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Vancouver Interior Designer: A Sneak Peek at My Dining Room

By 12/13/2011February 20th, 201710 Comments

Photos by Maria Killam

The launch of my e-book is one week away-eeeeek! We are working very hard to get everything lined up ready to go for right before Christmas! And, Jennifer is coming Thursday to photograph my house with all the Christmas decor. Here’s a sneak peek of my new  table and drum shade chandelier.

Here is my new, custom made, parsons style, walnut dining table. It’s beautiful, we love it!

And my corner bookshelf with plain wreaths right now like I mentioned the other day, I still haven’t worked out how to attach the ribbon to them, I just want it simple.  After I had them up for almost two days they started looking dry so I brought them outside and sprayed them with water in the hopes that they’ll come back to life (they are still out there).

These are the adorable owls I bought the other day for my mantle. I know, I’m a sucker for a cute face!

Isn’t this Amaryllis stunning? And my little Jonathan Adler bird bowl with manderin oranges to match my painting on my dining room sideboard.

Here’s a sneak peek of one of my client’s dining rooms which is right beside their living room. Because their mantle isn’t centred in the room properly it doesn’t give them enough room for a proper dining room in addition to a sofa and two chairs (which looks the best in this space) so I came up with the idea to hang three floor-to-ceiling mirrors along the back wall so that they would reflect the two chairs and visually make it appear like there is a full set of chairs in the space.

When they have guests they have to move the two chairs in the living room and then bring two additional chairs for the other side but when they are not entertaining it still looks like a full dining room set up like this! Photos to come, Jennifer Houghton worked her magic last week with her camera!

Can’t wait to show you!

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  • Loribeth says:

    Love your owls! I’m a sucker for a cute face too!

  • Marlo says:

    The colour and grain of your dining table is just beautiful; perfect choice for the stain colour. I’m a big fan of warm wood with a rich looking stain and your table is just so gorgeous…I can’t wait to see the full reveal.

    What a great idea with the mirrors. Oh, and for the wreaths that are wilting indoors, there’s a spray product called Wilt-proof that helps outdoor evergreens retain their moisture over the winter and I wonder if it would work for indoor evergreens…just a thought.

  • Fresh greens don’t last inside more than about 5 days. You can keep your heat cooler and mist them if you have time! I wait to put them up and I take my advent wreath outside into the cold air every day while we are gone. Its a paint! But it works. Don’t hand greens near a heat source.

  • What a killer to wait to see all of it! :). Your table is stunning. Worth the custom I’m sure. I love your fresh take on Christmas color with the orange and amaryliss pot. Hurry up with the rest!! X

  • Catherine Stewart says:

    There’s a product called Wiltnot or Stressguard here in Australia that’s used to protect cuttings and newly germinated seeds but you can also use it on green foliage to keep it fresher for longer. It’s an anti-transpirant so it stops foliage losing moisture. Great for prolonging the inside life of cut Christmas trees too. Maybe it’s available in Canada?

  • You are so clever putting the mirrors behind the table. Love your amaryllis, mine isn’t blooming yet…..

  • My amaryllis isn’t blooming yet either – I was hoping it would open for a party this weekend, but I think it’s going to be a Christmas bloom.

    The table is stunning! Gorgeous as always.

  • Stacy Naquin says:

    Just lovely dahlin’!

  • Yay Maria! I love your dining room..and I can see you’ve done a lot decorating now. (So inviting!)

    I especially love that bowl with the oranges and am amazed at how you think of things to put in a vase of water. You think so ‘outside’ the box. How creative!

    What a great idea for the chairs–using mirrors to give that impression of more. It made me realize that I need to send you a photo of my livingroom. The outdated coffee table and end tables are gone and in their place I bought four chocolate ottomans that can be split up into four extra seats/foot rests…or put together for one nice ottoman. It’s the perfect solution for our small space and great for movie night! (Each ottoman also has storage space–a big plus!)

    I do LOVE your amaryllis by the way. Yes, that one is bloomed to the max so it wouldn’t last too much longer. We get ours as a bud so we can watch it grow. There’s just something about watching something green break through the dirt and grow in the dead of winter that is so heartening. If you get one that is just beginning to bloom it could last a couple of weeks. White is so perfect for your dining room!


  • PS. Your photos are lovely. 🙂

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