A Visit with Pure Style Home

After my Conference in Brooklyn I took a short flight to DC to Visit Lauren Leiss at Pure Style Home! I must admit it was a bit surreal.  I am a huge fan of hers (we have become great friends on the phone).

Reading her blog and looking at her beautiful home for months made it all the more special to see it all in person.  I really felt like I had arrived at the home of a celebrity!

I got to sit at her kitchen table (above) and have breakfast!

And to see her kitchen transformed in person from before (above):

And AFTER (above).

Baby Justin’s nursury was just as fabulous in person too, click here to see the before’s and after’s!

And play in it with Christian (below)

Children are so extraordinary because they cause us to see things we would never notice on our own.  You’ll never guess what Christian is doing here? As the sun filtered in the woven wood blind he decided to catch the tiny dust particles that float in the air.  Christian turned it into pixie dust!

Those are my knees, in the way of the photo but I wasn’t paying that close attention 🙂

You know one of the things that make this room work so well?  That she used a higher shelving unit to create an ‘end table’ right beside the crib. She has stunning little vignettes all over her house (as you know if you follow her blog) Lauren is exactly the same in person as the witty and generous person you’ll find while reading her blog and she’s a huge talent! I know we’ll see her name in lights very soon!

This was my guest room.  Lauren isn’t finished with it yet so this is a tiny sneak preview.  Love the flowered drapes, 4 poster bed and fabulous decorative toss cushions!

Here she is with baby Justin and Christian! Her husband Dave is such a great dad it was great to hang out with the two of them and get to know them better!  I had such a wonderful time and hopefully I’ll have a guest room in my new house that is even remotely as cute as hers when she comes to visit me!

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  1. Maria, That kitchen would look wonderful in my home! I can hardly believe it was the same as the original photo. My goodness! It's amazing what a little artistic eye and some good paint will do to transform a room!

    I really enjoyed your comments about children. It is so true! I'm so glad I have a granddaughter around now and then so I can see her wonder at life. :o) I include all my grandbabies in projects and posts regularly.

    Thanks for sharing your visit. I can't wait to visit her blog and see this wonderful home. :o)

  2. Annie @ The House That Jade Built

    How exciting! I just ADORE her home. It's so eclectic & exciting without being over the top – she puts together such interesting spaces.

  3. Jeanette {A Passion for Home}

    You were just a stone's throw from me. I am very envious that Lauren had the privilege of enjoying your company. I'm sure the time was well spent sharing inspirations and just being gals.

    Hope you enjoyed your visit to no. VA.

  4. Maria! Thanks so much for writing this super-sweet post and of course for the visit. So much fun and can't till next time! xoxoxo

  5. YES! Encourage Lauren to come visit you, then have a party and invite me!! =D How terrific that you took a detour to meet Lauren, see her fabulous home and meet her family!

  6. Maria, I know you had such a fabulous time with Lauren, isn't she a doll!

    Her home, I just can't say enough!

    Art by Karena

  7. OMG those kids are precious. Catching pixie dust – is that not the cutest thing ever or what!?!? Glad you had a nice time with Lauren and her family, MK.

  8. Between you, me and the Fencepost

    I love the kitchen shelves instead of cabinets definitely an idea to put into the scrap book for my future fab kitchen! Her little boy is adorable. Catching the dust in the sunlight . . love it

  9. Sounds like your travels were sooo much fun! I love her kitchen transformation, it is not even the same space!! Quite a lovely home 🙂

  10. isn't it great to spent time with such lovely friends? Even more when their houses look like this!!!!!!!!!(I have a kitchen that could use a "touch";))
    Sounds like you had a minivacation!
    Cherish it!!

    Have a nice weekend!!


  11. "Yeah, that works..!"

    If only I were 20 years younger, a beautiful blonde and loaded with talent….. LOL, seriously, great post! It must have been an awesome visit. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  12. Wow, two of my favorite bloggers were right around the corner (I live in Centreville, VA). Maybe some of your brilliance rubbed off on me! Seriously though, you've been such an inspiration to me. I'm moving to a new house in June and I'm psyched to put some of the things I've learned from you into practice.

  13. What could be better than a post about two of my favorite designers/bloggers!
    Lauren is such a beautiful and talented person. Thank you for the sneak peak at your guest room. I can't wait to see it complete.
    Looks like you had a wonderful trip!


  14. I don't know who I envy more. Lauren for getting to meet you or you for getting to meet Lauren.
    I admire you both.
    What a fun trip!

  15. Kelly, Arte Styling

    That is one heck of a kitchen transformation! And what I love the most is that Lauren kept a lot of her original kitchen. Looks like sink, countertops, lower cabinetry, faucet and appliances are the same in both shots, right? It's a beautiful job – and an excellent example of recycling what you have. Far too often, especially in kitchens, people think they need to gut everything to get what they want. Clearly, that is not always the case. Great job, Lauren! And, thanks for sharing, Maria. 🙂
    (btw – I have a new blog site. had to move it b/c of technical difficulties. thanks!)

  16. Sara @ Russet Street Reno

    Sounds to me like two celebrities got together! I would've loved to hear your design conversations.

  17. Dagny @ Scandinavian Chic

    Looks like you had a fabulous time!! You gotta love blogland, all the talent, the inspiration, the connections.. Amazing!!

    And Lauren is such a huge talent!!

  18. love the kitchen transformation.

    we're in the process of building our next house and stumbling upon your blog is very helpful.

    Kanata Dweller

  19. Love the kitchen redo! Isn't it amazing with fresh coat of paint and open shelving can do to make old look brand new.