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10 Interesting Posts and a Linky Party

By 01/15/2011January 27th, 201760 Comments

I’m always posting interesting articles or blog posts I come across on my Twitter and Facebook Fan page for my followers so I thought I’d include a few of my favourites here today.  If your post is not here and it’s great, it’s just because I haven’t read it or because I had to end this post at some point, so I’m turning this into a Linky Party as well.  I’d love it if you included the best post or most popular post on your blog below.  This way we won’t miss out on yours and have lots of eye candy and tutorials to read this weekend!

1. Let’s start off with some eye candy shall we? Jen of Made by Girl posted a gorgeous loft on her very popular blog:

2. Traci Zeller wrote a very informative post; The Top 10 Tips for a Successful Renovation or Custom Build

3. Carol at Sofa’s & Sage posted these amazing Before & Afters of Joan River’s Home. You have to see what this hallway looked like ‘before’, Incredible Transformation!

4. Albarosa from Brilliante posted another stunning loft on her blog:

5. Echoes of Laughter talked about The Secret of Great Entryways which we all need!

6. How to Make a Silver Leaf Dresser (from an unfinished IKEA dresser) from Hodge:podge The pictures speak for themselves!

7. Donna from Comin Home writes a great blog about Homemaking & Organizing.  This post on Introducing the 10 ‘Worst Dressed’ Appliances of the Year made me laugh because my sister loves appliances and her husband just rolls his eyes when yet another one makes it home.

8. The 6 Best Decorating Tips for your Rental if you Can’t Paint was written by Bossy Colour. I have received a few emails asking for this kind of post so here it is!

9. Heather Jenkinson wrote a post on The 5 Elements of Great Design. I loved how simple and to the point it was.

10. Amanda from ABHome Interiors wrote a great tutorial on Tablescapes: A how to Guide to Smart, Southern Style. She even includes an image of what a formal place setting should look like!

So please include your best or most popular post in the link below, have a great weekend!

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  • Liz @ It's Great To Be Home says:

    What a fun link party! Love the links you shared, I'm checking them out right now. 🙂

  • Red Door Home says:

    I always enjoy seeing what other bloggers have been up to. There is so much wonderful information it is hard to catch it all! Thanks for sharing these great links.

  • MEG MITCHELL says:

    Love seeing all the great ideas. The first photo was great fun and I'd live in something like that in a minute.

  • Ivy says:

    I love to see these ideas! Thanks for sharing. I put a link up to my living room…. I didn't put up a before in that post but the afters are there…. I love it and wanted to share!

  • Kelly Berg, IIDA, IACC-NA says:

    Great list, Maria. Thanks for the round- up. Can't wait to go through everyone's "bests"!

  • Centsational Girl says:

    Great idea Maria, what a fab roundup, you are a savvy blog reader! xo Kate

  • Teresa Tullio says:

    It's nice to see the "best" of all my favorite blogs in one place! I'm pouring some coffee and settling in. Thanks!

  • Tanya @ Dans le Townhouse says:

    Thanks for introducing me to that hot pink front door. I love it.

  • Donna says:

    Maria, You are so SweEEEEeet to include me on your list! Thank you bunches. I had such a fun time writing that post about the appliances. :o) Funny, I just linked to you this morning explaining about your most recent post–what makes a design blog interesting, because I was passing on the Versatile Blogger award to some new bloggers.

    I changed my header this afternoon, thanks to you, and may make it even narrower before I'm done–Love the principle you shared. The header includes a part of the house that is my very favorite. I just cropped a narrow strip out of a favorite photo. I once put the antique shelf on your wall art linky party.

    I was so GLAD for your great advice! I felt the same relief (and dismay) that you always feel when some REAL good friend whispers in your ear, "Your slip is showing, Dear." True friends will always let you know about things like that. :o) You're the best! to visit some of these interesting blogs.


  • Sally@DivineDistractions says:

    There is so much information and inspiration in blog land. What a lucky time we live in to have so much at our fingertips. Great idea to show off some of the best.

  • Elisa @ What the Vita says:

    Great round up of links – all very informative and found a couple of new-to-me blogs – thanks!

  • Hi Maria, what an amazing surprise to see my blog on your list today! I can't thank you enough for including me among these fab blogs. You made me jump up and down (and that's not pretty!) 🙂 xo to you!

  • Razmataz says:

    What a nice way to view great posts this weekend. Thanks Maria.

  • Anna says:

    Just found you! Looking for some design inspiration after putting in floors and giving the place a completely different feel. Colors can have a huge impact on a space and on your emotional state. Thanks for sharing your tips.

  • Luciane at says:


    What a great idea! I've posted my link (# 14: HomeBunch) and it's about a Beautiful Cottage on the beach.

    I hope you have a minute to take a look!

    Thanks for this opportunity!


    Luciane at

  • Donna @ dh designs says:

    Great post Maria! So much inspiration out there, it's nice to see some of it all together in one place.

  • Melissa @ Veranda Interiors says:

    Humm, just one? That is a hard one!! I chose the professional images of a custom home we recently finished. xo

  • Cristin @ Simplified Bee says:

    Some of these blogs are new to me… how can that be? I will have to check them out.


  • kristie@thedecorologist says:

    thanks for the list and for the linky party – so cool to connect with designers you don't already know about 🙂

  • Andrea @ White Picket Fences says:

    Wonderful! I love finding new blogs and this just makes it so much easier. Thanks Maria!

  • Restyling Home by Kelly says:

    This was so fun! Actually it was fun AFTER I choose which post to include! Love reading everyone's! Thanks Maria.

  • Komali Nunna says:

    Hi Maria, You have a beautiful and informative blog. Love reading your blog. It is always interesting.

  • Ali Ryan - Let's Decorate says:

    What a great way to find new blogs! Looking forward to reading them all!

  • heather jenkinson says:

    Maria, you sure know how to make a girl happy… Thank you for including me in your Top 10 – I'm so delighted!

  • Renae Moore says:

    Interesting redo on Joan Rivers home! I love the Ikea chest too, I am going to do that!

  • traci zeller designs says:

    Maria, what a delightful surprise!!! Thank you!! As for me, I think my 10 posts list might be entirely comprised of *your* blog posts!!!! You are such an inspiration and truly a mentor to so many, me included.

  • barbara@hodge:podge says:

    Maria, so incredibly flattered to be included in your list. Thanks so much. I am honoured to be included with all the other amazing talent! Now I have more great blogs to add to my daily reading list.


  • Loretta Fontaine (APPLESandRUBIES) says:

    Maria– Great post. I just went to Traci Zeller's post and really enjoyed it (Enjoyed following that Selke makeover in House Beautiful, too!). I'll try and read your other favorites tomorrow.

    I added my second most popular post of 2010 to your Mr. Linky list. (My first was when I had a giveaway of my jewelry, but that's not too interesting!) It's a little post on the red transferware dishes my grandmother gave me called Table For Two w/ My Fave Elephants.

    Happy Weekend,

  • Jennifer says:

    This is so much fun…that's for having us! I come here almost everyday just to see what you have going on. Also can't wait for your Atlanta Colour Course!

  • Jena @ Involving Color says:

    Maria, what a great linky party! Thanks for hosting!

  • Infatuated with Homes and Gardens says:

    what a fun party and a great way for me to spen a Sunday afternoon ,reading your wodnerful top 10!

  • Pink Overalls says:

    Wow! What a treasure trove of ideas and good writing. Thanks for doing all this legwork for us, Maria. I tweeted about it, and I'm listing what my most popular post has been. Thank you.

  • Carolyn says:

    What a wonderful idea…. a blog link party… I loe reading other peoples blog and discovering so many fanasti women and authentic writers.
    I love a blog called Lou, Boos and shoes,
    another favourite of mine is Pink Lemonade….
    and many more…
    Your blog is a great inspiration with beautiful photo's and tekst!
    Thaks for sharing,
    have a fab weekend!
    Love, Carolyn

  • All About Vignettes says:

    Hi, I've been following for a while and appreciate the chance to share. Mine is not from a magazine, but the table and chairs featured did appear on the Nate Berkus Show. Check out my vintage Chinese Chippendale chairs and the unconventional way I chose the color.


  • diane@onlinefabricstore says:

    Great post. left a link to my post on 2010 decorating trends. Enjoyed reading all the other posts as well.

  • Design Elements says:

    great idea! my best post is on your list 🙂

  • Teresa Tullio says:

    Oops, I posted the wrong page!!!! Meant to post "The Color Purple" Oh well, I REALLY enjoyed reading through these blogs. Lots of new blogs followed and bookmarked!

    Have a terrific weekend all 🙂

  • Debra Phillips says:

    always fun maria to see what else is out there. you have chosen some interesting blogs that i am now off to visit

  • Design in the Woods says:

    I'm enjoying checking out all these blogs I have not seen before! Maria, you are really so good at bringing everyone along with you. We appreciate the opportunity to connect and love that you are so generous with your time and information.

  • Ivy says:

    I couldn't help myself! I put a Kate Hudson post up, I loved the photos of her home…. cuddly and soft.


  • classic • casual • home says:

    This was fun. I loved all your blog recommendations.
    Mary Ann

  • Francine Gardner says:

    Such a great idea! I enjoyed visiting all the links. ThanKs.

  • Ideezine says:


    Great fun! This really helps us all venture to other blogs and discover their work that is diligently produced. Great kick off for a new year.

    Click over to to see that you are on my list of "Super Comments Award" bloggers.


  • Joyce says:

    I'm loving your eye candy and your list of popular posts. xo

  • Heartfire At Home says:

    Love that first loft, and the hallway…. wow!! That is one of the best things I've seen for a while.

    Thanks so much for the opportunity to link up one of my most popular posts Maria!

    Linda. xox

  • Angie@Echoes of Laughter says:

    I just got home from a weekend away, and when I checked my blog I noticed a ton of visits and new followers. When I checked my stats, I saw that lots of traffic had come from here. And then I saw that you had included me in this post! Thank you so much Maria! I am so very grateful for the mention and link on your blog. Your blog has been so very helpful to me!! You gave me such a nice surprise to come home to. I am so very delighted and honoured to be included here among other very talented woman. Thank you so very much! Angie xo

  • allison says:

    I love seeing the posts you have selected and look forward to a late evening of reading. Thanks for letting us share our favorite post from 2010.

  • Lisa says:

    Well I may have messed up the linky thingy. Let me know ok?
    I always meet talented, smart, and stylish people here. Looking forward to exploring these great posts and links that you've listed!
    Thanks for continuing to make us so darn smart!

  • Carol says:

    Great post. Thanks for all that info! Love the Joan River's home transformation. That is amazing.

  • Marie Brady says:

    I'm always looking for new blogs and inspiration! I included one of my favorite posts which is about the repainting of the Waldo Tunnel Rainbow by Golden Gate Bridge.

  • carrie says:

    Not only do you pass along great info and freely share your knowledge with readers everyday, now you allow us to share with each other in a way we would not have. BRAVO Maria!

  • thenestinggame says:

    What a gorgeous chandelier in the Brillante post! Love your insight, Maria.

  • A Color Specialist in Charlotte says:

    Fun post! Mine is about "How to choose color for your home". Thanks!

  • Deb's mind says:

    Maria you are amazing!! Great post. Thanks for the opportunity to link.

  • My House, My Garden says:

    Maria … this is my first time to link on another blog. Thanks for the opportunity! Your blog continues to be one of my very favorites!

  • Maryann says:

    What great inspiration! Love looking at everyone's projects, etc. and you are the Diva of color, wish I didn't have a beige sofa….

  • Ray* says:

    Thank you for the opportunity to link up with other talented bloggers! Love your blog!

  • Lisa says:

    Thanks for the link up party! I've linked my post on Klismos chairs!

  • Jenny Childers says:

    I've enjoyed your blog for quite awhile- thanks for the fun house inspiration!

  • Cici Crib says:

    Wow this is really great. I found some blogs I've never read befor

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