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W. Schillig at High Point Market

By 04/08/2014February 2nd, 201717 Comments

Here I am at my second sponsored post at High Point Market.


It’s W.Schillig USA and in addition to making contemporary leather furniture, they also make beds. And they sell these faux covers which are way sexier to display a bed in a store that’s for sure.

So what’s the number one selling colour in the last 5 years? Cognac and White.

Black is the best selling leather in Montreal and LA.

White is the best selling colour in Florida.

In the midwest, brown is still the best selling colour, you can’t give white away there.

Schillig USA

The Primanti is their best selling sofa because of the scale and the way the back is designed. It looks great floating in the middle of a room.


This is their second best selling style.

More than 60 years, the W.SCHILLIG family has handcrafted the finest leather upholstery produced in Germany and around the world.


I learned a new word for recliners. Motion. They make motion that doesn’t look like motion. So if you want a sofa combined with motion that looks good, this is the place to go.

I walked around with the VP of Sales & Operations David Stewart. He said last market, designers said they needed more colour on the floor so they went through Pantone’s top 10 best selling colours and here is what they chose.

Shillig USA

I found those colours here:


Schillig USA

I did highly approve of the medium brown wood floors throughout the showroom ; ) ; )

W Schillig’s entire collection of modern and transitional leather furniture can be seen and found here with help from their dealer locator.

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  • Beth says:

    We have two Schillig upholstered swivel chairs purchased about ten years ago. Extremely well made, and not very expensive. Contemporary blocky look. An interior designer friend suggested swivels so you could turn slightly to see both the view and toward the opposite couch to talk. The cats especially like them.

  • sandyc says:

    Beautiful furniture although the modern chrome legs don’t suit me, but the other styles are great and the colors are fantastic, Unfortunately, with three claws-intact cats, no leather couch for me. My one piece is a vanilla high-back reclining swivel chair on a dark wood circle base which I chose because I needed a comfortable slightly lean-back chair (I don’t ever recline) for those rare occasions when I need to sleep almost sitting up. I like the clean lines and it doesn’t take up much room, and the high back provides neck and back support where I need it. I’ve only used it once, however, as kitty Claire has chosen it as her bed of choice at night (with a plushy throw on top to protect the leather).

    The Schillig colors are magnificent and I can just imagine how much fun it would be to design a room around any of them. Although I’d lean to the green and then the yellow, that orange is WOW.

    • Beth says:

      We have three cats (and a dog), and the cats don’t scratch our leather furniture. They scratch fake leather – and one cat will carefully punch holes in it with his teeth – but not the real stuff. (My husband has a chair in his office that belonged to his dad that’s fake leather. We’ll reupholster it soon.)

      We also have very sturdy scratching posts all over the place. When cats wake up, they’re not going to find the one post in the house that’s three rooms away – they need to scratch *then*.

  • Paula Van Hoogen says:

    Hey Maria…it’s a tough job, but somebody”s gotta sit on those beds! haha. Hey, my Neil’s been saying,
    let’s get a leather sofa and I’ve been saying NO, NO, No…..(he already has a leather chair in the LR. We don’t have a den.) But—after seeing these sexy sofas,
    and I really do like the1st one….(not in white for the mountains,) but…Even looked up my nearest dealer.
    Ok, so this is probably a dumb question for all you gals in decorator-land, but what is a “sponsored post” ? Do they pay your way to the show or what?
    Just curious….now, sensible shoes don’t matter!
    Just sit on the furniture at every opportunity :).

  • franki says: certainly MADE IT look COMFORTABLE! franki

  • Kates says:

    I would agree you couldn’t give away white furniture here! We love our brown leather in the Midwest (owner of one…not really proud lol)! Maybe it is because the color of dirt which seems to be the best color for floors when we have long winters and messy floors year round! ha.

    You should find Flexsteel Furniture’s show area. Their corporate headquarters is where I live and I am always interested in their designs at market.

  • mairi says:

    Hi Maria,
    I tried the Shillig link to locate a dealer and they only take zip codes in the locator tool. Any dealers in Canada?

  • Your shoes are cute! Yep, we’re still into brown here in the Midwest. Haven’t I been saying that for months?

  • So enjoyed spending time with you in High Point! What a fun week! Can’t wait til next time! xoxo

  • KJ says:

    We are/will be in the market for two new sofas. They carry them at Cantoni in Dallas so I will have to check them out. Cute shoes! Had to scroll back up to check them out after seeing them mentioned.

  • E says:

    Love that first sofa!

    I have lived in the midwest my entire life, and I just bought 4 WHITE leather dining room chairs!

  • Christina says:

    Thanks for sharing some great High Point finds, Maria. And for the compliment of using an image from the design bites blog!

  • Jane Madison says:

    Where is the showroom for Schillig in High Point. I would like to see the different styles.

  • K.C. Hull says:

    I like this line but when sourcing a retailer through the website, they do not reference W. Schillig. I’m finding different names for the styles that are used on Shillig’s site. Given a few of the articles I’ve read about their product is now made in China, I am having concerns.

    Do you have any knowledge as to the brand being labeled differently at affiliated retailers? I appreciate your insights. Thanks.


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