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My White is Complicated eBook is Finally Here!

By 12/09/2014December 30th, 201934 Comments

Hooray, I can hardly believe it, I have been working so hard to get everything lined up for this eBook launch and it’s finally here!

Finally my White is Complicated ebook is Here! | Maria Killam

My White is Complicated eBook is Finally Here! | Maria Killam

You’ll also receive my bonus book of whites when you buy the eBook!

I can’t wait to hear what you think!! xoxo Maria


  • Jennifer says:

    Will the download work on an iPad? Can’t wait to read it!


  • BethB says:

    Congrats, Maria! Even though I don’t spec white for walls, I’m sure there will be nice chunks of info to ponder and use.

    • Maria Killam says:

      But you specify cabinets, trim and woodwork right? 🙂
      This books is certainly not just about white walls.
      That’s a very small part of whites people choose.
      Thanks for your comment!

      • BethB says:

        Exactly. I have a very small set of go-to whites for trim, cabinets and wood work, as well as a more pure white for comparison, and it will also be fun to see if there are matches in your go-to whites.

  • Terry A. says:

    Hi, Maria. I’m not sure if this is the best place to ask, but I ordered your ebook today, and I did not receive a link to download it. (I got an email receipt, and I got the email with the link for the training video with the info about exterior color, but the ebook link was not included.) How do I download the book, or I am just missing seeing where to get the link? Thanks! Looking forward to reading it!

    • Maria Killam says:

      Hi Terry, we did hit a glitch, please send a note to [email protected] and we’ll send it over right away!
      It’s a new platform for us, so thanks for your patience!
      And thanks for buying my book!

  • ann says:

    Just wondering how many pages are in the book? Also, will your e-books ever be published in hard copy?

    • Maria Killam says:

      172. The reason my books are not hardcover at the moment is because my system is evolving. It’s a system no one in the world has created so I’m always working on ways to make colour even easier to understand which means the book will most likely be revised as I add to the system. When it’s complete, I’ll publish them! Hope that makes sense! Maria

  • Anna says:

    I read it last night, and loved it!

    I want to read it again, as I skimmed a little too fast.

    Even so, it is so helpful! Now, I get that cream and gray don’t work well together. Now I understand that grieges can be understood as a kind of white. Now I understand that off white and white are often so close to each other – – they can perhaps only distinguished from each other when they are set side by side. Now i understand off whites can help build the bridge from the tuscan brown trend to the parisian gray trend, and yes, a photo of my kitchen matches exactly one of the ugly ones in your book!

    So, thank you as always. This was a most helpful read. Thank you!


  • Ann says:

    HI Maria,
    Today is my birthday. I bought your ebook as a gift to myself!
    All of my “white” color decisions have already been made since we bought our new home two years ago. I wish I could have had this ebook then! I still look forward to learning all there is to know about white and see this as a valuable reference tool to use in any future decorating. I’m just a little afraid that any mistakes I made will be more glaring after I read your book!

  • commonweeder says:

    this sounds wonderful. I know how complicated white can be. One daughter in law is a nut a bout color (lucky for us) and she used 7 (count them 7) shades of white in her open space living,dining,kitchen space. Just beautiful – although I can’t really tell where one shade begins or end.

  • Oh Maria! Oh! Oh! OH!!!!!! I just spent the morning with your book. A MILLION thank-you’s to you!!! Maybe we covered all this in the True Colour Expert’s training, but I feel like I learned so much. I really, really get it now. I went to my afternoon colour consultation just brimming with confidence. I don’t understand your pricing at all. A book like this would still be worth it at 5 times this price. Your generosity is greatly appreciated!

  • Katy says:

    I read your books, and I love them.. Thank you. My only problem is that after reading everything and trying to look at my flooring through your eyes, I still don’t know what to do with gigantic granite tiles that are BLACK AND BROWN speckled… in the same tile… white or cream… my head is going to explode. 🙁 but at least I recognize what a problem this is now? lol

    • Maria Killam says:

      I would guess the overall read more brown than black – CREAM or even greige would be my vote. Thanks for buying my books 🙂

  • Brooke says:

    Read the book, loved it but I’ll still be calling for a consult when we build in 5 years!
    The book left me with only one question. If the cabinets/trim are Acadia which is ivory white and since reading your book I know is cream can the walls be an off white like Simply white? Or should walls be darker than trim? Just wondering if this is a general rule. Thank you!

    • Maria Killam says:

      They can go either way! As long as you have contrast between your trim and your walls if that’s what you want! Thanks for buying my book. 🙂

  • Debra says:

    Bought your book and read it right away. Loved it, just like I thought! You offer so much useful information and insight. I did get a bit confused regarding your comments about using cream with travertine flooring. Won’t that be the same as using yellow undertone (cream paint) with a pink beige undertone (travertine?).

    • Maria Killam says:

      There’s a difference between cream and a creamy yellow. The creams I talk about in my book specifically go with Travertine are not creamy yellow.
      Yes that is a good point! Maria

  • Susan Telfer says:

    Hi Maria, your books are so helpful. I have read them again and again with my kitchen, bathrooms, and hallways in mind. It helps so much to have the choices narrowed down, too! I am wondering a few things: have you given up on White Down? And what are your thoughts on the CSP colours? Thanks.

    • Maria Killam says:

      Haha, no I haven’t, but I wanted to add Horizon because it’s a popular grey blue and had to replace one of them. Maria

      • Susan Telfer says:

        Thanks. I do love Ivory White better than White Down in my home, so I guess I have given up on it!

  • Irene Gunter says:

    Dear Maria,

    I’m very interested in your book, but being based in London (UK), I’m wondering if your paint references will mean anything to me as I usually use Farrow & Ball, Paint & Paper Library or Dulux. Please let me know!

    Many thanks

    • Maria Killam says:

      The principals are important to learn and you can pick-up Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams chips from your local paint store. Then you can match them up to whichever paint company you use so that you can benefit from the training.

  • Tina says:

    Is the ebook in ipad version or pdf? WIll it work on a tablet other than an Apple?

  • dona says:

    I ordered this book but I can’t find it on my computer! Help

  • Ryan says:

    I’ve just finished reading my ebook White Is Complicated and have learned so much. Right now I’m watching HGTV and spying undertone issues during the big reveals! It’s so nice to learn why certain colors combinations bug me! I just wanted to say I’m so grateful for this education and anyone on the fence should definitely just do it.

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