Happiness is. . . Being Yourself

Love this video (below) via Advanced Style via the Glamourai

‘Young woman, you’re going to be an old woman someday–don’t sweat it!’  Great advice from the fabulous women in this awesome video!!

If you would like your home to fill you with happiness every time you walk in, contact me.

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  1. Now these are some women with whom I would love to hang out! They're so much more fun-loving than most of the women I know. So very "colorful"…

    Jane (artfully graced)

  2. Oh yes, I saw that video. Marvellous!!

    Just saw your comment on The Cross in Yaletown. Yes, it is very expensive, over my budget for sure!! Some small finds but many things are quite dear.

    xo Terri

  3. Jimmy The Undercover Designer

    Not only for women. This is for everyone.
    I love these women, they are an inspiration to us all.
    As one of them said it is an art form and self expression to look good age is irrelevant.

  4. Oh to have just an ounce of their style and confidence. What a terrific bunch of girls. Thanks for sharing this. I'm passing it on to my fashion designer daughter – who has her own sense of style.

  5. I love that you posted this!!! I've seen these ladies before and they're such an inspiration!! So perfect to see this on the launch day of my site "LiveLikeYou"-just the massage I want to send out!!!

  6. Hill Country House Girl

    Maybe my favorite post ever in the history of blogging-well, my blogging history!! What amazing style and attitude- about life, fashion and it could apply to our decorating styles, too!
    Thank you Maria!

  7. Carrie'sCreations

    That's awesome!!! I think I'll start early, off to put on my gumball beads and my fake red eyelashes:)

  8. Nancy DeVries/ Urban Aesthetics

    That's a great video! Thanks for sharing it. It's a great way to start off my day. 🙂

  9. Wow, thank you for posting this video! These women are true icons. I can relate to them…wish I knew others who did too!


  10. Maria..Funny– Ellen at the Essentials of Fabulous was talking about an older woman in a grocery store and how fabulous she looked. It so inspired me and now you have inspired me even more. :o)

    Are you reading my mind or what?
    I wanted to tell you that I finally CUT MY HAIR.. I mean–like modern style. It's only been 20 years or so. I've always cut my own hair. It's kind of embarrassing really.

    Now I have a REAL haircut. :o) Blow dry the top inward..blow dry the bottom layers out like a 50's girl. It's so cute, but I'm having to learn how to style my hair for the first time ever. I have a super stylish friend, a graphic artist, who is going to teach me how to 'style' my great hair cut!

    It was just so weird how it happened. I take Jacob to get his head almost shaved.(Yuk–but he loves it.:o) And I'm standing there looking at this book of photos of possible hairstyles..and I just decided–that's it' I'm not gettin' any younger. Cut it off! It's so CUTE! I feel like a new woman. I must say I thought of you in the salon too. :o) My hubby and daughter both kept telling me they loved it long..but I've been feeling a need for change for quite a long time now. So I did. It's so nice to get a little older and decide you don't care what anyone thinks. Ha!

    These ladies are just beautiful!