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Happiness is. . . Asking the Right Question

By 11/11/2014January 28th, 201720 Comments

Questions are the Answer | Maria Killam

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I have a new subscription to Next on my iPad, so it was pretty easy to click on the latest issue of Fortune Magazine where Toni Robbins was on the cover.  They were calling him the CEO Whisperer.

I was struck by this excerpt from his latest book Money: Master the Game, which is due to be released this month, so I thought I’d share it with you.

Questions are the Answer | Maria Killam

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“We’ve all heard the maxim: Ask and you shall receive! But if you ask better questions, you’ll get better answers!

The average person asks questions such as “How do I get by?” or “Why is this happening to me?” Some even ask questions that disempower them, causing their minds to focus on and find roadblocks instead of solutions. Questions like “How come I can never lose weight?” or “Why can’t I ever hang on to my money?” only move them farther down the path of limitation.

What about you? 

What question(s) do you ask more than any other? What do you focus on most often? 

What’s your life’s obsession? Finding love? Making a difference? Learning? Earning? Pleasing everyone? Avoiding Pain? Changing the world?

Are you aware of what you focus on most; your primary question in life?

Whatever it is, it will shape, mold and direct your life.”

Questions are the Answer | Maria Killam

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What’s your question?

Mine is how fast can I become the Martha Stewart of Colour?

But I’d like it to go from that (once I get there) to changing the world.

PS. Hey, what do you think of my photoshopping skills? I assembled that collage at the top myself ; ) ; )

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  • Joanne G says:

    Thanks for this timely and important post – the three questions are essential! (And great collage by the way). As a super independent person, asking for something is and has been the hardest thing for me. So thanks for putting this together – great reminders for us all!

  • Victoria says:

    Great thoughts to ponder and define, Maria. I think you are becoming the “Martha Stewart of Colour” faster than you think. And you’ve definitely got skills in the Photoshopping department!

  • Tess says:

    I needed this this morning, thank you Maria. Going change my question to a better one! 😉

  • Susan S says:

    You’re rockin’ it, Maria! Thank you for sharing this.
    And when I think about it, what you teach about color is intrinsically to ask the right questions such as your last post about asking yourself the first question of whether the palette will be white or cream, which, by the way, was BRILLIANT! So time saving! Many air kisses are flying your way!
    P. S. I know there are a lot of exclamation points here, but they are warranted.

  • Mary-Illinois says:

    I’m going to start asking “Why am I so skinny?”
    And for the record, I think of you as the color whisperer.
    Have a great day!

  • Sandy says:

    Hi Maria,

    I would like you to become the Maria Killam of Color ! Need to brand yourself, certainly Martha made her mark and you are going to make yours.

    I love the bouquets of flowers especially such fresh colors with the blues, cream and lime green hydrangeas.

    Be blessed,

  • Fran says:

    Great post. And love the collage you assembled!

  • Michele says:

    Fantastic inspiration Maria!
    Not only will you be the Martha of Colour, but you will be the Genie in our heads that makes things happen for us all. Indeed you are already changing the world……..

  • Andrea May says:

    Maria, when you stick to color, you are the Maria Killam of color. That’s your turf. You own it. Nobody writes about color, thinks about color or teaches color like you do.

  • GaBi says:

    Absolutely beautiful photo shop and sense of beauty.
    Well, definitely we can attract so many things we dream of, just we have to visualize it more stronger.

  • sandyc says:

    Wonderful post, Maria. So perfect at this time as we approach Thanksgiving and the end of the year and begin the evaluation and reevaluation processes and the setting of goals for the new year. I did a bit at marketing you the other day when I stopped by my local Sherwin Williams to check on wallpaper. They have a new color consultant (the previous person was self-taught with many years of “experience” but unfortunately thought she new more than she actually did). Didn’t have time to get her background but she presented very confidently. I mentioned you to her and talked about your new connection to Sherwin Williams and recommended she check you out. She was quite eager for the info and I hope she will follow through. Even though the western part of Phoenix is pretty much a wasteland of color and décor and design (everything is in Scottsdale which is east), as more Baby Boomers move into our retirement communities, I’m hoping that will change. A really smart Sherwin Williams store in the area would take advantage of this opportunity to connect with a world-renowned color expert.

    Love the pix. Your Photoshop skills are quite super quite fast. Maybe a video tutorial on how you learned to do it could be down the road?

    Totally agree with SusanS about the first and most important question being “What’s my color palette – cream or white?” It’s a critical question as I consider spending in the thousands to replace the flooring throughout my house. But the answer is a critical and perfect first step in comparing several planks of wood-look porcelain tile – all of which are attractive. Because I know my palette is cream, I can see the sample tile plank that sings and the others that end up looking dull and drab, even washed out and, yes, even slightly pink in my space. And this is all thanks to you, Maria. I’m still having Aha moments following THE summer school webinar and eagerly awaiting the new book.

  • Ann Marie says:

    Very thought provoking and very powerful words. Thank you. AND I love the photoshopping. May I ask what program you are using?

  • Linda Fitzgerald says:

    Your collage shot is balanced and rich – I re-pinned it to one of my boards.

    I’m paying close attention to your remarks about ‘asking’ for what you want the right way, as it’s now come up from several, different sources in the last week. This means I’m being ‘urged’ in this direction for a reason. I must be asking in a limiting way, so now I know. Thanks Maria..

  • Lucy HAINES says:

    Maria, I totally agree with Andrea May! Be yourself because you already are THE color expert!

    I love this blog because we don’t always ask for what we want. It is amazing that positive things happen when we think positively. We need not be little mice in the corner.

    Thanks for all of your positive thinking which makes you great.

  • Catherine says:

    Maria, I LOVE your posts about wisdom and life, so please keep them coming!! I know readers get cranky sometimes when you veer away from posts on colour and decorating, but I have to say that your posts on Living Life Well have often changed my perspective and caused me to grow enormously! Please keep sharing your wisdom and insights and not just the decorating ideas. (Or start a personal growth blog and I’ll subscribe to that one as well!!!) Many thanks & have a great day.

    • Maria Killam says:

      Thanks Catherine, T was very happy to read this comment because that’s what she keeps saying 🙂 x Maria

  • tara dillard says:

    Why ask for Martha Stewart of color? Too small for you.

    Perhaps Oprah is a better template. Huge star, and star maker.

    Will never forget hearing Margaret Roach lecture after publishing a book. She was employed by Martha Stewart. Soon after she was promoted by Martha Stewart & gobbled up by The Martha. Retired now, Margaret has a nice blog.

    Martha should have made Margaret a star with her own garden/home show/magazine. Win for the audience, and more money for Martha.

    You know I’m your cheerleader in ALL, but not the Martha thoughts. You are already too big in COLOR REALM for that.

    Garden & Be Well, XO T

  • Mary says:

    I want those flowers in my house! Those are so pretty. Great quotes too.

  • megeranski says:

    the collage is great!!

    love this post!

    you always brighten my day. you are on your way, am so tickled to watch on the sidelines.

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