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How to Paint around View Windows

By 08/17/2012January 28th, 201711 Comments

I just love Pinterest. Every time I pop on for a few minutes I get happy. Yesterday I landed on this image and totally fell in love.


Of course it’s the windows that totally make this room but I also love the huge black and white leaf print on the chairs and the hits of green.

The other thing that makes this room great is that the wall colour in no way takes away from the view.

I was once in a beautiful house on the water with a huge kitchen and great room. The previous owner had painted it red and it was very bad. After we chose all new colours and I came back to see the progress I said ‘Wow I just love your lantern chandeliers’. She had 4 huge lanterns going all across the high ceiling in the great room. She said “Oh they were always there”. However, the red was so distracting, little 4 inch painted strips of wall around each view window, I didn’t even notice them until the colour changed.

So if you have view windows with not a lot of wall to paint, dark colours are out, out, out.

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  • Maryanne White says:

    By doing this it also visually extends the room outdoors.Why coordinating inside with out will double the size of many rooms. It should not be thought of as just a view, but an extension of whatever room we are viewing from.

  • Heather says:

    I have a question about painting around view windows. Does the view outside the window determine the best colour of the window frames and walls? For example, if you had the view above (mostly sky and sky reflecting water) white and light paint would be most appropriate. I have a bank of white framed french doors overlooking lawn and garden. I find the white framing around each door is distracting the eye from the view. I feel darker frames would work better in this type of situation. I often see iron framed windows and doors used when overlooking garden. So does the view influence the window wall colours? And what about the rest of the wall colours in the room?

    I do love that room above!

    • Maria Killam says:

      What you are saying makes sense, certainly this post is a general guideline. Here in Vancouver it’s so gray here because of the rain that it’s probably the best solution here, haha. Thanks for your comment, Maria

  • Melanie says:

    I totally agree. I have beautiful views out every window in my house and when we bought it every room was painted a different dark or bright garish colour. As soon as I repainted the rooms light muted colours they stopped competing with outside and the sea/tree/garden views just came to life.

  • Debbiecz says:

    The room is gorgeous. I’m not a contemporary kind of gal and find many modern homes cold and sterile. But this pic is a great combo of comfort, a bit of zing and just makes we want to plop down to enjoy the view.

  • I totally agree, Maria. I am trying to eradicate all those “racing stripes” in my clients’ homes. Chops up everything visually!

  • You are so right, Maria. Another great lesson. Why would you want to compete with a terrific view? This room works so well on so many levels – the windows, the subtle window treatments, the green pillows to tie into the outside…..gorgeous.

  • Gretchen says:

    Maria, thank you for your insight. It certainly rings true as shown in photo. Your advice for paint color in lvg room with fairly low ceilings and large bay window…was spot on…the pale color(Edgecomb grey) makes the light coming in the star of the show…how it changes when the light hits the walls at various times of the day. Amazing shade. Paint is, after all a canvas for living your life in a setting you will love.

  • Maria, I so agree. It is so important that the inside does not compete with the out.

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