colours for exterior.How to avoid the biggest mistake homeowners and designers make when choosing colour.How to effectively communicate the ‘why’ behind the colours you select for your clients to ensure they are not only satisfied but eager to recommend your services to their friends and family.

Come spend three life-changing colour days with Maria and her team. You’ll learn the magic language of “undertones”, “comparison”, “context”, “fixed elements”, “clean vs. dirty” and much, much more. You’ll not only learn by listening, you’ll learn by doing and walk away feeling competent and confident.
Workshops are conducted over three consecutive days, starting at 9:30 AM each morning and ending around four or four-thirty in the afternoon. Each day is carefully constructed with a teaching session, followed by an exercise section, where you can immediately put into practice the principles you have just learned.
Workshops include:

Your own invaluable reference book filled with the all the learning tools from three days of training.Handy colour specification chart to use on future consults.Reference guides to use over and over again with your clients.Sample letters of documents helpful in conducting colour consults.Benjamin Moore colour fan deck.

As a bonus, you’ll also:

Be eligible to join a private “True Colour Experts’” facebook page where you can continue the conversation with Maria, mentor and be mentored by other workshops graduates and stay connected.Receive a “Certified True Colour Expert” button to display on your website.

What People are Saying
I attended Maria’s color Training workshop in Atlanta. I’m a licensed interior designer and will tell you this class is so worth it. I learned things here I NEVER learned in school or 20 years of practice! Maria is even more charming in person than she appears in her blog. Go, go, go. So worth the money. Your clients (and you) will benefit immediately.Val Short, Interior Designer
“I came home and picked out my house colors in about 1/2 hour. What I learned and the references we put together in your class made the choices almost obvious!”
Hannah Dee, Hannah Dee Interiors, Philadelphia, PA
“Just wanted to say three cheers to Maria Killam for not only inventing a rocking system, but for sharing it with us. This is hands down the best system I have found and I have tried quite a few. It really does take the fear out of color picking blind.”
Jennifer Duchene, Lift Your Spirits Home Transformations, Palo Alto, CA
“I’ve specified colors for several clients since I took your class last month. Thanks to your expertise, I fairly quickly made selections based on UNDERTONES. YAY!!! Beautiful spaces. Thrilled clients. Happy and grateful me! Working with 2 or 3 new clients each week and really excited about what’s in store.”
Stacey Guest Murphy, Homestretch Designs, Atlanta, GA
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  1. I just wanted to add my vote for a distance learning course. I know that it would be a tricky thing to recreate the in-person experience because of the extent of all color samples you probably you use in your instruction. There must be some way to produce multiple copies of large enough color samples that could be mailed out. The book would take time to put together, but that would be easy to distribute. I would LOVE to take classes from you; I just live too far away and family responsibilities prevent me from traveling overnight (husband deployed and autistic son). I love your newsletter and blog. Thank you for what you do offer.

  2. Hi Maria, I want to go to your class so badly…..maybe next year. I want to go to Vancouver to meet you in person. When will you be in South Florida? I will be your tour guide.

  3. I keep checking to see if you've added any courses in Toronto…nothing yet. 🙁

    Any chance of that happening?!

    If you do, I'm in!


  4. Hi Dane,
    If it happens that I take it on the road, it probably won't happen until 2011.
    Thanks for asking!

  5. I was ready to sign up, but then I realized you don't offer an ecourse. Are you planning on offering one in the future?

  6. Come do a workshop in Texas. I live in San Antonio, Texas and there are tons of great tourist things to do here. Houston is 3 hours away and a major hub as well. Plus the weather in Texas is great during the "winter".

  7. Hi Maria,
    I'm sure you have been asked this before but have you put any thought into bringing this course to Toronto? If so, would it be in 2011. I sure hope so!!!!:) Please let us here in Ontario know in advance.

    Take care!

  8. What can I say? Sign up! I took Maria's course in September and absolutely loved it. Maria you are amazing. your course really fills the gap that most color courses are missing. I truly have color confidence now!

    Jennifer Duchene
    The Home Makeover Mixtress

  9. Any Plans to have a course in The Chicago area.
    Also, would be first in line for a book written by you about color!

  10. I took another color course online and it worked pretty well. The trainer sent out a box of supplies with a fan deck, material samples, etc. Each training session was on a live call (and recorded in case you missed it). We did one a week and it took 2-3 months, but that gave us time to absorb and practice, so it wasn't bad. I would still like to take your course, Maria!