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What I Love about Patina Style

By 11/26/2011January 28th, 20178 Comments

Images from Giannetti Home

I have been following Velvet & Linen for as long as I’ve been writing this blog because we started our blogs around the same time. Brooke and I emailed back and forth a lot and I finally met both Brooke and Steve at High Point last year!

They are both such an awesome power couple, I love all the beautiful homes they design together!

Every time I see a post she has written about a flea market they’ve shopped at somewhere in their travels or in LA where they live I feel so deprived that we don’t have anything remotely like that here in Vancouver.

What I love about patina is that you don’t need to get stressed about something looking worn and old. That’s the point.

Brooke and Steve’s new book Patina Style is filled with all of their insider decorating and design advice wrapped up in their unique design philosophy. It would be a perfect addition to your design library! To order the book, go here.

Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving Weekend!

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  • Karena says:

    I agree Maria, Brooke and Steve have really got it down. They seem to make spaces beautiful so effortlessly!


    Art by Karena

  • Brooke and Steve create such “old” spaces that the pieces look like they have been gathered over many years and have just lived together rather than being created and placed. To me that is the essence of really good design and they do it so well. I love their blog too. It always inspires me.

  • Thank you Maria for sharing Patina Style with your readers!
    I am so thankful for our friendship. Can you believe that it is going on three years? I have learned so much from following your blog and also through our phone conversations. I feel so blessed to have found such a generous person who is happy to share her knowledge and expertise so openly.
    I hope you are having a wonderful holiday weekend with the ones you love.
    Thank you again!


  • Hi Maria, they are a killer couple, aren’t they? I love watching what they do, and their relaxed style is so real and honest. You are indeed lucky to call them friends. Have a great week…

  • Momlady says:

    Enjoyed the post but am curious. You’ve stated that old + new = awkward (usually). Is that just a balance in.. “new” old works cuz we’re pulling the whole thing together as a set piece?

  • Maria Killam says:

    Hi Momlady,
    That is a really good question! When you are installing something that is 2012 into a 1985 house, that’s when it looks like “wow, new countertops, old cabinets” and a look to avoid (and obviously this is a really broad example and not applicable to everyone),that is a very different conversation than the one Brooke and Steve talk about all throughout their book! Balance definitely comes into play for sure!
    Thanks for your comment,

  • Linda Todsen says:

    Hi Maria,
    I totally agree, Patina Style is definitely a perfect addition to a design library! I have my copy on a book stand in the living room and am inspired each time I even see the cover. They are an amazing couple – a great team!
    It must be nice to be friends ~ inspiring each other ~ to then inspire all of us blog followers! I love what you both create!
    Thanks so much,

  • Designospire says:

    Hi , Interesting look! but am a bit confused how when I saw the pictures …if you can inform me how woulf patina style and shabby chic be different? somehow it looks bit similar to me but may be I am missing out some details! Will be curious to know.

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