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Review of Last Year’s Goals and a New List for 2012

By 01/07/2012January 28th, 201718 Comments
This is the 4th year I have publicly listed my goals on my blog and it’s really interesting to look back and see how the year went every time I write this post. So here is the review from last year, lets see how I did:
1. The top of my list this year is a complete revamp of my blog and website.  I’m switching to WordPress so that my blog, website, twitter and facebook fan page are all together in one place.
I had to find a big checkmark for this goal because it most certainly happened and let me tell you, it was a lot of work! And you are looking at my new site right now, here was the header from the old one:
There was big debate in our camp on whether I should keep the illustration. In the end what killed it was a reader who emailed me a photograph of the almost identical drawing on a jewelry box taken in a gift shop somewhere. Clearly, it was not an original drawing so out it went!
2. Become a homeowner. My plan is to buy a house sometime before December 2012. By the way, just so you know, living in this town is like New York.  The average price of a house here is a million dollars. And I want to live in Vancouver.  Living in the burbs with a life designed around driving is just not an option for me.
I’ve started a ‘Dream House’ board on Pinterest. I loved how Holly at Things that Inspire wrote a post every year since the start of her blog on ‘her virtual dream house’ and she recently moved into it, designed by Suzanne Kasler. Dreamy or what!
Well this is my plan now too! This goal is still current as I said by December 2012.
3.  I’m writing an eBook (according to all kinds of people I need to write several actually) and I’m giving myself a June deadline but really the sooner the better. How about my Birthday, that’s a good date. If I’m ever going to own a house I need to make money while I’m sleeping. By the way the name of it is a secret, if I told you I’d have to hunt you down and. . . well you know.
As you know, I completely missed the June deadline of getting my eBook out but the interesting piece of this goal is that I met Irene in my June True Colour Expert workshop here in Vancouver. If I had not had the foresight to hire her to  help me write and edit this book I’d still be talking about it.
Probably about a year ago I read a post “Biggest Mistakes Bloggers Make” (I can’t remember who wrote it now) and one of them was, “They keep pumping out free content instead of taking the time to write a book”. . . “That’s me,” I inwardly wailed.
It’s exciting to finally have “my system” in an eBook which clearly illustrates and explains “How to distinguish undertones” like nothing else you’ll find out there.
If you are a designer, decorator or colour enthusiast, this book will round out the colour knowledge you’ve already been collecting.
4. So not only am I going to write an eBook, but I plan to create a webinar, maybe some DVDs I haven’t worked it all out yet.
My webinars are on the list for this year to launch. I realized that without the foundation of my eBook which will be required reading, it would be hard to run a webinar.
5. Getting really, really fit. Okay, I posted this photo of the stomach I want in 2009. This year I’ve decided to get serious about it. I have a new friend that goes to a boot camp five minutes from where I live. So, at 6 am, three times a week I am joining up and going. Until now I share a trainer on Friday mornings with my friend Virginia and then go to the gym on my own once or twice during the week but it’s just not enough. So that’s it, come January 2012 I’m going to post a picture of my stomach right next to this one.  That should keep me motivated!
Okay, so I’m actually not going to post a picture of my tummy because I did not get here this year. When I gain weight it goes directly to my stomach so I’d need to be model thin to be able to post this kind of picture. Sigh. What I did accomplish though is staying five pounds lighter than normal. I usually fluctuate between a size 6-8, this year I did that way less.
I need to run a marathon or something but I think I’m not a runner. Should I change that from an I can’t to I can? Probably.
So those were the big goals I had and looking back at this list, I think I need to scare myself more and write some bigger ones. Our dream trip to Italy got put on the back burner this year due to the re-launch of my website, switching from blogger to WordPress was a big deal! As well as my eBook.
So here’s my list for this 2012:
1. Get published in a national magazine.
2.  Book three or more speaking engagements on blogging and/or colour.
3. Write about colour for a magazine or newspaper.
4. Publish the next three eBooks that are on my list to write.
5. Hire a new business coach (had one for a while–didn’t work out)
6. Do more video blogging
7. Run some kind of marathon.
8. Work somewhere hot for the month of January (every year).
9. Become an even better decorator.
10. It’s my year of Grace. That’s what I want to be everywhere, more graciousness.
Interior by Jeffrey Bilhuber
I recently bought Jeffrey Bilhubers new book The Way Home and I was totally inspired by his colourful yet uncontrived interiors.
I also love the way he “styles” his interiors, this dining room I decorated (below) was inspired by this image (above) when the day came to photograph the room. I originally wasn’t going to photograph it because I had not chosen the dining room table and chairs which were existing but the styling turned out so great, so it made the cut!
Decorated by Maria Killam
So there they are, I will add more if I think of any!
Bring on 2012! And let’s just get through January quick!
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  • Maria, I just bought your e book and the book that you suggested, do you know why? It is because I trust you. I have been following your blog for 18 months now and I believe everything you say about anything. You could tell me that pink is made from the colour black and I would trust you. Well done, congratulations and I hope that my business becomes all that your business has xo

  • Hi Maria – Well first of all let me tell you that I’m surprised to find out that you haven’t been published in a national magazine. What are they waiting for? You’re insight and knowledge surpasses most of what I read out there. But I think this just might be your year to accomplish that.

  • Kelly says:

    I recieved The Way Home for Christmas- love it! I’m sure you will achieve your goals. You are one of the most talented, hard working, energetic people I know! I have always told you that you are going to go far. Happy 2012 my friend!

  • You are awesome, Maria. What a great year you had in 2011 … and I am confident that 2012 has much, much more of that in store! I cannot wait to see what you accomplish next … and I’ll be cheering you on!!!! Well, maybe not at the marathon. I prefer to sleep late. 😉

  • Maria,

    I’ve been following your blog for a while and love how your’ve made goals, and shared with others. The ebb and flow of design is constant and we change right along with it.

    You are a modern woman living in modern times embracing technology, design, color, techniques, ebooks, blogs and caring for yourself this is no small feat.

    Best of luck while obtaining your goals in 2012 and I have no doubt you will and you’ll share it all with us here. Cheers!


  • marisa says:

    Maria, thankyou for your enthusiasm and energy. I
    like to visit your blog in the morning along with my cup of coffee to get my daily dose of inspiration. I hope all your goals are fulfilled in 2012!

  • Congrats on meeting so many of your goals (and then some)! I love your ebook – I know it will be a great success. Sometime last year, I made it a goal to find decorating work wayyy south (maybe south Florida) in January/February each year. It’s not happening this year, but at least I can say I am already completely booked solid for the next month. Maybe next year!

  • Great goal-setting Maria! You have inspired me to do the same, some personal and some professional. You are an amazing role model. All the best in 2012!

  • fern says:

    Well, I have to say that I really liked your old blog a lot better than this new one. The one one was just a little more home-spun and charming.

  • Joan says:

    I get Fern’s point about the old blog — it took me a while to cotton to the new blog and now I think it’s great. You kicked it up a notch or two. Thanks for sharing your goal review; it’s inspiring and puts out a challenge to set goals and measurements for success. As the old saying goes, ‘an un-aimed arrow never misses.’ All the best for 2012, Maria. You are absolutely rocking! (An I can tell you are having fun.)

  • Diana Ayling says:

    Hello Maria, I so enjoy your blog. You were one of my best finds in 2011. I currently live in a rental so there is not a lot of decorating options with paint, but I did make new cushions, jettisoned some colors that just did not fit, and have taken a more uncluttered approach to living. (Like with like, everything in it’s place). I have started to be the critic from hell, as I walk around the neighborhood assessing the exterior colors. My husband has even joined in, a little bit of walking entertainment.

    Last year, I had a goal of buying a house as well. My husband and I live in Auckland, New Zealand and like Vancouver, houses are very expensive. We thought we had quite modest goals (three bedrooms, small garden) and we really tried hard, but sadly we did not achieve it.

    Everything that was within our price range had a problem that seemed insurmountable, leaking building syndrome, nasty shared driveway, or a total redo (I mean every inch) and so I had lost enthusiasm. Also, I was left feeling resentful about the number of Saturdays and Sundays I had given over to Open Homes without anything to show for it.
    My husband says, it is all part of a process of learning, and that it is not meant to be. The right house will be there at the right time. Such faith!

    However, if you are prepared to give it a go in 2012 then so am I. So keep us updated with your progress and I will get a new attitude and start planning my open homes for the weekend. Best of luck.

  • Thanks for sharing, Maria! I love that you talk goals and not the ubiquitous, easily overlooked NY’s Resolutions. And how wonderful to go back and be able to put the satisfying “tick” on so many. Well done you!

  • K. Zuercher says:

    Congratulations on a great site. I have learned much about color from your blog and enjoy reading it.

    One thing I do not like about your site. The print color is quite light (grey) and I find it hard to read. I am 57 years old and my eyesight is not that great.

    Thank you.

  • You should be especially proud of your new website. It’s GREAT! I’d like to hear more about the business coach thing that didn’t work out. Can’t wait to see that photo of your new belly!

  • Amy Meinecke says:

    I have a business coach from ActionCoach ( They are an international company with independent coaches all over the world. If it weren’t for the knowledge I have gained through my coach at ActionCoach, I know I would not still be in business today…and doing better each year in spite of the economy! I feel sure there will be several coaches in your area to choose from.

  • Sabrina says:

    Congratulations for putting your goals out there for the whole world to see — that takes courage! And probably helps to keep you accountable.

    About running a marathon. I’m no expert, but if your goal is to improve your fitness [and maybe lose a pound or two], marathon running may not be the answer. I think boot camp may be closer to what you need, as well as some weight lifting and interval training.

    Best of luck to you in 2012. You have inspired me, and I thank you for that!


  • Christine says:

    Try the Couch to 5k app … it’s an interval running/walking program designed for new runners.

    Love your blog… I have learned alot since finding your site last year. Thanks.

  • Brie says:

    Just found your blog through apartment therapy and as a design student I’m so happy I did! Last year my goal was to run a marathon and I did, but know ahead of time that it is not the obvious way to weight loss people think it is. Don’t get me wrong, you’ll be in great endurance cardio shape, but the training is really puts a lot of strain on your body (especially for me, as a very unnatural runner) and you have to eat loads to keep up with the mileage. That being said it was really an amazing and empowering experience – both the training and the race so go for it if that’s what you want. I’d suggest couch to 5k and then start training for a half marathon while signing up for little races along the way – the little milestones got me to love running

    Sorry for the epic post! Just felt like sharing 🙂

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