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Vancouver Interior Designer: Four Ways to Decorate for Your Next House

By 01/20/2012January 28th, 20176 Comments

Recently a client asked if the chaise lounge chairs we were considering for her den could be designed so that they matched her living room furniture in the event she were to move.


Another couple is redecorating their living room but they want to make sure that the furniture they select now will potentially fit into a condo when they downsize.

What about if you rent? That’s when a lot of people are even more inclined to wait until they own before they purchase “custom” furniture specifically for the rental they live in.

First, every space is custom. If you are committed to having a home with a look and a feel, it’s pretty hard not to choose furniture that is customized to the space. For example, when I moved from my last house which was 1,000 square feet into this two-story townhouse with double the space, all the little tables I had did not work at all in my new space. I must have given away probably six different pieces.

If you know you will move soon, here are some tips to consider when selecting furniture:

1. If you are downsizing, a sofa and two chairs is best.

Most living rooms can accommodate those pieces where a sofa and loveseat definitely require more space. When decorating a client’s living room, I will always choose a sofa and two chairs first and only add a loveseat if the space is big enough to accommodate the former.


2. There are some spaces where a sectional will look the best.

This is the lumpiest piece of furniture to work with if you have to move to a new space. Sectionals mostly do not work split up and whenever I am in a client’s home who has done that I always ask if it came from their last house and the answer is always YES. So if you know you will move inside the life of a sectional, don’t buy one.


3. Sofa with a chaise.

Pottery Barn

This is a highly custom piece because you will order the chaise on the right or the left depending on your space, but what happens when you move and you need it on the other side because now it’s in the way? Now you’ll be cranky.

4. There are some spaces where only a double chaise will do.


In this arrangement it looks fine to only have one arm but if you move and only have room for one chaise in the bedroom for example, now it will look like you’ve split up a sectional, so better to buy a chaise with 2 arms instead of just one (above).

If you plan to live in your house for the next 15 years at least, then I would buy custom upholstery to suit the space, it will make the space so much happier and cozier. And when you move it will be tired anyway and it will be time for new basic upholstery especially in the most used rooms of your house!

Have a great weekend my lovelies!

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  • carol ann says:

    well said… if someone really wants a sofa with a chaise I do a sofa with a matching ottoman that is as close in height as I can find to the seat height, put it where the chaise piece would come out from the sofa… and it is so close a look to what they wanted they are very pleased indeed…. now moving will not be a problem…

  • carol ann says:

    my office emailed me…. received my paint samples, thank you…been home with a broken wrist for 2 months… so looking forward to seeing them next tuesday when i get back to my office….
    hope you are well, Happy New Year x

  • I’ve most so many times (3 in the last 5 years) that I’ve given up trying to make everything work all the time. I did realize that I have 1 couch and 2 chairs in the main living room and that HAS worked in each of the 3 homes. Good advice, as always.

  • Sometimes, I think, people fear committing to investment pieces because they are simply afraid of making a mistake, so they go down the road of “what if” which includes moving. This is excellent advice, because it can help people see the life and the value of the pieces they are considering beyond the moment. Have a great weekend!

  • Pursuitofperfect says:

    Great topic! I’m always trying to re-purpose or find pieces that can do double duty, moving them from one room to the other as the mood arises. Mostly it works as my taste has pretty much established itself. I use your “take a toss pillow from room to room” test. But house-to-house – that’s a different story. If I had the bedroom with the two chaises and fireplace you showed, it would take a crowbar to move me out of that house. Problem solved!!!

  • Alecia says:

    We bought our Karlstadt sectional from Imea because it was affordable AND because the pieces can be reconfigured to move the chaise to either side of the sofa or to be freestanding. Check the flexibility if furniture too.

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