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White Kitchen Transformation in Upstate New York

By 08/23/2013July 27th, 201851 Comments

I consulted with my client Kay at the end of 2012 and this is the beautiful result!

“I had been thinking about a kitchen remodel for a couple of years before actually doing it.  I was considering different options, including gray-blue cabinets, until I started reading your posts about white kitchens and realized that if I wanted a serene backdrop for all my stuff, I needed to follow your advice about keeping things white and avoiding busy surfaces.  Frankly, if you had not written so much about white subway tile, there’s no telling what I would have done for backsplashes! 

Your posts about kitchen floors–and your advice during the consult about the importance of refinishing our connecting wood floors despite the appalling prospect of moving all our furniture–really pushed me in the right direction.  My kitchen would not look the way it does without all your advice, both generally in your blog and personally during our consultations.  Thank you, thank you!!” Kay F.

White Kitchen Transformation


White Kitchen Transformation


White Kitchen Transformation

 Kitchen design by Cindy Cifaratta, Contractor George Oley

White Kitchen Transformation

Here are the details: The cabinets, island, and hood are BM Chantilly Lace, and the painted walls are the same color.

The subway tile is gloss white from Heritage Tile, and the paint for the shelves, window and door casings, and baseboards was mixed to match the tile.

The ceiling is BM Soleil.  Counters are Carrara marble, from a really great, authentic local place called Vallars.  The veining does not have that muddy look, and I just love it.

Cabinet hardware is polished chrome, to match the polished chrome Rohl faucet.  Floor is red oak finished in Rubio Monocoat Castle Brown (a European hard oil finish).  The Lacanche stove is Portuguese blue, with stainless steel and polished brass, which will develop a nice patina.

White Kitchen Transformation

What a stunning transformation! I love the charming way she styled the kitchen too! Thanks Kay for sharing it with all of us!

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  • Mary Jane Magoon says:

    This is a beautiful kitchen. I also love the ceiling color
    and the stove

    • Stacy says:

      I agree! Such a unique stove with tons of charm, plus, the buttery yellow ceiling warms up the space…

  • Hi Maria

    This may be one of my favorite kitchen renovations yet! I readily admit I’m a fool for cobalt and indigo…
    The kitchen is disciplined but relaxed and inviting.

    Very nice!!

    • Kathy says:

      Love your kitchen!
      I just ordered myself a Lacanche range….. 9 months….. she will deliver!
      Getting ready for my remodel!
      Wanted to ask you about your sink?
      Is it the kohler… that slides in with the apron covering the front of a standard cabinet with out altering the cabinet?
      If so?
      How do you like it?
      Thanks for your your time!

      • Kay says:

        Hi Kathy,
        I just saw this. You’ve probably gotten answers to your questions by now, but the sink is a Kohler. All the cabs were new. And the sink was delivered to the cabinet makers so they could get everything right. It weighs a ton, so I don’t think it’s the kind you were thinking of.

        Please send me pics of your new kitchen! Would love to see your Lacanche. I have never regretted choosing it, or thought that something else would be better.

  • teresa says:

    This is a beautiful transformation in every respect and looks to be a kitchen for someone who actually cooks. I especially like the way she incorporated seating into the island, although the owl is pretty cute, too! CTD

  • Kathy says:

    Pretty. Love the cottage feel…

  • BillP says:

    What a wonderful kitchen! The soleil ceiling is a nice finishing touch. And even the soap bottle is a colorful blue accent.

  • Beautiful kitchen, in my favorite colors – blue and white. I like the ceiling color too. Great job!

  • Paula Van Hoogen says:

    Wonderful detail here! Looks like it had been there all along, so timeless. What a gorgeous stove and those lights over the sink!! Masterful.

  • Franki says:

    Well thought out and well done! That stove, I know, I wanted one, too. franki

  • Yoda says:

    How lovely. Where can I get those lights over the sink??

  • Love this kitchen and that range is fab! Adore the cobalt and the yellow ceiling

  • Louise Dubois says:

    I too love this kitchen with the cobalt blue accents. Makes a body want to cook!

  • Connie says:

    Love it all! Is it possible to learn the source of the pendant lights above the sink?

    • Kay says:

      Thank you! I found the pendant lights on 1stdibs–the dealer is Radio Guy. They’re from around 1920 and apparently hard to find, although a recent House Beautiful kitchen of the month had larger versions–don’t know where those came from.

  • Paula Van Hoogen says:

    Maria, I really think you should try & submit this to a magazine with the story of how your blog influenced this design. It is too outstanding not to be published somewhere in a national shelter publication.

    • Stacy says:

      Yes, I agree Paula! Maybe HGTV Magazine or any of the home decor mags. . .They’re always looking for content and new/beautiful ideas! Submit, please!

  • Joyce Ward says:

    How pretty and two of my fav colors! White kitchen cabinets are a must in my next kitchen. Thank you for sharing.

  • Erica says:

    Beautiful – everything. And the blue stove is such a show-stopper!

  • Ivy Lane says:

    Beautiful transformation!

  • Linda says:

    I agree with Paula, this one should be published. I’m going to bookmark this as THE example of why a kitchen should be white. Unlike a lot of inspiration pictures, a client could really say, “I can see us doing this kind of reno.”

  • Wow, what a beautiful kitchen! The before and after is really amazing. Already know I will refer back to this again and again while working with clients! Well done!

  • Kim says:

    Stunning! I love white kitchens, this one shows the perfect amount of color added to the overall white scheme. Perfect blending of my two favorite palettes, one being white on white and the other blue (pendants and stove) and orange (red oak floors). And those mixed metals on the stove! There’s an enormous amount of talent shown here!

  • Jerseyjan says:

    Masterful renovation! I agree with the cheers to publish it. What an inspiring finish for a period home! Just one thing, is the princess wall phone with the mile long cord a nod to the past?

    • Kay says:

      Thank you. The princess phone, with cord, has been in our kitchen for 20 years, and since I prefer a landline and walk around doing things while talking, I kept it there. I suppose that puts me firmly in the past!

      • Mary says:

        I have the same phone & long cord in my kitchen. It is certainly handy!
        Jealous of your beautiful kitchen.

  • Fran says:

    Beautiful kitchen . . . and such attention to detail. Love the cobalt blue accents. As someone else mentioned, this looks like a kitchen for someone who enjoys cooking!

  • Kim says:

    Kay, that stove is killing me! Would you please share which model it is?

  • Angela Taylor says:

    Very lovely, thanks for sharing:)

  • Swoon worthy kitchen remodel! Simply lovely. I don’t think I would change a thing.

  • SandyCGC says:

    Kay, what an inspiration you are to me and, Maria, what a tribute to your designer/consulting skills – this is a real kitchen in a real house that a real person lives and works in. Wonderful! The entire post has been saved to my White Kitchens folder and I’m already studying your pics and noting similarities to my kitchen and looking at how to incorporate some of your ideas. The stove is stunning and, if I had the nerve, I’d go with something similar in the right shade of green since that’s my color and since the front of the stove (as well as the side of the fridge) can be seen from the front door as one enters my very open floorplan home. Thanks so much for sharing, both of you. I’ll be referring to this post on a regular basis.

  • Kay says:

    I want all of those who commented to know that I am overwhelmed by your responses. This is a very personal kitchen–by which I mean that its style and everything in it is what I love and use–and I just hoped that people would like it. I never imagined this kind of reaction. I’m very grateful for your wonderful comments and so appreciate everything Maria has done. Thank you all.


  • This is the best white kitchen ever!

  • Stacy says:

    I concur with most of the comments! Just noticed the ceiling was bumped up (or maybe it was a dropped ceiling before) and it looks great with the skylights. Love the ticking stripe fabric under the sink and the details that make this kitchen warm and inviting. While it looks like it could be in a magazine, it does not lend itself to the feel that you shouldn’t cook or eat in there. I also noticed there are no Stainless Steel appliances and it seems if one doesn’t want to splurge on custom built-on appliances white is the way to go. And I get that in this case with the cobalt blue stove, stainless would have been too much. . .Great job!

  • Carol says:

    Love what happened to that kitchen……..its amazing!! I
    have a question about wood flooring tho Maria. In your
    post of Which floor is best for your kitchen Tile or Hardwood you said cork flooring would be orangey and
    you would have to contend with that but wood flooring is like jeans and it goes with everything. Some of the Oak flooring is yellowy or orangey wouldn’t that be the same dilema as the cork color? Can you just forget about wall color, furniture color etc going with the floor
    if its wood?? I’m thinking of putting engineered Oak flooring in my house and also wondering if wall colors need to be clear or muddy..does it matter, will I be limited on my furniture color choices etc with wood flooring if its orangey or goldie oak?

  • Patty says:

    This kitchen is amazing! Love it! Kay, where did you get the pendant lights by the stove?

  • Candy says:

    This is the most beautiful kitchen, I have ever seen!! I love, love love it!!! It’s so inviting, what a great place to cook and entertain, and since everyone seems to gravitate towards the kitchen, anyway, this would be the biggest pull ever! How fun! I’ll take one, please!!!

  • Betsy OShea says:

    Beautiful! Love the stove and hood. However i dont think those chairs r tall enough for the island!

    • Kay says:

      You’re right. With a 33″ high island, I need chairs with a seat height of 20″. Haven’t been able to find anything I like so am using what I have.

  • mimi says:

    Hi Maria!
    I am totally in love with this kitchen and now am totally dissatisfied with my own- the blue oven and lights are my favorite, but then the floors and the tile and…everything!

    Mimi@A House Romance

  • karen says:

    Love the transformation! I love that it is a real kitchen in a real house for a real gal! Great job! Unique stove, have no idea where one purchases a Chagney? as I had never heard of that make.
    Have to say, I do love those pendants!
    Thank you so much for sharing.Very inspirational.

  • Kay says:

    A masterful renovation! Raising the ceiling was brilliant. It changed EVERYTHING, allowing all the other elements to happen with great style and purpose. Bravo to Kay and the great team she assembled.

  • Ileana Keltz says:

    I’m late to this post, but I love your kitchen. We are in the process of remodeling our kitchen and I love seeing a lot of the things I love, in this kitchen. White cabinets, and carrara counters will also be in mine. How do you like living with marble counters? I am in upstate NY as well, and trying to find carrara has proved difficult. I simply adore your French stove. I wanted one, but in the end, we went with a Wolf. I’m a peeper when I bake, so it would make me nuts not to have a window in the oven, but your stove is so gorgeous, I think I could get over it. Enjoy your gorgeous, new kitchen!

    • Kay says:

      Just saw your comment–thank you. I love my marble counters and would choose them again, but I made a deliberate choice not to stress over them. They are sealed before installation with something very strong, so staining from red wine has not been an issue–although I’m careful about wiping up. Oils leave darker spots that fade over time. Anything hard that drops on the marble leaves a permanent small white mark. It’s very easy to scratch the marble, although I use my stainless steel dough scraper with no problems. Etching will happen from anything acid, and it happens fast. I’m careful not to bang things on the counter, and I squeeze citrus fruits in the sink to avoid spatter that I might not notice in time to wipe up. And I don’t set hot pans on the unprotected counter. For cleaning I use a microfiber cloth wrung out in hot water and then wipe the counters dry.

      Best of luck with your remodel!

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