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Vancouver Colour Consultant: Spring Training is Here!

By 01/15/2012February 7th, 20173 Comments

As I mentioned in my Apartment Therapy interview on Friday, when I started my design business, it was one call by a potential client that started me on my journey to get colour right. She said, “I’m trying to pick colours for my house and I see all these undertones but I can’t figure out which one is right, can you help me with that?” At the time, I had no idea what she was talking about.

Green-Beige with Blue-Green Undertones (source)

It was that call that started my search to get colour right, and there was nothing out there and still isn’t, that teaches the basic foundation of understanding complex neutrals, which  is where most colour mistakes are made.

If you’ve read my eBook, you already understand the value of context, clean and dirty, cool and warm, light and dark and you’ll have some great tools to take with you to consultations and in choosing colours for your own home.

This three-day intense workshop gives you the step-by-step, “How to Conduct Interior and Exterior Colour Consultations” plus you will work with tiles, fabrics and flooring to experience exactly how to pull all the undertones together accurately.

You will have many “aha” moments inside your three days in my course as you work through the hands-on exercises and homework.

Would you love to have more confidence specifying colour?

Does specifying exterior colour scare you a little?

A homeowner calls you because something about their space is bothering them? Wouldn’t you like to be the expert who can solve the problem?

Taupe Sofa and Blue-Gray Doors (source)

Learn about colour trends and how to work with warm and cool grays.

Are your rates too low? When you leave my course, you will instantly have the confidence to give yourself a raise.

How much should you charge? We’ll cover that, too.

Is this the year you will finally learn what you should have got about colour in design school and become a certified True Colour Expert?

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