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When Walls of Wood really Work

By 08/11/2012January 28th, 20179 Comments

We stayed at The Echoes Harrison River Retreat for two nights this week. You get picked up by boat and stay in one of 3 cozy cabins right beside the Harrison River.

Every single building on this property was wood, inside and out. Perfect for a cottage by the lake or a cabin at a ski resort, that’s where I really appreciate the warmth of wood walls and beams, etc.

This was our lovely and secluded view from our little cabin. Me (above) with my book and glass of wine.

I was in my first wood heated hot-tub ever with this little beach nearby to take a dip prior to jumping into the hot tub, I walked by and took a picture but did not get in.

We had two delicious dinners here, a picnic lunch and coffee and breakfast was delivered right to our cabin in the mornings. We really enjoyed our stay!

This week the subway tiles were installed in my kitchen, can’t wait to share my countertops with you next week!

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  • Anne Tricot says:

    Everything looks great and relaxing! Enjoy your break Maria. Can’t wait to see the rest of your renovation. I will contact you this upcoming week to schedule a consult.

  • Looks perfect. You’re right – the only place for entire wood walls is a cottage or chalet (in my humble opinion). We just came back from two days of biking and hiking on Pelee Island – the same kind of relaxing retreat. Glad you got a chance to get away from it all!

  • That looks wonderful! I have to share that this morning my husband was packing to leave on a business trip and he was putting a pair of shorts and a shirt into his suitcase. He asked me if they went together. I instinctively said “no, the shorts are green beige and the shirt is pink beige, they don’t go at all”… He looked kind of stunned (in a good way) and picked out another shirt without another word, lol.

  • SandyCGC says:

    Maria, how beautiful your vacation setting. Reminds me of L’Aberge de Sedona in Arizona, down in Oak Creek Canyon. Memory serves me that when my late husband and I stayed there over 10 years ago, the outside wooden cottages were pretty rustic inside too (didn’t even have TVs or phones) – seem to be pretty upscale inside now. However, setting of the resort is still fab! More fun memories are of the farmhouses my mom’s father designed and built for himself and my grandmother and for my grand aunt and uncle in the country in Texas. All wood horizontal planks outside and in. One thing I always loved as a child was that each room was painted a soft pastel color. More summer vacations were spent at my grand aunt and uncle’s place and I loved everything about that house. The orientation of the house was perfect, there was lots of light coming in from windows on all four sides and, in the summer a wonderful breeze came through all day every day. Wish that house were still in the family and would love to live in it today.

  • TracyB says:

    It looks like a beautiful place to relax.There is nothing like a hot tub and a glass of wine! I bet you’re excited to finally get your counter tops too! Can’t wait to see them!

  • Wendy says:

    Gosh, I wish the yellow-beige of your chair was the same tone as the pinky-beige planks! 😉

  • Diane says:

    That’s my kind of vacation too — surrounded by beautiful nature, something nice to sip on and a good book. Wonder what you are reading…

  • Paula Van Hoogen says:

    Hey Maria, wood is good! In small doses!
    Hope you thoroughly re-created yourself and renewed
    and re-freshed all the nooks and crannies of your mind!
    Now, doesn’t that feel better??
    You deserve it!

  • Trevor Price says:

    I think this may be my picture of heaven. I think I may have found my next vacation spot!

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