Will I See You in 2012?


Next week I’m in Vegas for three days, Jan 24 – 26 participating in an effective facilitators workshop.

Then February 3 & 4 I’m in Seattle for Blogshop. I’m going to learn Photoshop so get ready, the images on my blog will start looking more interesting and then I’ll also have the ability to erase all the lines on the my face, hehe.

Photo by Maria Killam

February 26 – 28 I’ll be at the Design Bloggers Conference.

March 3 & 4 I’ll be here in Vancouver in a course called Direct Access through Landmark Education.

May 21 – 23 I’m going to Blogfest in New York again this year.

October 13 – 18 I’ll be at Highpoint in North Carolina.

October 25 – 28 I’ll be in Florida for the Colour Marketing Group Conference

So far that’s what I have scheduled! Will I see you there?

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  1. Hi Maria,
    i’m REALLY enjoying your blog and recommend it to all of my designers (I coach designers on the business aspects of design) and to my retail clients (i’m a window treatment expert).
    the one conference i don’t see on your roster is http://www.BODConference.com (this is the 2011 site). the 2012 conference is 9/20-9/23. it is the only conference that focuses on the business of design and is a must for any serious designer who wants to control her financials, get best marketing ideas, learn new technologies, learn more about scalability, etc, etc. This year, the conference is in CA.
    hope you add it to your line-up.
    thank you for a wonderful blog!

  2. Unfortunately not….I was hoping you would be doing Blissdom in October here in Toronto. I’m planning on going to that one and was really hoping you would be asked to present there as it focussing on Canadian bloggers. You are one of the most successful Canadian bloggers out there, it only seems right!

  3. no, :…) I’m with Heather above you should be @ Blissdom, to me you are the only and best design blogger in Canada…x

  4. My goal is to learn photoshop this year. It seems a little overwhelming but it’s a worthy effort. I will look forward to hearing your experiences with it.

  5. Wow! You have a lot of experiences and learning to look forward to. Love your list. Hope to hear about the new Landmark course — and I see they are now providing a coaching program. Very great. I really like how you ongoingly commit to learning and contributing.

  6. Hi Maria… We’ve never met, but I’m a fellow designer in the Vancouver area. I will be attending the Landmark Direct Access course in March as well. It would be great to meet you!