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Style at Home and Penelope Trunk

By 04/01/2010January 26th, 201741 Comments

What do the two have in common? The May Style at Home issue (which I’m in) arrived in the mail yesterday and I was mentioned in Penelope’s latest blog post both on the same day!

It was all very exciting. I spun around and did a happy dance for a little too long on Tuesday morning so I actually had to reschedule an appointment I had with a new marketing person (who might be the one to help me take my blog to the next level, we’ll see) as I ran out of time to prep for it!

Brett Walther (below) an Associate Editor at Style at Home Magazine, also writes a great blog called Style Sleuth. He found my blog when it was just a baby and linked to The Best Trim Colours NOT Cloud White post and wrote a post about it here.

He was the one who emailed me saying he wanted to include me in their colour issue for May! A huge thank you to Brett and Style at Home!

Grace at Sense and Simplicity was the first to announce that I had been mentioned in this sweet post she wrote on me (because my issue came through pony express and hers arrived one week ago)! Thanks Grace!

‘Pale colours and whites can really only be enjoyed with a lot of natural light. Painting a dark room pale colours simply accentuates the shadows in a space’ Maria Killam

And then the next thrilling thing happened. Someone sent me a tweet saying they found my blog on Penelope Trunk’s blog and I thought, “I haven’t seen a post by her today”, and then, literally 2 minutes later it came through to my in-box. Click here to read it.

Anyone that has been reading my blog knows I love Penelope’s blog. Her authenticity inspires mine! Click here to read all the posts (5 actually) where I’ve linked to her.

It’s already easy for me to share personal stuff about my life because I’ve always been like that but reading her blog makes me realize I’m just a beginner when it comes to sharing myself in public.

As she said on her webinar tonight (How to be a millionaire from your blog. Really) in response to someone’s question ’what are some blog ideas that are unique’— “There is nothing new. Information is a commodity so if you don’t differentiate your blog from everyone else’s with your personality, no one will read it”. (I was taking notes so it’s not word for word but that’s basically what she said).

I love this backyard of a farmhouse(credit)

By now you may have read on Penelope’s blog that I am doing an on-line colour and design consultation with her (Monday actually). She’s got her fan-deck ready and sent me the photos of the farmhouse and Monday we’ll choose the colours (including a white for her kitchen cabinets) and talk about the furniture she’ll be buying, space planning, etc.

I’m very excited. (email me for more info on what on-line consulting looks like).

We are going to paint her kitchen some shade of white (or maybe colour) she wants happy!

I also wanted to tell you why she made this comment in her post (in case you were wondering the same thing):

“She’s so weird about the photos because they are beautiful but generally unrelated to the post, and somehow she makes that work.” Penelope Trunk

Penelope wants a pink and yellow master bedroom, I love the idea! (credit)

Okay so usually you learn something and there’s a related image to go with it but sometimes for example, here and here when I am just rambling on about something that I think is interesting (it’s important to be interesting, Penelope said)–and since this is a blog about colour and design–I can’t just post a bunch of words without photos, so I’ll find some images that I think are beautiful and include them in the post.

And my readers have reported it’s like getting a mini magazine in their inbox everyday, so it works for me!

We could add some yellow to this room! (credit)

That is my exciting news of the week! Thank you to Style at Home and Penelope Trunk!!

If you would like to transform the way you see colour, become a True Colour Expert.

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  • Smile, Emily says:

    congratulations! you deserve it! your blog is my favorite interior design blog. 🙂


  • ashlina says:

    oh my goodness. congratulations missy! you should be spinning….love that trunk and cover page…the studded sofa….LOVE!

  • Sara @ Russet Street Reno says:

    Congrats, Maria! I always scan your blog before I pick out colors. I went with a dark brown for my den because there isn't a ton of sunlight in there, and I knew from your post that a light color wouldn't look as nice as a rich one. Have you thought about putting these amazing posts into a book?

  • Vanessa says:

    Congrats again Maria! I'm off to read Penelope's recent posts now.

  • Nancy@marcusdesign says:

    Congrats again to you Maria, as I mentioned to you earlier this week, it was very exciting to flip through the magazine and stumble upon your quote! I will definately be checking out Penelope's blog. PS. that mirror bed in the last photo is pretty much to die for 🙂

  • Erika @ BluLabel Bungalow says:

    talk about being on cloud nine! maria, you are a wonder…many, many congrats! (BIG)Hugs

  • kerrisdaledesign says:

    Congratulations Maria! I'm so excited for you and all this publicity is so very well deserved.


  • Kelly, Arte Styling says:

    Congrats to you, Maria! All great stuff. And your headshot photo is sooooo pretty. 🙂


    What a lovely day you have had!

  • Things That Inspire says:

    Very, very exciting news this week! I love Penelope's book; when my husband published his business book last year, I was reading all of the career and business blogs and hers was one of my favorites. She is definitely an inspirational example of the power of blogging.

    Congratulations on all of your media mentions too!

    I think it would be ideal to hire you as a color consultant on any project, but particularly a project where you can do a lot of painting at the same time – the color sequencing would be particularly effective.

  • Gio Goi dresses says:

    These are brilliant pics! looks like my dream home

  • Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions says:

    That is exciting news, Maria! Congratulations on both!

  • Laura Trevey says:

    Fantastic!!! Congrats ~~

  • Grace says:

    Congrats Maria, and congrats on finally getting the magazine way out there on the west coast.

  • Brett Walther says:

    It was my pleasure entirely! I'm sending you a PDF of the page today – sorry I didn't think to send it along with the cover!

  • Velvet and Linen says:

    Congratulations Maria! Have I mentioned that I love that photo of you? You're beautiful and talented! I'm off to check out Penelope's blog. I'm so bummed that I missed her webinar last night!


  • Susan says:

    That is so fab for you… and well deserved. Actually the quote is one of my favorites from you.


    P.S. My new issue hasnt arrived yet either. Maybe the Easter bunny will bring it.

  • Nichole@40daysof says:

    Congrats! This blog is a must read, and the more who know the better.

  • About me says:

    I agree with everyone! I love your blog, your personality and sense of humor!

    Colour me Happy is a very appropriate name…


  • Naomi says:

    good for you! If anyone can take it "to the next level" its you! PS- I love reading the personal stuff!

  • Annie @ The House That Jade Built says:

    Congrats! I'm so excited for you – you really deserve it! Your blog is pretty much the only interior design blog I read and it always has fabulous images & information 🙂

  • Congratulations. I always get lost in your blog because there are so many great links I just have to see what's next! Your writing, photos and advice -unparalleled. My fave is your post about the many jobs you had before you got to your true calling. Very inspirational!

  • A Gift Wrapped Life says:

    Congratulations Maria! I saw it yesterday while getting a pedicure.
    You forgot to tell your readers they said you were a phenom!
    All the best.

  • Jenn Calling Home says:

    Congrats on appearing in the magazine, and over at Penelope's. I've been visiting her blog as well, and fascinated by the farmer love story. All the best!

  • Melissa @ Veranda Interiors says:

    Congratulations on both!!! Your blog is an inspiration for so many of us, it is my go to when it is time to do color selections…and you are a fellow Canadian, doesn't get any better! Have a great Thursday 🙂

  • mydivabydesign says:

    Congratulations and I always like the pictures you include with your post. How do you find them?

  • LesleySW says:

    Congratulations. You are absolutely fantastic and deserve all the attention and accolades you're receiving. Way to go!

  • Sarah says:

    Hiya! I found your blog yesterday when Penelope Trunk linked to it and I so far I LOVE it!!

    Thanks for explaining what she meant with the whole your-pictures-aren't-related-to-the-post thing. I think that's actually why I clicked through to check out your blog – I was curious. 😀

  • Erin @ The Impatient Gardener says:

    Now that's a GOOD day! Congrats … you deserve all of it!

  • Anonymous says:

    I wandered over here from Penelope Trunk's site…I didn't think I'd be that interested, but you really make color choice so interesting. You're bookmarked now!

    And that pink room really rocked.

  • Visual Vamp says:

    Just remember the little people, and don't change your blog too much – it's pretty perfect as is.
    xo xo

  • Ivy Lane says:

    Congratulations Maria! You are a blogstar for sure! I love that they describe you as a "blog phenom"! Heading over to check out Penelope Trunk! As per usual, I visit you and learn something new each day! Your passion is contagious! Have a WONDERFUL day!

  • Ivy Lane says:

    I just had to come back and THANK YOU for introducing me to Penelope Trunk's site! WOW, just went over…so much good information there! Blogging really is amazing..all the people you "meet" and the information to be had… wow! Thanks again Maria, and keep on keepin' on!!! 🙂

  • Rebecca Gonzalez says:

    Found you from Penelope. She is my favorite. I like your posts a lot and will stay in touch.

  • Karena says:

    Lots of good things happening for you, Maria, and you so deserve it! Plus you have made it happen!

    Art by Karena

  • Lauren says:

    Maria!!! I am so happy for you!!! SUPASTAR!!! huge hug & have an awesome weekend!!!

  • Elizabeth Brown says:

    all good. you are an inspiration.

  • Acanthus and Acorn says:

    So exciting!!! You may continue with the happy dance…you earned it! HA!

  • Rachel says:

    Nice work, Maria. I am so impressed by how all your hard work has paid off with your blog. Bummed I missed the webinar, but hope to read recaps somewhere, somehow…

  • guylaine rondeau says:

    did they flip your photo in the magazine?
    it looks to be the same photo as on your blog, but mirrored.

    if they did, that is by far one of the biggest faux-pas you can do to someone’s photo. it is an absolute no-no… and there should never be an exception to that rule. never ever.


  • Amy says:

    If you're a beginner blogger, I'm not sure what that makes me!! I recently found your blog and love it. I have been enjoying catching up on your post history and I'm taking notes for making my blog more interesting.

    Keep up the great work!

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